Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island

Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island Technical Proposal (RFP # ) for Pension Administration System Modernization Federal Tax ID Number: Dun and Bradstreet No.: Closing
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Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island Technical Proposal (RFP # ) for Pension Administration System Modernization Federal Tax ID Number: Dun and Bradstreet No.: Closing date and time for submission of proposals: September 9, 2011, 4:00 PM (EDT) Name, title, address, voice, and fax telephone numbers of organization submitting proposal: René Beaudoin Executive Vice President, U.S. Business Leader and CIO Morneau Shepell Seven Parkway Center 875 Greentree Road, Suite 500 Pittsburgh, PA Phone: Fax: Signature i Table of Contents PART A... 2 Offeror Information... 2 A-1 General Information... 2 A-1.1 Offeror Certifications and Affirmations... 2 A-1.2 Statement of Understanding... 9 A-1.3 High Level Deliverables... 9 A-1.4 Assumptions A-1.5 Exceptions A-2 Offeror s Qualifications...11 A-2.1 Corporate Background A-2.2 Relevant Experience A Client References A Presentations and Product Demonstrations A-2.3 Financial Information A-2.4 Offeror Staffing A Offeror Staffing During Implementation ( Project ) A Offeror Staffing After Implementation Notice of ity This document contains confidential information or details of proprietary processes or systems developed by our firm. Therefore, we respectfully request that the contents be held in strict confidence and not shared with any third parties without our written permission. The contents of this document are protected by copyright. PART B Offeror Response to Project Scope B-1 Response to Business Functional Requirements...83 B-1.1 Response to To Be Business Functionality Accounting Death Disability Employer Reporting Health Insurance Enrollment and Administration Multiple Service ii Payroll and Other Payments Purchase of Service Refunds Return to Work Desired To Be Major Business Functionality - Narrative Requirements Desired To Be Supporting Business Functionality - Tabular Requirements Desired To Be Supporting Business Functionality - Narrative Requirements Desired To Be Technical Functionality - Business Rules Management Desired To Be Technical Functionality - Narrative Requirements Desired To Be Transition Functionality - Interface to Accounting System B-2 Technical Requirements Browser-Based Solution Compatibility with Existing ERSRI Environment Connectivity between Vendor And ERSRI Connectivity between Vendor and Third Parties SaaS Environment Operational Requirements B-3 Project Management-Related Required Services and Deliverables (Intro) Project Management (Intro) Assisting ERSRI Staff and Users Standard Project Management Deliverables (Intro) Data Project Staffing Documentation User Training Testing Offeror Transition Support During Cutover B-4 Other Required Services and Deliverables (Intro) Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Warranty and Support Changes Implementation of New Modules and Functionality iii Help Desk and Help Desk Communications Limitations Hardware / Software Support Miscellaneous Expected System Lifetime Vendor Obligations upon Merger and Acquisition Offeror Certifications/Compliance System Security Plan IT Security Certification and Accreditation B-5 Options (Intro) Post Implementation On-Site Support Bulk Printing Printing of Checks Defined Contribution Processing Imaging Options Disability Process Management System Administration ATTACHMENT Offeror s Annual Financial Report to Stockholders Appendix A Morneau Shepell REDACTED Appendix B ADP Appendix C Crowe Horwath ATTACHMENT Comprehensive List of all Documentation to be Delivered Appendix A Red-line version document of the RFP terms and conditions REDACTED Appendix B Infrastructure and Solution Architecture REDACTED Appendix C Information Security Policy REDACTED Appendix D Implementation Workbook REDACTED Appendix E Staff Resume Summary Forms REDACTED Appendix F Morneau Shepell Disaster Recovery Plan REDACTED Appendix G SAS 70 Type II Sample Report iv Appendix H Microsoft Dynamics A 2012 for Public Sector Organizations ATTACHMENT REDACTED Samples of Application Documentation ATTACHMENT REDACTED Menu and Screen Snapshots REDACTED Screenshots of Ariel... Error! Bookmark not defined. REDACTED CRM Screen Shots... Error! Bookmark not defined. ATTACHMENT High-Level Work Plan (With and Without Options) ATTACHMENT REDACTED Sample Data Conversion Plan ATTACHMENT REDACTED Sample Test Plan ATTACHMENT List of Standard Reports ATTACHMENT Report Samples Appendix A Sample Benefit Estimate and Member Statement Appendix B Sample Reports Appendix C Processing Report Appendix D US Annual Member Statement Appendix E Payroll Sample Reports ADP Appendix F Standard Payroll Reports ADP ATTACHMENT Samples of Previously Used Status Reports ATTACHMENT v REDACTED Proposed System License Agreements and Service Level Agreement ATTACHMENT Subcontractor Letters of Commitment ATTACHMENT Subcontractor