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Ending the Shadow of Time

A kind of part two that goes along with Something About The Blood . Concerning where time began and its purpose and where it ends.
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   Ending The Shadow of Time When we think of the subject of Time , we know it began as the Sun Dial where they put a stick so to speak of wood in the ground and measured the shadow it produced and then they marked off 12 increments of what we call Time . Think of the Sun, the Great Light, shining its vast Light and Heat upon this Stick or Wood that has been put in the ground and has cast or caused a shadow of darkness to be revealed. Do you see Calvary being the wooden stick, the object of creation, the Sun as God coming upon Jesus to make Him Sin, to shed His Blood, to make Him a Vesture dipped in Blood? Time is the Great divider. Someone said once, Time is God's way of not letting everything happen at once . When it all reality, it did happen at once, it was One act in the Mind of God, and time is the way God breaks it down and separates it so we can grasp it little by little so we are not destroyed. As he reveals it a little at a time then we are able to form a foundation of faith. when Jesus said, It is finished he was the Angel with One Foot in the Spirit and One in the Earth or natural dimension and He lifted up is Hands and swore that Time is no more !!! when time is no more this is what you are saying..... (The shadow is no more, the soul is no more, the darkness that came over Calvary is no more, death is no more, the Law is no more, Sin is no more, the Graves are no more, the Blood is no longer on the mercy seat, Satan is no more, evil is no more, and the World is no more, it is the End of the World, the World that came into view because of the darkness that came over the mind of Adam and Eve, the Veil over Moses face so the people would not be destroyed.) The Tree of Knowledge is Calvary, the Cross, it was in the Garden and is still here in the Garden of this world. Those not born again still live under its shadow. When we do as God did and divide the Light from the Darkness, the Spirit from the Body, then we see this as a Fallen fleshly body of blood made Sin under wrath and condemnation, appointed unto death, then we see the other side, The Spirit, going back to the resurrected Christ, the spirit gone back to God at the death of the Body. In this we see those who have been born again as the Spirit and raised from the dead, alive forever more, translated into the kingdom of God, and then we see those  not born again, still in their sins, as the fleshly body of sin and death, still abiding under the Law and wrath of God on the back side of Calvary the fallen side. In the garden as to the first man Adam, this was showing a reflection from Calvary as to the Flesh of Jesus, being made a serpent, hanging on a tree and his flesh, His female side, His Eve, causing a deception, because they seen God on that Tree and they desired its fruit which was Flesh and they said if we eat His flesh and drink His blood partake of his fruit we will have life and never die. It was true, they would be on their way to receiving eternal life if they continue on, but when they touch that tree, eat that fruit, they enter that veil and touch that Ark, they die! Because they are unworthy. The Flesh is weak and it cannot be God as it is filled with darkness and inside that veil is a great light and when their darkness touches that light it kills them. it tells them they are unworthy and that NO FLESH can be justified in the Sight of God. So the serpent says to them in the day you eat thereof you shall be as God and know good and evil. Whereas they had no thought of either. So we see Two Witnesses, of Law and Grace and of Good and Evil, typical of Moses and Elijah. The serpent told them they would not surely die, and this was a lie. Now think about this. we are told to come and partake of the Cross and Blood of Jesus so that we may have life. Even eternal life as a God has. it is a promise that we can live forever like God does. So we partake of the Blood of the Cross we confess our sins and we forsake our sins. Then we hear a voice that says to us, You must DIE! You must Die daily! Take up your cross and follow me to my death! Die to your self, to your own mind, hate your own life, if you do not do this you are not worthy of me. Wait a Minute! You promised me eternal Life, yet all I got from you was death, die, die, die! You lied to me, you deceived me! You said if I partook of your flesh and drank of your blood I would get this eternal Life and here you demand my death! In the day you eat of this flesh and partake of this blood, eat from the Tree of Calvary, you shall surely die! Do you see the comparison? It is the exact same thing, no difference. Calvary the Tree of The Cross made of Two Trees or Two Pieces of Wood, One of Good and One of Evil, a Fleshly Serpent hanging on it and deceives your Eve (Flesh) The Flesh desires to live forever, Satan in that flesh desires to live forever in your body. You are darkness, the writer said, you was one time darkness, and God said Turn my people from darkness unto Light. Remember now we are dividing the Spirit from the Body, the Body was made Sin, if it was made Sin, then it became very Sin itself, else it was not a true sacrifice. So this Body being made Sin, was Sin and here in the Mind of God, before the world ever was, 4000 years before it was to be  revealed or manifested and made known we find The Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the World . Calvary was already in play BEFORE