EPA 2010 ATS and DEF Modification Guide

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  1 Revision A 8 April 2010 Daimler Trucks North AmericaEPA 2010 Exhaust and Aftertreatment System Body Builder Modification Guidelines  2 Revision A 8 April 2010 Table of Contents 1.0Introduction2.0Applications3.0References4.0Glossary of Terms -EPA 2010 Emission Systems5.0 Warnings6.0ATS Relocation Guidelines7.0Exhaust Tailpipe Modification Guidelines7.1Exhaust Tailpipe Size and Material7.2Exhaust Tailpipe Clearances to Surrounding Components7.3Exhaust Tailpipe Connection to the ATS Outlet 7.3.1ATS Outlet Connections for Cummins Engines7.3.2ATS Outlet Connections for Detroit Diesel Engines7.4Exhaust Tailpipe Support7.5Exhaust Tailpipe Heat Mitigation Device7.5.1 Heat Mitigation Device Packaging Guidelines7.5.2Heat Mitigation Device Attachment7.6Exhaust System Backpressure7.6.1Detroit Diesel Backpressure Requirements7.6.2Cummins Backpressure Requirements7.6.3Exhaust Tailpipe Backpressure Guidelines8.0DEF System Modification Guidelines8.1System Overview8.2DEF System Components8.3DEF Tank Assembly Relocation Guidelines8.3.1DEF Tank Mounting8.3.2DEF Pressure Line8.3.3Coolant Supply and Return Lines8.3.4Electrical Harness8.3.5Air Lines9.0Revision History  3 Revision A 8 April 2010Daimler Trucks North America has developed the following guidelines to ensure that modifications made to the exhaust and aftertreatment systems for2010 Freightliner and Western Star trucks are consistent with the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and the engine manufacturers.In addition to these guidelines, Daimler Trucks North America recommends that body builders review the Freightliner EPA’10 Reference Book in order to become more familiar with the operation of EPA 2010 exhaust and aftertreatment systems.For modifications to an EPA 2010 Freightliner Business Class M2 vehicle, these guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Freightliner Business Class M2 Cab and Chassis Vocational Reference Guide , also known as the EPA 2010 M2 Body Builder Book. 1.0Introduction These guidelines apply to EPA 2010 Freightliner and Western Starbrand vehicles. 2.0Applications Freightliner EPA’10 Reference Book July 2009 –Can be found at Freightliner Business Class M2 Cab and Chassis Vocational Reference GuideOctober 2009 –Can be found at Detroit Diesel Corporation Document No: 08 OEM 02EPA2010 Exhaust System Installation Design & Testing Requirements for Detroit Diesel EnginesSeptember 2008Cummins Application Engineering Bulletin AEB 21.782010 Automotive Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Installation RequirementsMay 21, 2009Cummins Application Engineering Bulletin AEB 21.79Automotive and Bus Selective Catalytic Reduction Installation RequirementsMay 21, 2009ISO 22241Diesel Engines –NOx Reduction Agent AUS32, International StandardDaimler Trucks North America technical drawingsor specificationsreferenced in this document can be obtained from DTNA Call Center at 1-800-385-4357 3.0References  4 Revision A 8 April 2010 The diagrams and terms presented below provide basic overviews of the EPA 2010 exhaust, aftertreatment and DEF systems. Prior to performing anymodifications, Daimler Trucks North America recommends that body builders review the Freight-liner EPA10 Reference Book (see chapter 3 ) to become more familiar with the operation of EPA 2010 exhaust, aftertreatment and DEF systems. 4.0Glossary of Terms for EPA10 Emission SystemsEPA 2010CumminsUnder Step Mounted Switchback ATSEPA 2010Detroit DieselUnder Step Mounted 1-Box ATSEPA 2010Cummins2 Box Horizontal ATS Turbo Outlet Piping1-Box ATSDEF TankTailpipeTurbo Outlet PipingATSDEF TankTailpipeHeat Mitigation DeviceDPFSCRTurbo Outlet PipingDEF TankHeat Mitigation DeviceATSDPFSCR
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