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  1 Nok erNok APRIL 2010ISSUE:10   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NRB – ‘Not really bovvered!’ S everal cases involving ourmembers have come to lightin recent monthsdemonstrating that beyond anydoubt certain members of the Oil& Gas UK board are paying lipservice to the NRB guidelinesthat were launched back inFebruary 2009. So you can stillbe told you’re Not Required Backand when you challenge theemployers and operatorsinvolved, their position seems tobe – they are Not ReallyBothered about the guidelines.Well we’ve got news for those employers/operators whoaren’t bothered with the guidelines – WE ARE! Theguidelines were agreed by RMT, OGUK and Unite, tofacilitate a fair and just process for any ‘proposed’ removalof personnel from an installation. OILC/RMT agreed theseguidelines in good faith, believing there would be a culturalchange and this despicable practice which has plagued theoil industry for many years would be consigned to thedustbin of history! That doesn’t seem to be the case though,so your Branch is putting OGUK and the rest of them onnotice! We’ve had enough of the doublespeak from certain OGUKmembers, they are sticking twofingers up at our members andworkers across the industry andwe aren’t having that. Thereforethe Offshore Energy Branch hasagreed the resolution belowwhich we hope the OGUK boardand the rest will take note of, orelse a new low in industrialrelations across the UKCS isinevitable. We’ll bring you a fullreport on the NRB situation inthe next edition of Blowout,which should be with you in the coming weeks, and we’ll letyou know just who’s at it through our name and shamepolicy! OFFSHORE ENERGY BRANCH RESOLUTION The offshore energy Branch calls on the OffshoreEnergy Sector Regional Organiser to address increasingconcerns being raised by members about theapplication of NRB and report back to the Branch onany progress made. Resolution regarding industry practice on NRB This Branch notes the Regional Organiser’s invaluablework at the Step Change, WIG, HTFG, and other industryforums, representing our members concerns and promotingOILC/RMT at these events. However, we would also like toregister our concerns about the Oil and Gas UK (OGUK)statement dated 23 rd March, regarding the NRB guidelines.This Branch records our dissatisfaction with this statementand calls on the Regional Organiser to produce a robustrebuttal of it in the next edition of Blowout.This Branch has solid evidence of the NRB guidelinesfailing our members. Therefore, this Branch asks theRegional Organiser to consider his continued involvementwith the OGUK groups if there is no improvement in thecurrent situation. The NRB guidelines were agreed by RMT,UNITE T/G section and OGUK, but OGUK are failing todeliver on their part of the agreement. If there is noimprovement in this situation, this Branch shall request theRegional Organiser withdraws from participation in eventslike Step Change, WIG, HTFG, etc, which take up thevaluable time of our Regional Organiser.Furthermore, and if there is no improvement, it is ourintention to call on our members, and specifically safetyreps, to withdraw support from these events. The Branchbelieves some of these forums are currently little more than‘talking shops’, which are doing little or nothing to improvesafety and/or industrial relations. This Branch would alsoseek solidarity from our colleagues in the UNITE T/Gsection, meaning the possible joint withdrawal of RegionalOrganisers and members alike from these events. Should thisbe considered necessary, full use would be made of allavailable press and media outlets to publicise this matter.The Branch therefore requests that the Regional Organiserprovides us with a report in June 2010 setting out details of how the current situation is being addressed. If at that stagethere is no improvement evident, the Branch shall consultthe union’s National Executive and General Secretary BobCrow, to determine a course of action. We believe it iscritical OGUK are made aware of the seriousness of thesituation and to do this the Branch intends to publicise thisresolution which was carried unanimously at the April 8th2010 Branch Meeting. Branch Chairman, Branch Secretary  ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNOK ER NOK 2 Offshore Disaster Fund The branch would like to thankall members, other RMT branches,the Lindsey refinery and ourNorwegian colleagues, for theircontributions to the OffshoreDisaster Fund. The fund, forfamilies of the 85N helicopterincident and our member killed onthe same day aboard the CSOWellservicer, has reached a total of £30,000. The branch shall nowplace a resolution before theCouncil of Executives calling forthe monies to be distributed on anequal basis to the next of kin of allthe families affected. Oilc/Rmt/Chairman Stalag Salamis –youwill travel when we say! Y et again Salamis are leading the way with the