Agreements Frank J. Karpinski September 9, 2011 September 9, 2011 CONFIDENTIAL Frank J. Karpinski Executive Director Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island 40 Fountain Street, 1 st` Floor Providence, RI Dear Mr. Karpinski: RE: Response to Request for Information (RFP) Number for Pension Administration System Modernization of Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island Morneau Shepell is delighted to present our response to Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island s ( ERSRI ) Request for Proposal to provide a broad-scope Software as a Service (SaaS) pension administration solution. Since our founding in 1962, our areas of focus have always been administrative and technology services for the full range of retirement, savings, and health & welfare benefits programs. Our annual revenues exceed $350 million, qualifying Morneau Shepell as one of the largest providers of administrative solutions in North America and our commitment to leading-edge technology deployment is unparalleled in our market. We are proud to have ADP and Crowe Horwath as an integral part of our ERSRI solution handling payroll and accounting system scope respectively, and are very confident in our team s commitment to success. As you consider alternatives, we believe there are a number of reasons why our firm will be able to offer you the best strategic and cohesive solution for the long term. These are: REDACTED We trust that the responses contained in this proposal will showcase our abilities to develop a successful transition plan and to ultimately deliver a leading edge, customer focused administrative solution. Yours truly, Frank J. Karpinski September 9, 2011 Jared Kesler Smith Senior Vice President, Business Development, U.S. Region Morneau Shepell René Beaudoin EVP, U.S. Business Leader and CIO Morneau Shepell Seven Parkway Center Seven Parkway Center 875 Greentree Road, Suite Greentree Road, Suite 500 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA Tel.: Tel: Fax: Fax: PART A Offeror Information A-1 General Information A-1.1 Offeror Certifications and Affirmations In this section, the offeror must include the following statements of affirmation: A statement regarding the offeror's legal structure (e.g., a LLC, a corporation), Federal tax identification number, and principal place of business Morneau Shepell Limited., the entity that would be serving you, is a Delaware corporation which carries on the U.S. operating business. Morneau Shepell Limited is owned by Morneau Shepell Ltd., an Ontario corporation, which is in turn owned by Morneau Shepell Inc., an Ontario corporation that is 3 publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: MSI. We have illustrated our ownership structure in the adjacent diagram. Our federal tax identification number is A list of the people who prepared the offeror s proposal, including their titles REDACTED The name, phone number, address, and fax number of a contact person who has authority to answer questions regarding the offeror s proposal REDACTED A list of all subcontractors, if any, that the offeror will use on the project if the offeror is selected to do the work - for each proposed subcontractor, the offeror must include (in Attachment 13 of the technical proposal) a letter from the subcontractor, signed by someone authorized to legally bind the subcontractor, with the following information included in the letter: The subcontractor's legal status, tax identification number, and principal place of business address The name, address, and phone number of someone who is authorized to legally bind the subcontractor to contractual obligations A description of the work the subcontractor will do A commitment to do the work if the offeror is selected Our solution employees the subcontractors listed below. Each was selected to provide the best available solution based on ERSRI s requirements. Importantly, our partners bring to bear their industry-leading experience and a long track record of success. We recognize that this solution must have a life of 10 years ideally far more as innovation moves our software forward and these subcontractors ensure that this requirement is met. ADP: Payroll Crowe Horwath: Will support the Microsoft Dynamics A accounting solution used for General Ledger and Cash Management. 4 We have provided the subcontractor letters of commitment and teaming agreements in the Attachment 12 and 13 of our response. A statement indicating the proposed Project Manager is an employee of the prime contractor We confirm that our Project Manager, REDACTED , is an employee of Morneau Shepell. A statement affirming the offeror s commitment to develop a full set of all of the rules, regulations, procedures, and practices that need to be accommodated in the new solution We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation that the requirements listed in Section A-2 as non-negotiable, must be met by the solution implemented by the offeror. