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  ENTREPRENEURSHIP ASSIGNMENMENT # 01 SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: ROLL NO. : BBA-5 TH  (A)  ENTREPRENEURS OF PAKISTAN 1.MALIK RIAZ Malik Riaz is a founder and owner of Bahria Town, one of thelargest housing scheme of Pakistan . He is a philanthropist and a property investor. He started his usiness with a meager amount ut due to his entrepreneurial intellect, he reached to theheights of success and eventually ecame one of the wealthiest personof Pakistan. !ccording to a recent survey, he is worthy of # illionappro$imately.   Ke S! e F$ %&' Malik Riaz%s success has een attriuted to his hard work, e$treme struggle, familiarity withre&invention and faith that one can get so much in return y giving in the name of !llah.   Pe'&$*% S%'e+%, ã Re&inventor  ã 'elf&confident ã Possess entrepreneurial ailities ã 'ocially humane   Re&!' e S%'e+%,   (wner of Bahria town, the largest private sector housing development in !sia.   (perator of the Pakistan%s largest private sector fleet of heavy earth movinge)uipment and the service workshops. . MIAN MANSHA    Mian Muhammad Mansha is the chairman and *+( of ishat-roup and M*B Bank imited. He is one of the leading and most prominent industrialist of Pakistan. !fter the completion of hiseducation in ondon, he /oined his family usiness and later on ecame the owner the country%s largest te$tile mill namely ishatTe$tile in 0aisalaad. He stands out the richest man of the country withthe fortune of worth #.1 illion.   Ke S! e F$ %&' Mian Mansha%s success has een accredited to his continuous struggle, firm determination,hard work and lady luck.   Pe'&$*% S%'e+%,   *harismatic leader    2ntellectual 3isionary ã *ourageous 4 confident to face challenges Re&!' e S%'e+%,   Biggest single e$porter of Pakistan   Holds controlling position in !5!M6++ -R(7P ã  ishat te$tile mills   M*B Bank imited .MIAN AMIR MEHMOOD Mian !mir Mehmood is a usinessman, politician and an educationist. Hehas een the mayor of 5istrict -overnment, ahore from #889&8:. !fter completing his studies, he started his career as an educator and launchedPun/a -roup of *olleges and many recognized education institutionsincluding universities and schools. ow he is the leading employer ineducation in private sector. He also launched a television network and adaily pulishing newspaper, which pulishes from ; different cities. 2nrecognition of his valuale services towards political, education and media sectors, he washonored with Hilal&e&2mtiaz y the president of Pakistan.   Ke S! e F$ %&'  Mian !mir has een a keen oserver. His vividness in his field, conceptualization, continuousstruggle and courage to do something e$traordinary makes him a successful entrepreneur. Pe'&$*% S%'e+%,   +ntrepreneurial mindset   +fficient and effective in his field   *ourageous   Humane Re&!' e S%'e+%,   *hain of education institutions including schools namely !llied and Resource!cademia, Pun/a group of colleges, 7niversity of *entral Pun/a and Muhammad !li6innah university.   Television network namely 5uniya ews and a daily pulishing 7rdu newspaper Roznama 5uniya. ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS   D' e$*+ /* !/ $ e*2e':  Provide pickup and drop off services to the usy professionals at a place that is convenient to them and then make arrangements with thelocal dry&cleaner to do the actual cleaning.   M&3*e 4e ,$* : <ith a good knowledge of automoile repair techni)ues, put your  usiness in the fast lane y working as moile mechanic and ringing your servicedirectly to clients% home or usiness places.
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