Engineering Management: Challenges in the New Millennium

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     ANSWERS TO CHAPTER 5 QUESTIONS  ANSWER 5.1 The International Standards Organization (ISO) specified a set of quality standards in 1987. These standards focus on defining quality control processes to aintain a quality anageent syste sufficient for achie!ing sustaina le product quality le!els. O!er 1#$ countries are ISO e ers. %ithin ISO& there are #$$technical coittees 'oring on 1$&$$$ standards. %orld'ide& there are #$$&$$$ organizations 'hich are no' ISO registered. Only $&$$$ copanies in the *S ha!e done so. In order to ecoe certified to these standards& a copany needs to do the follo'ing+ ,. - Say what you do & y prescri ing all procedures (i.e.& sequences of 'ell/defined steps) engaged in a specific engineering function such as product design& custoer ser!ice& and technology ad!anceent. 0. - Do what you say & y training eployees in!ol!ed in said function to understand and practice the procedures. . - Prove it  y ensuring that eployees can quicly locate any specific 'ritten procedures if called upon to do so. ,n ISO certified copany is regarded to ha!e achie!ed proficiency in practicing 'ell/defined procedures& thus they are also deeed a le to etter ensure product quality. The general categories of ISO standards are as follo's+  ISO 9  2 3uality anageent and assurance standards (general guidelines& ad!isory)  ISO 9!  2 3uality systes (for copanies in!ol!ed in design& de!elopent& production& installation and ser!icing of products)  ISO 9  2 3uality systes (only for production and installation of products)  ISO 9#  2 3uality systes (only for final inspection and testing)  ISO 9$  2 3uality anageent and quality syste eleents (ad!isory) Chapter 5 Answers 33   4ach standard is descri ed y nuerous !olues of anuals. ,san e5aple& the ISO 9$$# standard co!ers the follo'ing engineering acti!ities+ (1) anageent responsi ility6 (#) quality syste6 () contract re!ie'6 () docuent control6 () purchasing6 () purchase supplied products6 (7) product identification and tracea ility6 (8) process control6 (9) inspection and testing6 (1$) inspection& easuring and test equipent6 (11) inspection and test status6 (1#) control of nonconforing product6 (1) correcti!e actions6 (1) handling& storage6 pacaging and deli!ery6 (1) quality records6 (1) internal quality audits6 (17) training6 and (18) statistical techniques.  ANSWER 5.2   The engineering anager should do the follo'ing+,. :an order the perforance of all staff in the departent ased on perforance criteria agreed on at the eginning of the year.0. ;i!ide the departental staff into three groups& -e5cellent&-a!erage and -arginal& and assign to the a salary increase of.$ percent& #.7 percent& and 1.$ percent& respecti!ely.. %ithin each of these groups& the allocated salary increase ay e su di!ided to allo' additional differentiation.;. The su of the indi!idual salary increases so assigned ust equal the total allo'a le increase for the entire departent.4. 45plain to staff face/to/face& at the perforance re!ie' tie& the 8 percent total salary increase constraint and the rationale of distri uting indi!idual salary increases.  ANSWER 5.3   The director should not appro!e the anager<s recoendation of atching the copetitor<s offer& and he should instead requestthat the anager ae a plan to co!er the assignent left ehind y the engineer and dou le efforts of finding a replaceent. Theyshould call in the engineer& than her for her past contri utionsto the copany& and 'ish her 'ell in her future professional career. Should she 'ant to coe ac one day& she 'ould al'ays e'elcoe. =ast e5perience has deonstrated that there is a lo' retention rate of engineers 'ho quit for etter copensation and then stayed ecause of a atched offer. ountless such engineersend up quitting 'ithin  to 1# onths for the second tie due to one reason or another. >ot insignificant is the potential ipact Chapter 5 Answers 34  on staff orale arising fro the percei!ed preferential treatentof a special indi!idual y anageent. >o person is indispensa le to any organization. ?anageent ust e prepared to handle eergencies and une5pected personnel changes at all tie.  ANWSER 5.4  The staggered lunch rea did not allo' the operators to lunch together and then socialize for a period of tie. Social gathering and e ership in a peer group are no'n to e an iportant oti!ation factor. The operators ecae less oti!atedas such a socializing opportunity 'as taen a'ay fro the. , reedial solution is to reinstall the srcinal lunch rea and to initiate additional social e!ents such as -shop picnics& -hristas parties&@ and - o'ling nights to foster peer group acti!ities.  ANSWER 5.5   The ey issue in!ol!ed in this situation is ho' to alance the copany<s long/ter need to groo future leaders fro 'ithin&and the departental need to ha!e e5perienced anagers to lead and deli!er short/ter results. ;epartents are typically operated in silos& each trying to a5iize its o'n short/ter outputs and paying little attention to the long/ter needs of thecopany. >o& 0ill arter should not e gi!en the Ao . So far as the copany is concerned& it has gained one good procureent anager fro the outside 'hile still ha!ing 0ill ready to e prooted into the anagerial ran. 0ill is ad!ised to e patient and to continue practicing !arious anagerial sills& readying hiself for the ne5t anagerial opportunities. Bo'e!er& the departent anager should su it a report to alert the copany<s top anageent of 0ill<s a!aila ility for prootion.  ANSWER 5.6   The follo'ing steps ay help resol!e the inforation o!er/load pro le at hand+,. Ciit inforational reports to one page and e5clude supporting details. They should include the proAect nae& o Aecti!es& udget& personnel& ey final results and percei!ed ipact. Only reports for proAect udget e5ceeding D1$ illion should e sent to the copany president and copied to the Chapter 5 Answers 35  responsi le E=s 'ho 'ill recei!e all other reports 'ith lo'er udgets. The proAect support details are to e preser!ed in full/length reports 'hich can e requested at a later tie.0. *se -search and copile soft'are to generate pacages of one/page reports in order to gain a roader perspecti!e o!er related acti!ities in the copany.. =rescreen and endorse all reports& 'hich request presidentialappro!al& y E=s and deli erate the at staff eetings.;. Send all reports !ia the Intranet to ensure speed. The copany should offer training to those 'ho need to ecoe failiar 'ith this ne' style of reporting.4. Bold quarterly re!ie' eetings to listen to iportant staff presentations prescreened y E=s.F. onsult indi!idual contri utors or departent heads regardingsoe of the reported proAects and offer coents and feed ac.  ANSWER 5.7   The follo'ing steps ay help the departent head to regain control of the situation+,. Be should do his hoe'or to understand the aAor issuesin!ol!ed such as+(a) 4ase of use of these achines y operators (e.g.& setup tie& con!enience in changing tools& etc.).( ) Factors affecting producti!ity gain.(c) Cife cycle cost and deli!ery.(d) :easons for long/ter producti!ity ad!antages of S'iss/ ade achines o!er ,erican counterparts.(e) Others.0. ,s oth the autoation tea leader and the line super!isor to prepare and ae presentations efore an outside autoation e5pert 'ho is to e hired y the departent head as a consultant to e!aluate the proposals and offer an ipartial recoendation.. Tell all staff eforehand that the departent head 'ill decide on a course of action ased on the inputs of this outside consultant and that he e5pects e!eryone to 'holeheartedly supportthe anageent decision. Chapter 5 Answers 36
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