latest attack on your termsand conditions, and yes that’s the terms and conditions that are supposedto comply with the OCA Agreement! Previously we’ve seen the use of Temporary Lay-off where workers receive nothing while stood down at home.More recently the company has deducted money from personnel which is at a ratethat’s higher than what you can earn! (No we’re not joking, and this is still goingon) We’ve seen the refusal to honour the 4-week paid leave provisions of theOCA agreement, and now they are launching an attack on Travel andAccommodation payments! The announcement from Stalag Salamis is;profitability has reduced and we must increase it. So, they have to find ways of making more money for the share holders, and guess who’s going to pay? You’vegot it, it’s YOU! The company intends to reduce travel costs by booking rail travel for employeesthrough “”. Employees will be expected to get to their neareststation, use a credit or debit card in a ticket machine using a reference numberprovided by the company, then print off their ticket. This ticket will be for for atrain on a “fixed departure time” but being reasonable people the return part willbe flexible! In our opinion this is a recipe for disaster and we are alreadyanticipating significant numbers of disciplinary hearings for missing trains, or elsegrievances where workers are forced to pay large penalties for being on the wrongtrain. For those not using this system, they will receive the price equivalent of ticket from their nearest station! In short, a quick way to reduceyour travel expense payments. We think this is wrong and have therefore compiled a letter of grievance for allSalamis members to send to their HR Manager. Let’s fill up their desks with somuch paperwork they’ll need a crane to move it. The OCA Agreement states youshould receive - “travel vouchers or paid Standard Saver Fares between theemployer’s onshore base and the railway station nearest their home...” The ticketsfrom are NOT the equivalent of this, therefore you will receive lessthan what has been agreed. Not only that, the company will dictate when youtravel!!! Get your letter away today, it reads- Sign the letter and date it, copy it and keep a copy, then get it sent to the HRManager First Class recorded delivery. I wish to re gister a  grievance re gardin g thecompany’s proposal to alter existin g travelexpenses. I believe this proposal contravenes theOCA A greement provisions and may breach myexistin g terms and conditions. I would appreciateyour makin g the necessary arran gements f or ahearin g to discuss this matter, mindf ul of  the f act itis my intention to be accompanied by my tradeunion representative, Mr  J Molloy of  OILC / RMT . I look f orward to hearin g f rom you in this re gard.  Apology to members The Offshore Energy Branch wouldlike to apologise for the lack of EIE andBlowout over the last few months. Ourworkload has increased significantly,and we have been very busy with variousindustry issues. We need more people tostep forward to give a little of their timeto support the Union. We need membersto support Branch meetings by makingan effort to find out what is happeningin their Union. To have a strong voice inthis Union we must have BranchMeetings where members can air theirviews and have their say.Travel expenses shall be paid if youwant to attend; also if any memberwants the Offshore Energy Branch tomeet in their area or city, then theBranch would be happy to hear fromthem. Oilc/Rmt/Chairman Subsea 7 ballot We can report that the recent Subsea 7referendum ballot asking the question –would you be prepared to take industrialaction in pursuit of a collectiveagreement covering all disciplines notpresently covered by the ODIAagreement – has returned with aresounding 85% of those voting infavour.The union will now seek early talkswith the company to discuss this matterand we will report further in the nextedition of Blowout. In the meantimeplease look for updates at: www.oilc.orgSee also some of the comments fromSubsea 7 employees in this edition of EiE.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNOK ER NOK 3 Letters Joining up! I am currently employed with Subsea7 as an ROV Pilot Technician on apipelay vessel. We are currentlyworking in the Gulf of Mexicooffshore of the United States, we aredue to shortly return to work fromBrazil. Our work scope for the nextyear involves us working out of Brazil,Angola and the US. I have beenemployed by Subsea 7 for the last 3years, with the last 12 months being a salaried employee, and the previous2 years were on a day rate basis.Recently I heard the news comingfrom the Seven Seas about a memberof the ROV team being replaced byFilipino trainees, and this prompted meto immediately join the RMT and stopputting it off as I had been for anumber of months now. There are alsoseveral others who have renewed theirmembership or joined afresh today onmy vessel alone. We’re currently tryingto