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. A statement affirming that any breach of security caused by the offerors connectivity to the ERSRI network is the responsibility of the offeror; and the offeror will be responsible for all costs related to correcting the problem. Furthermore, should it be determined that any fault in the network (virus, worm, etc.) can be traced to an action taken (or not taken) by the offeror, the offeror will be fully responsible for all actions taken and all expenses incurred to correct the fault (Section A-2.4). We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation of the offeror s responsibility for the life of the contract for all contractual activities, products, and deliverables offered in the proposal whether or not that contractor directly performs or provides them. This includes providing an overall project plan, the detailed requirements definition, all necessary hardware 5 and software components (if those options are authorized), including fully integrated CRM and ECM, an LOB solution, system integration services, enablement of all interfaces described in this RFP, test preparation and execution (including training and assisting ERSRI with its testing responsibilities) of all elements of the offeror s solution (not just customized elements), data conversion, training for users and employers documentation, process change recommendations, and implementation of any other proposed technologies, as well as first-line problem resolution. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. We understand ERSRI s requirements for a fully managed and integrated solution. We will ensure: A single point of contact for all issues A single point of accountability for all issues Integrated service reporting A high-touch service where you can count on Morneau Shepell to act as an integral arm of ERSRI, sharing your organizational objectives and working as a fully accountable member of your team Subcontractor relationships are fully managed and integrated Leadership through the implementation phase, ensuring that the plan is developed, executed and managed to your expectations. Our project team fully understands the difficulties our clients face with resourcing both regular activities and an implementation we will ensure an optimal use of ERSRI resources We will ensure that contractual service levels are in place and that corresponding service reporting is provided. We believe that establishing clear expectations and reporting against those are essential to a successful long-term relationship. We log all issues within our ArielVu service management platform. ArielVu tracks all issues and requests, provides you with on-line and progress updates, and measures our performance against established service levels. An affirmation from the offeror that, if at any time, for any reason, the offeror is no longer able to provide the services for which the offeror has contracted, the offeror will fully cooperate with ERSRI to find another entity that can provide these 6 services. Offeror will provide services to ERSRI until the other entity is ready to provide services, in other words, there will be no interruption in services. Offeror further affirms that the total cost to ERSRI of the services provided by the offeror and to be provided by any other entity will not exceed the costs to which the offeror has contracted. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation that the offeror understands that its response becomes the property of ERSRI, is deemed to be part of the public record, and ERSRI cannot make an absolute commitment to protect the offeror s proprietary trade secrets. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation that the offeror s organization is the prime contractor and the primary point of contact with regard to contractual matters. The offeror must confirm that should any third party provider go out of business or otherwise become unable to fulfill its contractual obligations to ERSRI with respect to this procurement, then the offeror (prime contractor) will guarantee delivery of the same or equivalent products and services at the contractually agreed upon price. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation that all requirements expressed in this RFP must be met by the solution implemented by the offeror unless an explicit written agreement to delete one or more of the RFP s provisions is signed by both ERSRI and the offeror. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. Affirmation that all commitments, including pricing, included in the offeror s response remain in force for one hundred and eighty (180) days from the proposal receipt deadline. We confirm and agree to the above requirement. 