Engineering Practice - Assignment

Engineering Practice - Assignment
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  Team A Name .: YrshrrKhetib h'lhtifi o5o9?o5)Module Leader: Grrhen EudsonModule trrrnet Englnecr.lng rectlcc Module Code: l toorUniversity f Wolverhampton Assignment: LogbookElement 2  \ >.. q O LVERHAM TO N Schoolof ngineeing nd he Blilt Envnondent ASSIGNMENT ECEIPT/REPORT ORM Section Ar To be completed by student submittingwork pt@pn deo ) \-,/ S€cdon Bl A$lSnmer* Feedback Comment6 to be (ompleted by Module€/Ieam ) ,, t 6 **L'* sw a, . J..%(r* --------;----- ou,, . 5 fr-^ 2p:1. Modure tre ..Eng.tucen4.......fto,t*rlce-.....A.................... odut€ ode . . tl &.1.W-1. ........... .'./ A.risnmcnt rrc ...f*..../oyLZ X..... ....... H.nd-in rr. .2ale.l.|2e-p1'...... D..]'anon: | tucta( thdt hit \Bigkhat 6 my/tut M uo* ard tlwt aU quotctiond, iogms .tc lot bnth psblished nd unptblished or6 h@e rdpnpetly acknowledS.d ith quobnai na*. ftleftn% at ary,bpiate citdtion lil tliiih .r. . to bt m.l lod.r.don ed .oltlth.ilon.ft h. A.i.rdmt tod. ), gs0? vr z v--.--*'t',1t ud sismtufolpr4iat j  UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTONSCHOOL OF ENGINEERING N'D THE BUILTENVIRONMENT GENERAL WORI(Sfl OP SAFETYl. Read and sign he students afety ode ofpractise2. Be aware fany hazards rom machinery, hemicals, lips tc3. Everyone s responsible or each thers afety. Health nd Safety t Work Act)4. Supervisor ust always e prcsent n the workshop, EVER vork alone'5. Locate he emergency top buttons6. All accide s must be reported, however minor.7. Locate he 6Ist aid boxes.8. No-eating, moking r drifing in the workshops.9. Pmctise ood housekeePingIo. Wear appropriate afety lothing.I L Concentratc, o not ool around, ake your ime over hejobGENERAL USE OF MAC}IINESl. Ifin any doubt eek echaical ssistance2. Do not operate machinery fyou have not been lained o use t3. Use your P.P.E. yes, ars, ands, eet, hair, ace. Check lothing4. Check he safety ofthe machines, lways use push sticks and guards'5. Isolate he machine efore making any adjustments6. Never eave a machine unning hilst uflattended.7. Use exfaction on all the neaessary achines.8. Report any unsafe onditions. I  c.o. s. H. H. Control ofsubstances azardous o health Legai equirement or manufactluerc opass n nformarion egarding he substances hat hey supply lt is a egal.obligation or thisinformation o be made available tudents. efore sing any substance n the workshop oumust ead he C.O.S.H.H ata sheetsIIUME CUPBOARD1. This equipment s used or removing he vapour rom solvents nd other chemicals hal Iequlre etraltacllon- z. Read he C.O.S.H.H sheets or each ubstance his will tell you fthe fume cupboardneeds o be used. F IN DOLET ASK l3. Goggles nd gloves hould lways e wom and he extractot must be switched nEXTRACTORThe extractor emoves he wood dust tom the air, his s important s dust an be ahazard, ny machine hat requires extraction will have a blue sticker ndicating hat theexlractor must be switched n.CIRCULAR SAW1. fuving knife not to be more han 2rnm from the blade Riving knife acts as a guard othe back ofthe blade nd also stops he wood rom binding nlo he bladewhilst he cut s being made2. Adjust he height ofthe bladi so hat he maximum umber fleeth ale used ot the3. Adjust he crown Suatd o hat t is no more han 2mm roIIl he op ofthe work4. Sei he ence, measure om rhe nside fthe blade5. Cheak hat the push sticks are l easy each6. Nevet adjust he guard or the ence wtrilst the saw s moving'i. Purr, rr iltU r stwly tluouglr he blade, do not force t tlrough, use he push sticks8. Use he push sticks o remove waste aIld cut pieces.9. Never uie a circular aw o cut ound sections, rooves r rebates10. Never remove he guards or the riving knife.l l. Extractor n.12. P.P.E. n.PLANER/THICKNESSERL Isolate he machine.2. Check hat he ence s square.3,setthetables,outfeedlevelwiththecuttingcircleofthccuttelbloclqinfeedgivestherequired amount of cut ldeally 1 5run' 3rn n Max'
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