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    SIR R REDDY OLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SIR C R REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ENGLISH FOR C MPUS PL CEMENTS Prepared b y DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH SIR C.R.REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING VATLURU, ELURU 534007  WEST GODAVARI DISTRICT ANDHRA PRADESH  ENGLISH FOR CAMPUS PLACEMENTS DEPT. OF ENGLISH SIR C R REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  Page 1 SIR R REDDY OLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ENGLISH  FOR C MPUS PL CEMENTS INDEX S.No. TOPIC Page No’s   1. VERBAL (PART  –   I) 2  –   11 2. VERBAL (PART  –   II) 12  –   31 3. ONE WORD SUBSTITUTES 31  –   38 4. SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS (PART  –   I) 39  –   42 5. SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS (PART  –   II) 43  –   69 6. PREPOSITIONS 70  –   80 7. SPELLINGS (PART  –   I) 81  –   84 8. SPELLINGS (PART  –   II) 84  –   88 9. ARTICLES 89  –   94 10. JUMBLED SENTENCES 95  –   104 11. JUMBLED WORDS 104  –   105 12. MOST EFFECTIVE WORDS 106  –   108 13. IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS  109  –   113 14. VOICE 114  –   115 15. REPORTED SPEECH  116  –   118 16. CORRECTION OF SENTENCES  119  –   130 17. READING COMPREHENSION 131  –   140  ENGLISH FOR CAMPUS PLACEMENTS DEPT. OF ENGLISH SIR C R REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  Page 2 1. VERBAL PART - 1 1 Carnage n Killing many people 2 Chagrin n Feeling disappointed due to mistake 3 Careen v Sway from one side to another 4 Censure v To disapprove; to condemn as wrong 5 Cipher n Secret code 6 Covert adj Secret or hidden 7 Chimerical adj Unreal; imaginary 8 Copious adj Plenty; too much 9 Distain n The act of seizing goods for debt 10 Cardinal adj Principal, chief 11 Dotage n Feebleness of mind due to old age, second childhood 12 Diurnal adj Day time 13 Conjugal adj Of relation between husband & wife 14 Chaff n Worthless 15 Arrack n Strong alcoholic drink 16 Chary adj Cautious 17 Corroborate adj To give support to a statement belief, theory 18 Curry n Seek favour 19 Despondency n Hopeless, sad 20 Compendium n Brief summary 21 Astute adj Wise, skilled 22 Descant v Discuss in detail 23 Accede v To agree 24 Abase v To lower in position; to degrade 25 Appall v Shocked 26 Assay n Evaluation; analysis 27 Celerity n Speedily 28 Cadence n Rhythm 29 Capacious adj Roomy 30 Canvass v Asking for vote 31 Candid adj Honest 32 Gambol v.i Skip playfully 33 Fresco n Painting done in water colors on walls or ceiling, white  plaster is still wet 34 Dicey adj Risky; uncertain 35 Gavel n Hammer used by judge as an order of attention 36 Floe n A sheet of flowing ice 37 Condescend v To come down voluntarily 38 Fret v Be irritated or resentful  ENGLISH FOR CAMPUS PLACEMENTS DEPT. OF ENGLISH SIR C R REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  Page 3 39 Haggard adj Wasted away, looking exhausted 40 Glossy adj Smooth & shining 41 Imperative adj Obligatory, urgent, mandatory 42 Flay v Stripped off, peel off 43 Goad n Pointed stick for urging cattle on 44 Gusty adj Windy, stormy 45 Grapple n,v A grip in wrestling, hand to hand fighting 46 Gloat v To look at with great satisfaction 47 Hollow adj False, empty 48 Annihilation n Total destruction 49 Gait n A way of walking , speed 50 Medley n Mixture 51 Impertinent adj Insolent, rude 52 Grostesque adj Repulsively distorted, laughable 53 Importune v Beg persistently 54 Flamboyant adj Showy 55 Horror n Fear 56 Incarnate adj Embodied in flesh / human, form 57 Envious adj Fully of envy 58 Hirsute adj Hairy 59 Ferret n To search about 60 Imprecation n To curse somebody 61 Anguish n Extreme pain (of mind) 62 Flux n Continuous change/process of flowing out 63 Frail adj Fragile/delicate/in a weak health 64 Flaccid adj Hanging lose or winkled 65 Melee n Fight 66 Fissure n A narrow opening 67 Gale n Windstorm, gust of wind, emotional out burst (tears) 68 Afford v To bear expenses 69 Garbled n Mixed up, jumbled 70 Flick n A light sharp blow with a whip/ sudden movement 71 Garner v To gather in a storage place 72 Forlorn adj Sad and abandoned or lonely 73 Hoist v To lift 74 Ghastly adj Horrible 75 Blandishment n Pleasant talks/action to somebody 76 Altercation n Noisy quarrel 77 Ameliorate v To improve, to make something better 78 Bellicose adj Quarrelsome 79 Calumny n A false statement to defame somebody 80 Culinary adj Related to kitchen cooking
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