7 For the period of time starting seven (7) months prior to the publishing of the RFP and up until the award of a resulting contact, identification of any contact that the offeror, a lobbyist, or any other third party which has been retained by the offeror in any manner has had with ERSRI staff, ERSRI Board members, Rhode Island legislators, the office of the Governor or Treasurer of Rhode Island or legislative or gubernatorial staff related to the procurement. In addition describe the nature of the contact, the dates, and the substance thereof. Failure to do so accurately may be grounds for rejection of your proposal and/or cancellation of any subsequent contract. Not applicable. The offeror must also include the following seven certifications within the past five (5) years: 1. Certification as to whether the offeror has ever had a contract terminated for default or cause. If so, the offeror must submit full details, including the other party's name, address, and telephone number. Morneau Shepell has never had our contract terminated for default or cause. 2. Certification as to whether the offeror has ever been assessed any penalties in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000), including liquidated damages, under any of its existing or past contracts with any organization (including any governmental entity). If so, the offeror must provide complete details, including the name of the other organization, the reason for the penalty, and the penalty amount for each incident. Not applicable. 3. Certification as to whether a client has ever demanded payment of a performance bond or a bid bond of the offeror. If so, provide the name of the client, client contact information and an explanation of the circumstances. 8 Not applicable. 4. Certification as to whether the offeror has ever been, or is currently, the subject of any governmental action limiting the right of the offeror to do business with that entity or any other governmental entity. Not applicable. 5. Certification as to whether trading in the stock of the offering company has ever been suspended. If so, provide the date(s) and explanation(s). Not applicable. 6. Certification as to whether the offeror, any officer of the offeror, or any owner of a twenty percent (20%) interest or greater in the offeror has filed for bankruptcy, reorganization, a debt arrangement, moratorium, or any proceeding under any bankruptcy or insolvency law, or any dissolution or liquidation proceeding. Not applicable. 7. Certification as to whether the offeror, any officer of the offeror, or any owner with a twenty percent (20%) interest or greater in the offeror has been convicted of a felony or is currently under indictment on any felony charge. Not applicable. If the answer to any of the seven (7) certification items above is affirmative, the offeror must provide complete details about the matter. An affirmative answer to any of these items will not automatically disqualify an offeror from consideration. However, at the sole discretion of the evaluation committee, such an answer and a review of the background details may result in a rejection of the offeror s proposal. The committee will make this decision based on its determination of the seriousness 9 of the matter, the matter s possible impact on the offeror s performance on this project, and the best interests of the State. Not applicable. A-1.2 Statement of Understanding In this section, the offeror must summarize its understanding of the requirements set forth in the RFP. The offeror may also reference, in general terms, projects it has successfully completed that met requirements similar to those of ERSRI. We confirm that we have thoroughly examined the RFP requirements and our proposed fees cover all the services that ERSRI has requested. Any exceptions have been duly noted in this proposal. A-1.3 High Level Deliverables In this section of the proposal, the offeror must identify and briefly describe the high level deliverables to be provided to ERSRI over the course of the project. The offeror must make the commitment to include all of the high level deliverables discussed in Section A-3.3 of the RFP. The offeror is encouraged to identify additional deliverables as it deems appropriate. We will provide the high level deliverables discussed in Section A-3.3. In addition, we will provide the following key deliverables: 1. Implementation workbooks. You will find described in our proposal workbooks that define the requirements for each major deliverable (pension administration, payroll, and accounting). These workbooks provide the information needed to define the solution for implementation and are also maintained on an ongoing basis to provide a valuable reference on plans and processes. 2. Ariel DB pension administration platform. Recognized as one of the most flexible platforms available, Ariel DB will provide all of the necessary functionality to administer your pension plans. 10 3. Ariel Portal provides an employee and employer self-service gateway. Uniting all services under one easy-to-use Web interface, Ariel Portal meets the informational and transaction needs of members and administrators. 4. Ariel 360 CRM will deliver an employee-centric view of the program. Attaching all activities and documents to an employee folio, Ariel 360 will control document management, case management, workflow, disability case management, and more. 5. Ariel Health & Welfare will provide enrollment services to plan members. Members
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