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    UN € TOTAL €  Un. Excavation: this includes the removal of the material extracted for its use as backfill or, if in excess, for removal to a dump. Excavation made at any depht and all kind of soils as defined on the technical specification and preliminar geotecnical information. Including dewatering or lowering water table of the excavation if necessary  Un.Backfilling:withmiaterialminimumdensity1.8Tn/m3.includedtransportoftheprecedingexcavated materials or brought-in materials.  Includesallclearingworkbeforesoillayerremoval;rocksandwallremoval,treepruningandcutting down.  Foralltheitems,thepriceisconsideredaslumpsumforworkexecutioninturnkeymodalityincluding all the auxiliaries and annexed necessities. 1 501.11.1.130,788m 2 Soil layer removal by mechanical means, to a depth of 30cm, for later flatwork of the WTG foundations. Including storage of vegetal soil for coverage of last layer of backfillin of the foundation.,985m 3 Excavation of WTG foundations in natural existing soil at any depth.,179m 3 Backfilling with excavated materials, compaction by mechanical means of soil layers of maximum 30cm thick, until reaching 95% of the M.P. density, including moistening, coverage with vegetal soil on last layer until reaching natural terrain height and later landscae restoration.,901m 3 Cleaning concrete layer, C20/25 (fck ≥ 20 MPa in cylindrical sample), 10cm high.,905m 3 Structuralconcrete,C30/35(fck>30MPaincylindricalsample),max.Aggregatesize25mm oured with um vibrated and cured. 3 Structuralconcrete,C35/340(fck>35MPaincylindricalsample),max.Aggregatesize12mm oured with um vibrated and cured.,403m 2 Onefacemetalformwork,shutteringanddeshutteringofwholefoundation.Completely finished.,876,199KgReinforcement steel B-500-S, cutting, bending and assembly of rebars, including losses and separators, completely finished according to local normative. Included a 7% for losses when cuttin.,foundationsurfaceandsides treatment.,Masterflow-9300(BASF),ConbextraBB92O(Fosroc)orsimilar,homologatedbyGAMESAandinstalled with applicator homologated by grout manufacturer. Completely finished.,bysupplyandinstallationof sealing material, Sikaflex 35SL type, Sikaflex 27ML, or similar means for concreting and curing in hot or cold weather., laying and leveling foundation anchor cage (supply not included) 90mm F.O. Includes cover of concrete laer C20/ Turbine Grounding System(Typicaly bare copper cable 130 m , Ø 70mm ² ,four 2m length Copper bonded steel Rods &22 cad well ,Alumino-thermic welding or/Clamsconnectors and all accessories. control of concrete, steel, grout and earthing system, according to technical secification sulied b Gamesa and also accordin to local normative.0.00 Total section 10.00 TOTAL CAPITULO 1 SCOPE OF WORKS WIND TURBINES FOUNDATIONS EarthworkFoundationsVarious 1. WTG FOUNDATIONS ITEM QUANTITY DESCRIPTIONPRICE  PEDatos geometricos Ø (m) 21.00 Diametro de la zapataØep (m) 5.40 Diametro del pedestalØip (m) 2.60 Diametro interno del pedestald0 (m) 0.10 Hormigon de limpiezad1 (m) 0.60  Altura canto constanted2 (m) 1.90  Altura canto variabled3 (m) 0.50  Altura del pedestald4 (m) 0.30  Altura del pedestald5 (m)2.90Altura de las tierras Volumenes de hormigon  A1 (m2)346.36Area de la base A2 (m2)22.90Area en la union con el pedestal A3 (m2)5.31Area interior en la union con el pedestalv1 (m3)207.82Volumen 1v2 (m3)290.27Volumen 2v3 (m3)11.45Volumen 3v4 (m3)1.59Volumen 4 Vzp (m3)498.09Volumen de la losa de la zapataVzp (m3)9.86Volumen del pedestal de la zapataVlim (m3)38.01Volumen hormigon de limpiezaVolumenes de tierras sobre la zapatav-tierras508.65Volumen de tierras sobre la zapataVolumen excavacion Ø1 (m2) 22.00 Diametro de la base exc.1/i->i= 1.00 Pendiente taludØ2 (m2)28.00Diametro sup. De la exc. Vexc (m3)1,479.69Volumen de la excavacionSuperficie desbroceSdesb (m2)615.75Superficie desbroceVolumen rellenoVrell (m3)943.59Volumen de rellenoEncofradoEncofr (m2)48.07Superficie a encofrar NOTA DE CÁLCULO ZAPATA OTIMIZADA CIRCULAR (DESIGN 2) SIN DATOS   Ø         d        1        d        2        d        3        d        4 ØpØv         d        5 Relleno1i         d        0 Ø ó lv N.F. Ø1 ó l1Ø2 ó l2
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