push as many of the guys intojoining up, as the company has onlyone thing on its mind, and that’s to getus to train up our low costreplacements then dump us when wehave served our purpose. This is a very serious concern to meas the entire rigging crew aboard theSeven Oceans has just been replaced byFilipino Trainees.I would like you to add me to youmailing list so I can be kept informedabout the issues that are arising, and if you could also add the ROV address tothe mailing list this will allow thosewho have not already joined to seewhat is happening, and hopefully dothe right thing and sign up. M0122023 Now safest time to fly in helicopter says Oil Executive The above is a quote from Mr BobKeille r chairman of the Oil & GasUK’s helicopter taskforce group.Who is this guy trying to kid? Thelatest on the Scatsa S-92 fleet update,after finding cracks and failures on thegearbox mounting feet, is that boltshave been found to be sheared.Bristows have now confirmed that dueto a rigorous application of Sikorsky’senhanced inspection regime, a hairlinecrack was detected in the gearbox footof an S-92 after 5 hours flying. Now Iask you how safe is the S-92. This is the same Mr Bob Keiller whois chief executive of PSN who aresignatories of the present OCAagreement, and who are at presentattacking our 4 weeks holidays nowreduced to 3 weeks on the Ninian &Murchison. M0104767 Miserable Maersk! I am working on an fpso , theNORTH SEA PRODUCER. (floatingproduction, storage and offloadingunit – ed) The latest thing Maerskhave come up with is asking us to pay -out of our welfare fund - a donationtowards the satellite t.v. onboard theship. If we refuse to help the poorcompany out, they have threatened toup the bond prices to pay for it.WHAT NEXT? Paying for meals - andchoppers? They really are taking thepiss now!One of the many hacked off crewmembers. W001511 Ash Chaos I managed to get off my Talismaninstallation yesterday and want tobring to your attention just a couple of points that are worthy of note. Ourflight was checking in at BRISTOW'sat 06.30hrs, but it did not arrive outhere until 15.40hrs (as usual no info rewhat was the delay, so much for newbriefings!). We heard a rumour that theBRISTOW's chopper pilots wererefusing to fly, but Scotia and Bondflew a lot earlier?????? Also, the troopsgot no help re their Medication? Someof them ran out of medication 3 or 4days after they were due off, but whenthey reported it to the medic, all theygot was a lecture on how theirmedication and their health is theirresponsibility!!!!!! It was duly pointedout to him that when we check in ourmedication is taken from us and givento the offshore medic, yet he says it’snothing to do with him!!!! And just totop it all, a Top knob from Talismancame out to the rig on the Wednesdayjust before the delays started. He alsoran out of medication, but theyordered stuff to be sent out on the nextavailable boat for him, without eventhinking to ask the rest of the crew if they had any medicationrequirements!! The behaviour of someof these people in authority, peoplethat should be leading by example, justbeggars belief. There a lot of unanswered questions out there. Regards, M0104762  Walk to work? Not! For the past 2 years BP have beentrialing what they call a ‘Walk toWork’ boat.This was an old anchor handlingboat, converted into a kind of accommodation vessel. The vessel sailsup to a satellite platform, it puts ahydraulic gangway across thatconnects to a pin on the platform, thenthe maintenance crew (between 10 -26)can walk from the boat to theplatform. It then sails away and comesback to pick the crew up at the end of the shift. In its first year of operation out of 120days of operation they managed to getto the platforms and get hooked upapproximately 12 day’s. Apparently thiswas due to teething problems and badweather, because it couldn’t connect tothe platform if there was a swell over 2-metre's. During this last year or sothey’ve had a bit more success withapproximately 40-50 day’s. Kitting this boat out and putting thepins on the platforms allegedly cost BP£40 million over the 2-years. Theyhave now decommissioned that boatand are apparently looking at having abigger boat built, but at what cost?Two of the platforms they visit weremanned until 10 years ago, when wewere asked to rip everything out sothey would be inhabitable. These twoplatforms could sleep up to 50-60between them.Since these platforms were demanned,BP chose to have their satellite crewsliving in a hotel on the beach. For the  ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNOK ER NOK 4 Letters past 18 months we have been stayingat the Village Hotel in Hull at analleged cost of £70-80 a night each.They have around 30-35 roomsbooked up here, but we will be lookingfor more now since the boat wasdecommissioned.All up you have to wonder about thethinking of shutting down installationsand moving to this idea. Somebodysomewhere is getting paid