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  EPMAG.COM JANUARY 2012 R&D, technology transfer will transform the oil and gas industry LAUNCHING INTOTHE FUTURE Cost and Risk ManagementAdvances in Processing andInterpretationHP/HTSurface Systemsand SolutionsFloating Production Regional Report: CHINA  FLOW EQUIPMENT LEADERSHIP  N rnrn nnnAni r Taking on the toug hest challenges. It' s a challenging new world out there. You   re facing your toug hest issues yet - in deepwater , under high temperature/ hi g h pressure , meeting stringent separation requirements , keeping projects on time and on budget. Then again , to Cameron , there   s nothing really new about it. It' s the kind of world in which we thrive: You bring us your most difficult challenges , and trust us to solve them . We find innovative yet practical ways to tackle your most comp lex technical issues , creatively appl y ing our energy services knowledge and expertise to provide field-proven results. Anywhere in the world. At any time. All delivered with the proficiency and speed of a seasoned veteran , in our pursuit of creating lasting value and raising performance for our customers. Trusted solutions for a new world. The real world. That   s Cameron   s promise to you. RAISING PERFORMANCE . TOGETHER' C AM E RON 791 04 -X , I . FLOW EQU r o  80 REGIONAL REPORT: CHINA COST AND RISK MANAGEMENT Web-based planning saves time and moneyOrganic Rankine Cycle technology increasesenergy efficiencyDrilling with casing curbs costs and lowers risk ADVANCES IN SEISMIC PROCESSING AND INTERPRETATION Revealing the secrets of carbonate formationsSeismic data processing empowersinterpretation HP/HT HSE-sound agent shows capacity to minimizelosses in hot wells SURFACE SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS Multiphase flowmeters provide a measuredapproachCO2compression solutions advance FLOATING PRODUCTION Floating production to see US $68 billioninvestmentFloating power solution to provide fuel flexibilityoffshore BrazilStudy to reduce offshore collisions IndustryPULSE: Technology is the key to improved bottom line Doing more with less is an achievable goal with theright technology. EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION WORLDWIDE COVERAGE JANUARY 2012 VOLUME 85 ISSUE 1 A HART ENERGY PUBLICATION www.EPmag.comCOVER STORY 26 Tear the ‘not invented here’ pageout of the manual. Technologytransfer offers ripe opportunities. New technologieswill change theindustry   6 WorldVIEW: Pickens bullish on shale US can either support North Americanenergy production or let OPEC dictate energy future.   8 Unconventional: Permian basin undergoes liquids revival Traditional roots push forth a line of new “it” plays in a legacy crude oil basin. 42444850545262687274   64 58  AS I SEE IT The era of ‘open innovation’ has arrived 5 MANAGEMENT REPORT Technology increases profitability for landmen, land departments12 DIGITAL OIL FIELD Digital wireless canopy delivers value17 EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY Gliding along in the search for new data21 WELL CONSTRUCTION A license to drill?23 PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION A Call to Arms25 TECH WATCH Carbon mineralization reduces cost of emissions compliance76 TECH TRENDS 78 INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS 84 ON THE MOVE/INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 86-87 LAST WORD Intervention innovation will sustain Europe’s oil, gas industry 88 E&P (ISSN 1527-4063) (PM40036185) is published monthly by Hart Energy Publishing, LP, 1616 S. Voss Road, Suite 1000, Houston, Texas 77057. Periodicals postage paid at Houston, TX, and additional mailing offices. Subscription rates: 1 year (12 issues), US $149; 2 years (24 issues), US $279. Single copies are US $18 (prepayment required). Advertising rates furnished upon request. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E&P, PO Box 5020, Brentwood, TN37024.  Address all non-subscriber correspondence to E&P, 1616 S. Voss Road, Suite 1000, Houston, Texas 77057; Telephone: 713-260-6442. All subscriberinquiries should be addressed to E&P, 1616 S Voss Road, Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77057; Telephone: 713-260-6442 Fax: 713-840-1449; Copyright © Hart Energy Publishing, LP, 2012. Hart Energy Publishing, LP reserves all rights to editorial matter in this magazine. No article may be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in parts by any means without written permission of the publisher, excepting that permission to photocopy is granted to users registered with Copyright Clearance Center/0164-8322/91 $3/$2. Indexed by Applied Science, Technology Index and Engineering IndexInc. Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction by any means and imposes fines of up to $25,000 for violations. DEPARTMENTS AND COMMENTARY ABOUT THE COVER The Noble Bully 1 is a multipurpose tower drillshipdesigned to maximize productivity and safety in a smaller package. (Image courtesyof Noble Corp.) Below: The Wave Glider is an autonomous robotic vessel using cur-rent and wave energy for propulsion. (Image courtesy of Liquid Robotics; coverdesign by Laura J. Williams) COMING NEXT MONTH The February E&P  takes a look at emerging oil and gas plays andexamines some of the milestones in unconventional resource development, including advances inhydraulic fracturing. Find out how reservoir characterization and subsea development are improvingwith innovations in technology, and get an update on drill bits in the drilling and completions feature.Regional highlights for the month include a status report on the Bakken shale and a detailed look at therapidly changing Middle East. As always, while you’re waiting for the next copy of E&P  , remember to visit  for news, industry updates, and unique industry analysis. The Low PRESSURE AUTOCHOKE CONSOLE * (LPAC*) unit gives precise bottomhole pressure control during MPD and UBDdrilling operations - keeping you in the pressure stability window. Digital touch screen interfaces located in the driller   s cabin and rig floor offer greater coordination during pressure-critical operations. With simultaneous hi g h-resolution monitoring and direct pressure control of our unique AUTOCHOKE * unit , you gain greater operational performance and efficiency. During the underbalanced drilling of a series of laterals , the system doubled overall ROP from 15 to 30 ft/hr and held the required surface pressure of 350 psi during connections. As a result , the operator cut drilling time b y 10 days , saving $1 in. Mi SWACO A Schlumberger Company www.miswaco .   7 VM64 4 1   00 1 r ' r e
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