Engineering Practice (Handout)

Engineering Practice (Handout)
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    MA1001 ngineering racticel Measurement Environmental tandards n measurement standard coms, metrology aborabrlcs and nspecdonrooms cqulrc a contsolled nvhonnEnt o hetprecislon measurcments an bc carrled out. TtrcIntemauonally greed empcrfrrrc for prcdsionmcasurem€nt g 200C, he ncad or a constant standard empcrature t csscnual ecausc mostmaterlals )gand whcn heated and confad wicncoolcd, Thls not only #ects the llnear dirncnsions fcomporrcnb ut also causcs lstorUon. Distodon srnoct lkdy to occur n asscmbllca radc romdlfiarcnt rnaterlals ltfi dlffercnt Gtes of ogansionwhen su$ect to thc safitc emperahrrc hange. Ruler +-I | *Made rom springI rted, usually lated,I prefvably with aI mffi finish.e 150 mm ule sthemost ommon.olAccurate o 0.5 mm Iuarht dtadh' t  Vernier aliper +-Cused or oGemaland ntemalmeasurement, ndsometimes ordepffi.*Usual size s 150mmtAccurate o 0.05mm or 0.02 trm ft. .rrar -aa (L rfftaol 2 I  Micrometer +-l+uses 0.5 mm pitch I screw hread, and a &I banel calibrated ntoj so oivisions. * -,;i+Accuracyof 0.01 mm.ffiSRange imited o 25mm, so sizes;0 -25,25 - 50, 50 75,etc. C.?,, -_ o.ct /Ao  i+.5 , Accuracy T i +fne greater he accuracy emanded y aI designer, he narrower will be the toleranceI band and he more difficult and cosUy ill it I be o manufacture he components ithin helimits specified. s he tolerance ets bigger,tfie dimension ecomes ess precise ndeasier o achieve. herefore, or ease ofmanufacture t minimum osq a designernever specifies n accurasy reater han snecessary o ensure he correct unctioning fthe comDonent. 3 t I Ill iI  Avoiding umulative rrorc T- ; CBy measuring tom ai dahlm he problem i II of cumulative rors @+i rs awoeo. | | 4
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