big bucks tocome up with this madness and howmuch BP are losing on lost man hoursdue to no fly days, bad weather, hotelsand everything else is anybody’s guess! Regards, D061876 Subsea7 Show Contempt Sadly it does not surprise me thatSubsea7 choose to treat RMT with thesame contempt that they are showingtowards what has been a verydedicated and committed workforceover many years.It disappoints me to see that thepresent layer of upper management,which has been in place for a relativelyshort period of time, appear to have noconcept of the ill feeling anddespondency that their present policiesare generating amongst the workforce;or simply do not care! If they continue with this policy of having little or no regard for theworkforce that make them a successfulcompany, then it will not be longbefore they generate an attitude of militancy, and will force workers totake strike action to gain theirattention. Ignoring communicationsfrom the workforce via OILC & theRMT will not make the problem goaway. The greater majority of the S7workforce have no intention of allowing S7 to displace them fromtheir jobs by Social Dumping, nor totacitly support S7 in the cynicalexploitation of Filipino workers onextremely low wages and trulydreadful contract terms. These are good and hardworkingpeople struggling to support theirfamilies and educate their children, it issimply neither ethical nor morallyacceptable for S7, in their greed, to soruthlessly exploit them. C932259 Subsea 7 ballot  Jake, I and several other members were notballoted, and I would be interested toknow how members were selected forballot.I personally would not like to strike,as I feel this would merely drive clientsaway from SS7 to other ROVcompanies, most of whom seem totreat their employees even worse.As for employing foreign workers,most of Subsea7's operations are not inthe North Sea, so it's a bit rich uscomplaining about foreign workerswhen WE are the foreign workers mostof the time. Regards, M0118717 Apologies colleague, we have a job of work to do sorting our data base toidentify people for referendums such asthe Subsea one. It was a good exercisethough, there’s clearly support for thecreation of a ROV agreement. Thematter will now be discussed atNational level to determine the beststrategy for moving forward.  Jake Molloy, Regional Organiser. Apache In the P&J, 30/10/09, Apacheproudly boasted that production onthe Forties Field through July avereged71,472 barrels per day. Taking anaverage of $70 per barrel (it's beennearer $80 for quite some time now),that's $5,003,040 per day. It's widelyquoted on here that it costs $11 perbarrel to extract (that's all costsincurred). That amounts to $786,192per day. When you take away theassociated costs from the yield, itamounts to $4,216,848 PER DAYPROFIT Why would Apache be wanting toput folk on 3 on/3 off, and with no payrises (despite their own guys getting4% backdated) on a cost cuttingexercise? M0104379 OCA Bargaining Will RMT/OILC be in thenegotiations for the 2010 pay andconditions, or are we still lumberedwith the useless GMB and UNITE? Ithink this is a stumbling block forgetting more members out here. I amsuffering a bit of bad moral at themoment, but not for long as the job iscoming to an end. As for how manybodies in the union out here? - notmany - maybe a handful. E is E goesup on the notice boards but they soondisappear. I don't know whethersomeone's taking it for a read ormanagement is taking it down. I thinkthe problem on here is that the corecrew workers are on a decent salaryand the rest can go and f---k, andrecently the platform has just changedhands and changes are imminent (costcutting?) and they are all frightened fortheir jobs. Hope this is of some interestto the rest of the workforce offshore. M0106679 ESS ESS are tightening the belts and wehad talk with Facilities Manager lasttime out, and he informed us all thatCompass Group where looking to save5% in the Shell business as a wholeand are asking us (The Poor Grafters)for ideas on ways to do that! (what alaugh) Not only are they not giving uspay rise but asking us where we cansave even more money so that they(biggest catering outfit anywhere) canmake even more profit. ESS took over Shell contract about 2years ago from Universal Sodexho andpromised that products used by them(Mackie’s ice cream, LUX soaps,Andrex toilet paper etc - all the brandnamed products) would be included inbudget and would not be compromisedduring term of contract.....OOPSchange of mind, THEY ARE NOWgoing back to mass buying of cheapestbrands possible- because of the current Dredit Crunch , we will now beusing newspaper to wipe our bums(HA- AGHH) Well maybe not! But notfar from it!It never fails to amaze me the purebrass neck of thesecompanies.....Asking the troops at thefront line, to leave off the bullet proof vests (too expensive) and use the shitebullets that cost less so that the top
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