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  ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS Dr. Catherine Turner  ASSEMBLY DRAWING -  When a product has more than one part, an assembly drawing is necessary to show how the product is assembled when it is finished. It shows someone a general idea about how the finished product is supposed to look.  It is called a working drawing that tells what is made, what material to use, what tolerance is applicable, and other critical information.  The assembly drawing can have as many views as needed to show all the parts.   A sectional view is often included to show the material used for one or more parts and also to show how the final product is assembled.  If any of the parts have an inclined plane, an auxiliary drawing is included somewhere in the plans.  Each part has a circled number that is used in an accompanying table to show critical information needed to manufacture the parts and to assemble the product.  WHAT VIEWS DO WE USE?  Engineering Design suggests that we use as many kinds of views as necessary to fully document and to show each part of a product, including sectional views to show materials, and auxiliary views for inclined parts.   An assembly drawing is often necessary to provide all the information needed to take an idea from the sketch pad to full production.  The following slides contain all the information you need to answer the questions on the Worksheet and to get started with your own assembly drawings.    DESIGN LAYOUT -  Usually a sketched idea, the design layout is a rough draft of the finished drawing.  It is recommended that the engineering designer use standard parts as much as possible as well as including established methods of manufacturing.  If a manufacturer has to completely change their machinery to make a part just for you, the price may take your product out of the market.  Usually parts are not dimensioned in the design layout. That is added in on the formal drawings.  

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