Error Correction and Detection

Error Correction and Detection
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  Error Detection and Correction Hamming Code  Hamming Code Detects and identifies the bit that is in error. The code uses number of parity bits , located at certain positions in the code group.  Hamming Code Steps Code Generation Finding no of parity bits 2  p   >=  m + p + 1   Placement of parity bits @ ascending powers of 2 Assignment of values to parity bits by checking bit position of 1s for bin value Error Detection by parity checks  Error Correction  Number  of parity bits If number of information bits is m , then the number of parity bits  p  is determined by 2  p   >=  m + p + 1 If m = 4, then p is determined by trial and error method let p = 2, then 2 2  > = 4 + 2 + 1 - not satisfied let p = 3, then 2 3  >= 4 + 3 + 1 - satisfied So 3 bits are required to correct single bit error in a 4 bit information.
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