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thanh ngu tieng anh
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  1 A abide by (something) - to follow the rules of something The cleaning staff must abide by the rules of the school. able to breathe easily again - to be able to relax and recover from a stressful time or event  My friend was able to breathe easily again when his company did not go bankrupt. able to do (something) blindfolded - to be able to do something easily and quickly The car was easy to fix and we were able to do it blindfolded. able to do (something) standing on one's head - to be able to do something easily and quickly The boy is good at fixing his bicycle. He can do it standing on his head. able to take a joke - to be able to let others laugh and joke about you Our boss is not able to take a joke. We must be careful what we say to him. about time - to be something that should have happened earlier t is about time that you returned that book to me. about to (do something) - to be on the point of doing something   was about to lea!e my house when the phone rang. above all - mainly, especially   like ad!enture mo!ies but abo!e all  lo!e horror mo!ies. above all else - most importantly of all  bo!e all else#  plan to go to the $atural History Museum when  !isit the city. above and beyond - to be more than is required The work that the man did on our house was abo!e and beyond what was re%uired. above reproach - to be not deserving of blame or criticism The actions of the police officer were abo!e reproach. above suspicion - to be very honest so that nobody will suspect you of doing something wrong The man&s actions are always abo!e suspicion. absent-minded - to be forgetful  My grandfather is !ery absent'minded and he often forgets his keys. accept an offer - to agree to an offer or proposal   accepted the offer to buy my car. according to Hoyle - doing something strictly by the rules, doing something the usual and correct way (Hoyle was a writer who was an expert on the rules of card games) ccording to Hoyle# we should not use this room but probably nobody will complain if we do use it. according to (someone or something) - as said or told by someone, in agreement with something, in the order of something, in proportion to something  ccording to our teacher# there will be no class next week. We did e!erything according to the terms of the agreement. account for (something) - to provide an answerexplanation for something The bad weather accounts for the fact that only a few people came to the meeting. acid test - a test where the conclusions are beyond doubt The problem was an acid test of our faith in the new manager.  2acuire a taste for (something) - to learn to like something We ac%uired a taste for classical music during our trip to (urope. across the board - equally for everyone or everything The taxes ha!e increased across the board and e!eryone must pay more. act as a guinea pig - to allow some kind of test to be performed on someone   was not happy to act as a guinea pig on the new training material. act high and mighty - to act proud and powerful The woman always acts high and mighty and nobody likes her. act one's age - to behave as a mature person, to behave equal to one!s age  My friend ne!er acts her age in public. act up - to misbehave The children began to act up during the field trip. add fuel to the fire - to make a problem worse, to make an angry person more angry The company added fuel to the fire when they critici)ed the workers. add insult to injury - to make a person who already feels bad to feel worse, to make a bad situation worse Our boss added insult to injury when she refused to let us use the nternet during lunch. add up - to total up to a certain amount   will add up the money that  owe to my father and gi!e it to him. add up (to something) - to mean something, to result in something The things that my friend said about his boss do not add up to anything. advise (someone) against (something) - to suggest that something should not be done   ad!ised my friend not to swim in the ri!er. afraid of one's o!n shado! - to be easily frightened The small dog is afraid of his own shadow. after    dioms after a fashion - poorly, barely adequate The cleaning staff cleaned the lunchroom after a fashion but not !ery well. after all - in spite of what was expected   ha!e decided not to take swimming lessons after all.  t did not rain today after all. after all - emphasi es something that should be considered *ou don&t need to phone him. fter all# he ne!er phones you. after all is said and done - finally, when everything is settled  fter all is said and done the mayor of our city is doing a !ery good job. after hours - after the regular closing or finishing time Our library has a place to return books after hours. after the fact - after something has happened The man said that he was sorry but it was after the fact. He had already caused many problems.  #again and again - repeatedly   told my friend again and again not to phone late at night. against one's !ill - to be without a person!s consent or agreement The police took the man to jail against his will. against the clock  - before a particular time We worked against the clock to finish the project. ahead of one's time - ideas or attitudes that are more advanced than those of other people The ideas of the politician were ahead of his time. ahead of schedule - before the time on a schedule that has been decided We finished our work ahead of schedule. ahead of the game - to have done more than necessary We worked hard all week in order to be ahead of the game on Monday morning. ahead of time - earlier than arranged or planned We started the meeting ahead of time so that we could go home early. aim at (something) - to plan or try to reach a target We are aiming at a big increase in sales next year. air one$s dirty laundry%linen in public - to make public something embarrassing that should be a secret The dinner party became uncomfortable when the host began to air his colleague&s dirty laundry in public. air one's grievances - to complain (often publicly) We aired our grie!ances during the monthly meeting. air (something) - to broadcast something on television or radio They will air the game tomorrow. air (something) out - to freshen something by putting it in the open air  We put the blankets outside in order to air them out. alive and kicking - to be well and healthy  My aunt is ninety years old and she is !ery much ali!e and kicking. alive and !ell - to be well and healthy The worker was ali!e and well after the accident. all    dioms all along - all the time, throughout   knew all along that my friend would not get the promotion. all at once - suddenly, without warning  ll at once# the fire alarm rang and we had to lea!e the building. all day long - the whole day The girl was happy to wait all day long for the mail to arri!e. all dressed up - dressed in one!s best clothes The girls were all dressed up for the e!ening. all ears - to be eager to listen to someone  & +m all ears# please tell me about the party. all for (someone or something) - to be very much in favor of someone or something The woman is all for the manager and she ne!er critici)es her. all important - most important, urgent or necessary The meeting is all important and  plan to attend it. all in - to be tired, to be exhausted   am all in and will go to bed early tonight. all in a day's !ork  - to be part of what is expected of you  t was all in a day&s work when the firefighters rescued the cat. all in all - in summary, after considering everything We had a few problems but all in all the meeting was successful. all in one piece - safely, without damage Our furniture arri!ed all in one piece after we mo!ed. all manner of (someone or something) - all types of people or things There were all manner of people at the party. all night long - throughout the whole night We could hear the people next door talking all night long. all of a sudden - suddenly, without advance warning  ll of a sudden# it became cloudy and began to rain. all or nothing - everything, one hundred percent of something  t is all or nothing. f  cannot fully participate in the meeting  will not attend. all-out-effort - a very good and thorough effort We are making an all'out'effort to finish our work. all over but the shouting - to be decided and finished  t was all o!er but the shouting for the football fans after their team lost the game. all over the place - everywhere We tra!eled all o!er the place on our holiday. all right - okay, satisfactory  t should be all right for me to bring my friend to the party. all set - to be ready to begin, to be okay We were all set so we began the meeting. all s!eetness and light - to be very sweet, to be innocent and helpful The girl is all sweetness and light after she does something bad. all systems go - everything is ready (often used when a rocket is launched)  t was all systems go and we began the installation of the new computer system. all talk (and no action) - to talk about doing something but never really doing it Our boss is all talk and no action and nothing new is e!er done in our department. all the livelong day - throughout the whole day   know the words to the song# ,&!e been working on the railroad# all the li!elong day.- all the rage
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