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  You have to choose the best answer to each question from the alternatives given.Text 1 is for questions no. 1 — 2 Mr. Ahmad:Good afternoon, sir.  May I introduce myself My name is  !hmad. I am a technician of T  !#T$M$%I&' !(('M%&I)*  I)+#(T,Y  .The secretary: Please sit down, what can I do for you, sir?Mr. Ahmad : I want to see Mr.Rahmat, the mechanic in the workshop. Is hein today?The secretary: I am sorry, sir. ut Mr.Rahmat isn!t in today.Mr Ahmad: I see. e#er mind, sir. Good$ye. The secretary: Good  $ye:%. The people in the dialo&ue are talkin&a$out ....a. a technician of PT A'T(M(I)A $. a way of &reetin&sc. Mr.Ahmad and the secretaryd. Mr.Rahmat is in todaye. Mr.Rahmat!s attendance*. +e use the italicied words to e-pressan....a. &reetin& $. ad#icec. introduction oneself d. complainte. introductoion others Text 2 is for questions no 3- 6 eni: /ello, Ahmad.Ahmad: /i, eni. ice to see you.eni: ice to see you, too. /ow are you?Ahmad: 0ine, thank you. And you?eni: I am 1uite well, thanks.Ahmad: may I introduce my friendsThis is )ani. This is Tono and that isis )ana .Ahmad: /ow do you do e#ery$ody? Glad to meet you.  ani, Tono and  ana : /ow do you do Ahmad? Glad to meet you, too.Ahmad: Are you all students?  ani: 2es, we are.Ahmad: I am sorry, friends. I am in a hurry3eni: (h4 Are you? 5ee you a&ain some6time. Good$ye, Ahmad.Ahmad: Good $ye, e#ery$ody. Glad to ha#emet you.7. The italicied e-pressions a$o#e toe-press....a. an ad#ice $. an introduction peoplec. an introduction myself d. a formal &reetin&e. a complaint8. /ow do you do, e#ery$ody? The underlined word means ....a. Ahmad $. enic. Tonod. Tono and enie. ani, ana, and Tono9. +hat do ani, Tono, and ana answer toAhmad!s e-pressions.a./ow are you? $./ow do you do?c.+hat is your name?d.2ou!re welcomee.May I introduce myself?. May I introduce myself?The underlined word has the samemeanin& as a. Ac1uaintd. Annoy $. educee. edicatec. ;ontest<. =ack: Rita, ...Rita: I am deli&hted to meet you. oni: I am deli&hted to meet you,too.a. oni is my friend $. oni wants to meet youc. on!t you know oni is my friendd. Please introduce yourself e. I!d like you to meet my friend, oni.>. 5urya: )usi, this is my new friend,his name is oni. /e is acompany director.)usi: /i oni.oni : /ello, )usi? ice tomeet you.)usi : /ow do you do, ice to meetyou, too.  a. /ow are thin&s with you $. +hat are you. d. /ow are youc. May I help you e. /ow do you do@. Monik is a new mem$er of Rotary ;lu$.5he introduces herself. Monik : )adies and &entlemen, ....a. allow me to introduce myself  $. I am happy to meet youc. It is okay to see youd. let me introduce you to the audiencee. may I introduce you to the audience%. Isti wants to introduce 0ina to her $rother. Isti:0ina, this is my $rother, Anton, and Anton this is 0ina.Anton to 0ina: 33333333..a. /ow is he $. /ow is your $rother c. Are you readyd. It is nothin& at alle. /i, nice to meet you.A: /i. ;an I &i#e you a hand?: (h, thanks.A: y the way, I am Maria. I am inApartment *8: (h? ow I into *>. Myname is Meti.%%. a. mo#e c. am mo#in& e. has mo#ed $. mo#es d. am mo#ed%*. The underlined e-pression has the samemeanin& as ....a. )et me you know4 $. +ould you tell me, please4c. May I ask you 1uestions?d. +hat can you do for me?e. ;an I help you? %7. oy: +hatBs wron& with you? 2ou look unhappy today. Girl: I lost my purse this mornin&. oy: (h, how awful4 IBm so sorry to hear that.Cuestion: +hat does the $oy e-press?a.   his sympathy d. his compliment $.   his hapiness e. his &ratitude c.   his disappointment %8. Mr. /erman : +ould you mind comin& to my party toni&ht?Mr. /ery : .... I ha#e to accompanymy mother. 5he is inhospital.a.   IBd lo#e to d. (D  $.   2es, of course e. IBd lo#e to, $ut c.   onBt worry. IBll come %9. Delly : .... at Mandon&a Mall at four 5ari : (f course. IBll $e there.a.   +ould you mind &oin&  $. ;ould we meetin&c.   ;an we meetin& d. IBd like to introduce you e.   + ould you like to meetin& %. A: 2ou &ot a $i& prie. ;on&ratulation4: ......................................................+hat e-pression suits to complete thedilao&ue? a. o, thanks $. onBt mention it c. Thanks any way d. I am so sad e. othin& is &ood %<. Amer: 2ou look so happy ri&ht now. +hat happen to you? +aka: I &ot the scholarship4 Amer: ........................................ +hat should Amer say to +aka?a.IBm sorry to hear that $.+eBre so satisfiedc.Really? ;on&ratulationd. o, it must $e Eokee.2es, I think so %>.   umi: Are you $usy toni&ht: Rita : o. I am free toni&ht. +hatBs thematter?  