Employability Skills Benchmarks

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  Academic   ã Communication   ã JROTC Fall of 2014   ã To summarize the militarist ideals of the past and future   ã Demonstrated reading, writing, and comprehensive skills in order to form a report.   ã This report gave the necessary skills and experience in thorough researching which is extremely valuable in any career field.  Academic   ã Mathematics   ã “Intro  into Wall Street”  Spring 2014   ã Create a budgeted report to demonstrate skill in managing finances   ã Used Mathematical calculations to compare/contrast income and expenses to ensure a balanced budget.   ã This exhibit provided critical skills for the future as it allows me to have a prepared budget to make sure I do not fall into debt.    Academic   ã Science and Technology   ã Technical Applications Fall 2011   ã Finished Microsoft Office Certification at the end of the class period.   ã Completed all technological standards for Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Professional, etc.   ã This exhibit provided critical skills in the workplace being able to use any of the standard business software without problem.    Academic   ã Problem Solving ã JROTC Spring 2014   ã Solve and work through obstacles in a stressful atmosphere   ã Used quick mental thinking and problem solving skills to overcome each obstacle in a timely manner   ã This event allowed me to develop the skills of problem solving under stressful circumstances which occurs in all workplaces .  
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