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  1 Unit 12  LIFELINES  © Oxford University Press PHOTOCOPIABLE Unit 12  Test Name ________________________________  1 Complete the sentences. Use the verbs inbrackets in the passive.E XAMPLE English is spoken in this restaurant. (speak)1Paper __________ from wood pulp. (make)2Not only milk but water and fruit juice__________ from the milkman. (buy)3What __________ with today’s rubbish? (do)4Bread __________ in a clothes shop. (not sell)5Coffee __________ in England. (not grow)6Gold __________ in Africa. (find)7E-mails __________ on computers. (write)8In which country __________ most books__________ ? (read)9The offices __________ at night after the staffhave gone home. (clean)10Big parcels __________ by post but by courier inthis company. (not send) 2 Complete the sentences with the past simplepassive. Choose from:  write paint publish direct discover build E XAMPLE ‘Hamlet’ was written  by William Shakespeare.1The drug penicillin __________ by AlexanderFleming.2The Eiffel Tower __________ in the nineteenthcentury in Paris.3The  Mona Lisa __________ by the artist Leonardoda Vinci.4Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity __________in 1915.5The Oscar-winning film ET  __________ byStephen Spielberg. 10 20 3 Rewrite the sentences with the present perfectpassive.E XAMPLE Hunters have killed most of the world’s tigers.  Most of the world’s tigers have been killed by hunters. 1Industry and agriculture has polluted many lakesand rivers.____________________________________________2CFC gases from refrigerators have damaged theozone layer.____________________________________________3Man has made many animals extinct.____________________________________________4Land development has destroyed large areas ofthe world’s rain forests.____________________________________________5Global warming has caused changes in theweather.____________________________________________ 4 Change the sentences from the active to thepassive. Use the correct tense.E XAMPLE Someone dropped the camera. The camera was dropped by someone. My mother will tidy the garden. The garden will be tidied by my mother. 1M.R. Enterprises will build a supermarket.____________________________________________2The volcano lava destroys everything.____________________________________________3Scientists have found a cure for flu.____________________________________________4A man gave us the tickets.____________________________________________5The machine washes the clothes.____________________________________________6America launched the satellite into space.____________________________________________7Beethoven composed that concerto.____________________________________________8A piece of space debris hit the earth.____________________________________________9Jeremy has phoned the police.____________________________________________10The government will close the power stations.____________________________________________  2010  2 Unit 12 LIFELINES  © Oxford University Press PHOTOCOPIABLE 5 Complete the sentences. Choose from: atmosphere river sun coast volcanoesplanet desert mountains continent moonoceans E XAMPLE Scientists have recently decided that Pluto is not a  planet  .1The __________ orbits around the Earth.270% of the Earth’s surface is covered by__________ .3The Earth orbits around the __________ .4Africa is a __________ .5The __________ is a mixture of gases thatsurrounds the Earth.6There are a lot of __________ in Switzerland.7The largest __________ in the world is theSahara.8The __________ is the area where the land meetsthe sea.9Mount Etna and Vesuvius are two famous__________ in Italy.10The longest __________ in the world is the Nile. 6 Match A and B.AB 1    g Tim and I are aOh, really? When getting married.did that happen?2   I’ve got anbOh, well. Never interview for a mind. Better luck  job time.3   John can’t play cAnd a Happy today. He’s had Christmas to you accident.4   Did you know dGood luck! I’ll keep Tony and Jill have my fingers crossed split up?for you.5   I won the gold eThat’s wonderful medal in the When’s it due?6   I’m expecting fThank you a baby.very much. That’s sweet of you.7   I failed my gCongratulations! driving test.When’s the happy day?8   Sue had her baby hOh, that’s all right. on Saturday.Don’t mention it.9   Happy Christmas!i Well done! I knew you could do it!   10 10   Happy Birthday, jWonderful! Was it a Mum! Here’s boy or a girl?your present.11   Thanks for kOh, dear. It’s nothing helping me.serious, I hope. 7 Complete the text. Choose from:   towards explosion destroyed will hits beencities thrown times earthquakes evacuatedhigh Earth caused wide lands completelycomet north destroyed created The year is 2094. It has announced thata __________ (1) is heading towards the __________(2). Most of it will miss our planet, but twofragments __________(3) probably hit the southernhemisphere. The news has __________ (4) panic.Stock markets around the world have been__________ (5) into chaos.On 17 July, a fragment four kilometres__________(6) enters the Earth’s atmosphere with amassive __________ (7). About half of the fragmentis __________(8) and pieces are scattered through thehemisphere. But the core survives and __________(9) the South Atlantic at 200 __________ (10) thespeed of sound. An enormous tidal wave is__________ (11) and spreads outwards from the hole.The wall of water, a kilometre __________ (12),rushes __________ (13) the southern part of Africa at800 kilometres an hour. Cities on the African coastare totally __________ (14) and millions of peopleare drowned. The wave moves into the Indian Oceanand heads towards Asia. Coastal cities are__________(15) and thousands are killed in thepanic. Before the wave reaches South America, thesecond fragment of the comet __________ (16) inArgentina. __________ (17) and volcanoes are set offin the Andes mountains. The shock waves move__________ (18) into California and all around thePacific Ocean. The __________ (19) of Los Angeles,San Francisco and Tokyo are __________(20)destroyed by earthquakes. Total 100  20been10
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