umi: .........................................Rita : (f course. Pick me up at < +hat does pro$a$ly umi say? a. +ould you like to drink? $. +anna coffee?c. +ould you like to accompany me towatch  %atman %egins.  d. ;ome to my partye. Please come to my house %@. /ere are some e-pressions used toin#ite someone for a party, e-cept:a. /ow a$out &oin& to my party $. I was wonderin& if you like to cometo my partyc. I would like to in#ite you my partyd. /ow would you like to attend my partye. I really mind in#itin& you to my party *. FIBd lo#e to. +hat time I could pick youup? The e-pression a$o#e states... a. acceptance to an in#itation $. a refusal to an in#itation c. con&ratulation d. happinesse. askin& for help *%. imas : +ould you accompany meto the internet? onar : 3 imas : Thanks. I really appreciate it. a. IBm disappointed $. IBm not so sure c. 5ure d. ot at all e. I donBt know **. oni : /ow was your trip to ias?2udha : 3 with it. I want to &o there a&ain ne-t year. a. IBm #ery pleased $. IBm really disappointed c. IBm #ery displeased d. IBm #ery unsatisfied e. IBm not happy *7. Hndan& : /oe was your #isitto the museum ? Ayu : It was closed when I &ot there 3 a$out it. Hndan& : IBm sorry to hear that a. IBm satisfied $. IBm happy c. IBm really content d. IBm ery disappointed  e. IBm deli&hted *8. -(oal '%T!)!( 21/ 5onia: ani lost her ATM card last week. The pickpocket was successful to take her money from the machine.Mimi: 5he ....... informed the $ank to  $lock it.a.;ouldd. Mi&ht ha#e $.;anBt ha#ee. +ould ha#ec.5hould ha#e *9. J : 2our Hn&lish is &ood. +hen did you start studyin& it? 2 : In %@>. And I ... It for more than * years. a. will study  $. should study c. am studyin& d. is &oin& to study e. should ha#e $een studyin& *. A : +ill you &o to the office with me?  : 3a. I would rather stay here than &o $. I would rather stay here than &oin&c. I would rather stay here from &od. I would rather stay here to &o*<. I would rather work at the office 33at the factory.a. than  $. to than c. $etter than d. rather than *>. Thasya: which do you prefer, $anana or star fruit?)ia:  I0d rather have star fruit than banana .The italicied words e-press .a. Intention $. In#itationc. Preferenced. (ffer *@. ion  play tennis than #olley $all.a. prefer  $. would rather   c. wouldd. would like 7. J : I ha#e to &o to school, $ut look at the sky. It is #ery cloudy. I think it is &oin& to rain. 2 : 333333333333..a.2ou don!t take an um$rella $.I should take an um$rellac.2ou are &oin& to take an um$rellad.I may, take an um$rellae.2ou should take an um$rella 7%. J : /ere we are. )et!s see the menu. There is a tomato Euice or an oran&e  Euice. 2 : +hat do you prefer? J : ........a.I prefer oran&e Euice $etter. $.I prefer oran&e Euice than tomato Euice.c.I like oran&e Euice $etter.d.I like oran&e Euice to tomato Euice  $etter e.I!d rather ha#e oran&e Euice than tomato Euice.7*. 2our son will $e operated on tomorrowmornin&. /e should ha#e a &ood resttoni&ht! the doctor said. The underline word same means with3a.Mi&ht d. ;an $.May e. Mustc.Prefer 77. =ohn 33a $arista in a lu-urious cafe.   /e  a lot of friends, who lo#e the coffee he  prepares. a. is, ha#ed. ha#e, is $. are, hase. is, has c. has, is78   5ita a dream of $ecomin& one of the ne-t female president of Indonesia. 5he optimistic a$out her dream.a. is, ha#ed. has, is $. am, hase. am, ha#ec. has, is79. ina and Ami acti#e students. They33.. many interestin& ho$$iesa. me, ha#ed. ha#e, are $. am, hase. has, ha#ec. are, ha#e  'ssay %.Make a short description of: a. yourself  $. your school*.a.+hen you use compliment e-pression? Make a dialo&ue e-pressin& compliment $.+hen you use shympathy care? Make a dialo&ue e-pressin& shymphaty Fullfil the blank with will/ am going to %.I feel dreadful. I  $e sick *.Toni&ht, I  stay here. I!#e rented a #ideo7.If you ha#e any pro$lems, don!t worryK I   help you8.I completely for&ot a$out it. Gi#e me a momentK I  do it now.9.)ook at those clouds6 it  rain any minute now.The weather forecast says it  snow tomorrow.<.+here are you &oin&?a. I am &oin& to see a friend. $. I!ll see a friend. Fullfil the blank with tobe (am, are, is)/ have,has >.My ho$$y readin& no#els. I a collection of &ood no#els. @.ali ma&nificent scenery. Infact, it one of the most wonderful islands inthe world.%.My youn&er sisterand I three cats. They cute.%%.(ur fa#orite su$Eects Math and Hn&lish. +e a &reat time when we do math and Hn&lish e-ercises.%*.;aroline and /annah similar interests infashion. They cray a$outthenewesttrends in fashion.%7./ow many Fshould modals that you know? Mention and e-plain the differences?%8.Gi#e one sentences for each Fshould modals that you e-plain4
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