God ever said Let There be. Think of at the END of Revelations we find The Great Light shining, and what is that Light shining upon, but The Cross of Calvary, always back to the Cross and what is that Cross doing, but casting a Shadow all the way back to the Garden of Eden. The World came into existence, on that dark side of Calvary. The world ended on this side of Calvary. Now he transfigured and changed His Body, BEFORE he went to the Cross . Is that the Body we have received, that was and is eternal in the heavens? Jesus said while He was standing on Earth that He was still in Heaven. In our first birth we descend from the Garden we say, we are the dark fallen Adam that was covered in a blood body made from the dust of the ground, made to eat from the dust of the ground, just like the serpent, all of our labor is for our belly and the serpent was commanded to eat of the dust of the ground and he they do eat from what grows from the dust of the ground. By separating the Spirit and Body, we see it made the Great Gulf spoken of by Abraham when talking to Lazarus. we see in this sense Two Mountains, or shall we say One Mountain cleaving in half forming a Valley, revealing a valley of Dry Bones, revealing Souls that have been under a bloody altar, revealing a darkness inside, revealing a Father of Lies. Multitudes in the Valley of Decision. Unbelief is the great valley and shadow of death, journeying through it is a time of darkness, lead by a red moon light also called a Pillar of Fire, a place of wrath and lawlessness and death. Crossing a Red Sea in this type, also the Jordan in another. That Body made Sin cried out, Why hast thou forsaken me! God cannot look upon Iniquity. Do you see Jesus crying out, in unbelief, proclaiming that God had forsaken Him. Gods word said I will never leave nor forsake you, yet speaking of the prophecy of Jesus in psalms God said I have forsaken thee but for a moment. Is it possible Jesus had been having faith in God all of this time then suddenly when God left Him, He felt that horror and cried out as such, in unbelief believing God had forsook Him, yet we find Davids faith so strong he even said, if I make my bed in hell, thou art there with me , yet we see Jesus going to a Hell, becoming Hell itself, that when God departed from Him, then within him was no longer the Kingdom of Light and of God, but it became a Kingdom of darkness and sin and evil and unbelief. Though what He said was true, God had departed from Him, it was Faith in Reverse, fear and doubt crying out in eternal desperation, God forsaking His only Son. What a Son to go through such. No wonder His prayers became great drops of blood, can you imagine what he was about to experience?   Only The Faith of Jesus Christ could be the bridge we needed to be placed over the valley or void of darkness between the Spirit and Body. His Faith made the way. Only an eternal faith can cover an eternal unbelief. Only an eternal love can cover an eternal sin. Now the other part of this is the Spirit. it must now descend from heaven back to this Body and be One with it again, now that it is no longer full of darkness and sin, but it has been purged by Gods Holy Fire and is a spotless Lamb. it paid a price by going into the grave, the Soul paid a price by going into hell. Now when the Spirit returns to this Body, it means death and hell are no more. it is a Body that is pure, undefiled, holy married to its head, its first love. The great marriage supper of the Lamb, the Thunders being made known the Two coming together as One. Raising from the Dead. Appearing this Second Time without Sin unto Salvation. We could say at Pentecost the Spirit returned to those bodies that also died with Christ, leading them through the darkness of their own night. A Tongue or Pillar of Fire showing them the way. Jesus the head, having made His way through, now comes the tail or his many members. Those who took up their cross to follow Him. Now we are come to the end of the Pillar of Fire by Night, now we are in the Cloud by Day. The return of the Spirit. Redeeming a Body, a Bride that has made herself ready, a Spirit coming in the darkness of the world, secretly, awakening those precious saints who bore their cross and gave their bodies a living sacrifice and those that died with Him and He is awakening them unto His glorious Resurrection! They are seeing His Appearing. They are seeing Him, as he is, and so are they, in Him. They are seeing this great Revelation of Jesus Christ and are become this revelation of Jesus Christ, as they see Christ they are become Christ, as they see God, they are become God. No longer Sons, but One with their Father. God has made man into His own Image, not the Image in the Garden, but the Image of the One that raised from the Dead. We are Quickening Spirits. We dwell on the Throne with our Father. we rule heaven and earth, we have a rod of iron and we speak that which we know, for it has been revealed to us by Him. Time ended at Calvary, the darkness ended at calvary, the men who are living souls ended at Calvary, since Calvary it has been the Kingdom Age, manifested as a a Church Age but the entering in of the Great Kingdom Age, revealed via 7 Church Ages. The world has continued to live and have life through the Blood of Calvary and as we can clearly see the Blood is no more, the Body made sin is no longer on that Cross, it has been changed and resurrected and is appeared in a new form, even the His many membered body alive in heaven, it is them that speak to thee even now. His resurrected Bone and Flesh, Bodies full of light and no darkness is
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