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  Save the Water, Save Our Life What does water actually mean for you ? Is it one of the fundamental things for you? Is it really important for the continuity of your life? Well, the answer must be yes, I guess. Water is one of the fundamental things in human‘s life   because   (not ‘cause’ ) without it, human will not survive. Water relieves the throat from thirstiness, does the  purify act to our body by cleansing our organs, helps the process of metabolism inside the  body, helps mankind to do daily activities such as washing, taking bath, etc . There are a lot of things (without ‘positive’)  that water gives. But the fact, water is now being polluted . From the residues of our daily activities such as washing until  the waste of industries, they are all polluting the water. If this thing   keeps going   (without ‘on’) , the comfortable life of human will be disturbed. Being the most important thing for human’s life, water is now being polluted which is threatening the comfortable life of human. Water as we know got a very important position in our life as a human. Almost everything in our life depend on water, water surely fulfills our needs . In terms  of our  body, water does many helps such as helps transporting nutrients and oxygen to all parts of our body, helps removing toxics (without ‘the’)  and wastes from our body, and helps regulating the body temperature.  Not only inside our body, water also helps us outside the body.  Water helps us washing our dishes, taking bath , relieving our thirstiness on a hot day, helps watering our crops, helps providing electricity through  hydropower plant , and many more. Can you imagine how life would be if there’s no water ? When there’s no more water around, we could simply say that the lives of humans are over . Our life will all screwed up, our body will get dehydrated, there will be problems with food cause there will be no more water for watering the crops, diseases will spread over, and at the end there will be only devastation and death left . Water pollution is one of the biggest problem people have faced today. It is a state where water is contaminated with substances such as chemical substances or other foreign matters which change the character and the quality of the water. When water is polluted, it  becomes harmful and can’t b e used anymore. In   (use full stop. Not coma)  other words, if all of the water in this world are polluted then there will be no more water to use which means an end for our life. Water pollution is mainly caused by the activities of people dumping their wastes to the water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and seas. The wastes people dump consist of trashes coming from daily activities, radioactive sludge coming from laboratories, industrial wastes, fertilizers and pesticides used to raise crops that get into the  water stream, the oil that contaminate the water, etc. The fact that our water resources are polluted (without ‘being’)  is absolutely our fault (neglect ‘our responsibility…’)  despite the natural occurrences, such as erosions and acid rains  Regarding to the fact that water pollution is our responsibility, we have to do something to fix this. We may not be able to completely restore the water that has been  polluted into  its srcinal state. But we could do several things to prevent the pollution into getting worse and to avoid the possibilities that the pollution will occur again in the future. Things we could do are dispose our wastes especially the one that contains toxic substances  properly, clean up and dispose the used oil properly, stop using plastics which are generally the biggest contributor of trashes in this world, do cleaning action against trashes and litters, enforce the existing law about environment, use the fertilizers and pesticides  properly, and many more . There’re lots  of things we could do to save our water, but the most important thing about all of these preventing actions is the contribution of all people. The contribution of all people is crucially needed to save our comfortable life completely from water pollution. To conclude, now we know that our water resources are being polluted and the main cause of this entire water pollution problem is us. So, let’ s get up and contribute to help fixing this pollution problem which is threatening our water resources and our comfortable life! Cause without the contribution from all of us, the dream of saving our water resources and our life will never come into reality.
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