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  ENDOCRINE RESPONSES DURING EXERCISES By: NinikDwiastuti  REFERENCES 1. FronteraW.  Exercise .In:G,Erwinetal,editor.Downey& Darling’s PhysiologicalBasisofRehabilitationMedicine.3 rd edition.ButterworthHeinemann,Boston.2001.p.380-381 2. GoodmanH.M.,  Endocrine Physiology .In:JohnsonL.EssentialmedicalPhysiology.3 rd edition.ElsevierAcademicPress,California.2003.p:665-667 3.  Principles Endocrinology: The Central Endocrine Glands .In:Sherwood,L.humanPhysiologyfrom Cell’s toSystem.3 rd edition.Thomson.2004. p:668,678. 4.  Metabolism and Hormonal Control. In:WilmoreJ.etal.Physiologyof SportandExercise.4 th edition.USA.2008.p:70-73.(cited2010,October 27)http://books. 5. KravitzL.  Exploring the Mysteries of Exercise. (cited2010,October25)   Pages/articles.html  Acute Response to Exercise:  Energy metabolism  Endocrine response  Cardiopulmonary response  Hematologic response  Renal response  Psychological & analgesiceffects   Hormonesaresecretedinthebloodandtraveltositeswheretheyexertaneffectononlythosetargetcellsthathavereceptorsspecifictothathormone
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