Errors in translation, part I

Errors most often made in translation.
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  Second lecture Errors in translation   1. Translations are still bound to be full of errors . 2. Different languages have different problem areas. What might be difficult when translating an English text into German does not necessarily have to be difficult when translating the same English text into French.   Articles and definiteness   Definiteness  is a feature of a noun phrase selected by a speaker to convey his assumption that the hearer will be able to identify the referent of the noun phrase, usually because it is the only thing of its kind in the context of the utterance or because it is unique in the universe of discourse.   This definition must be put into a larger context of semantics  in order to actually understand what it is about. Thus one of the basic concepts semantics is dealing with is the concept of reference  which is usually defined as the relationship between a linguistic utterance and a referent outside language. e.g. dog /dog/ - a hairy four-leg animal with a tail able of making a specific sound referred to as barking. The speaker uses a particular linguistic utterance so as to refer to/ point to/ single out an object or entity. The speaker can refer to an object already singled out, that is familiar to the audience so that this process is not identification as in the case when the speaker mentions an object for the first time; it is rather the process of defining/ specifying when more information about the object is needed. Only if we have properly identified and defined/ specified an object can we be sure that our communicative intention has been realised properly.


Jul 23, 2017
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