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  QXL1113 ENGLISH  AND SOCIETY Lecture 4:  Accents and dialects   Dr. Thora Tenbrink, School of Linguistics and English Language Room 306, phone 38-2263 Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1pm  #$% ã   To gain insights about the linguistic variability across English speaking countries in the world o   As mediated by social and situational factors o   As associated with different cultures and regions ã   To investigate which linguistic factors are likely to be varied, and which remain fairly stable ã   To gain insights into the linguistics terminology used to describe the variability precisely and systematically  &'()*+' -*).#/' ã   Regions where English is spoken ã   Starting point: British Isles o   Historical development (very brief) o   Variation in phonetic features – the different phonological patterns in British dialects o   Variation in morphosyntactic features o   Presented along with some pointers to corresponding variation elsewhere  Dark blue:   Countries where English is the national language or the native language of the majority. # Light blue: Countries or regions where English is an official language # and language of science and high culture, but not the language of the majority .   012344'/56#7#2'8#95:+;46#7#4 /;.:%20'+'
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