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  EARLY SUPPRESSION FAST RESPONSE SPRINKLERS MODEL ESFR-25™PENDENT,25.2 K-FACTOR,1 INCH NPT** GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 25.2 K-Factor, Model ESFR-25 TM Pendent Sprinklers (Ref.Figure A) are“Early Suppression Fast ResponseSprinklers”. They are suppressionmode sprinklers, and their use is espe-cially advantageous as a means ofeliminating the use of in-rack sprin-klers, when protecting high-piled stor-age.The Model ESFR-25 is primarily de-signed for use with storage heights ofmost encapsulated or non-encapsu-lated common materials including car-toned unexpanded plastics of up to 40ft. (12.2 m) and with ceiling heights ofup to 45 ft. (13.7 m). In addition, theprotection of some storage arrange-ments of roll paper and rubber tirescan be considered as well.The ESFR-25 provides the system de-signer with hydraulic and sprinklerplacement options not presently avail-able to the traditional ESFR sprinklershaving a nominal K-Factor of 14.0. Inparticular, the Model ESFR-25 hasbeen designed to operate at substan-tially lower end head pressures, ascompared to ESFR sprinklers having anominal K-Factor of 14.0. This featureoffersflexibilitywhensizingthesystempiping, as well as possibly reducing oreliminating the need for a system firepump. Also, the Model ESFR-25 per-mits use of a maximum deflector-toceiling distance of 18 inches (460 mm)versus 14 inches (360 mm); and, astorage arrangement of up to 40 ft.(12.2 m) with a ceiling height of up to45 ft.(13.7 m) does not require in-racksprinklers as do ESFR sprinklers hav-ing a nominal K-Factor of 14.0.The Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprin-kler is also Listed by UnderwritersLaboratories Inc. (UL) and by UL foruse in Canada (C-UL) as a “SpecificApplication Early Suppression FastResponse Sprinkler” as indicated un-der the UL and C-UL Specific Applica-tion Design Criteria section. The spe-cific application listing provides forreduced pressure design for the pro-tection of certain commodities.Applications for the Model ESFR-25Sprinklers are expanding beyond thecurrent recognized installation stand-ards. For information regarding re-search fire tests which may be accept-able to an Authority Having Jurisdic-tion (e.g., flammable liquids, exposedplastics, and aerosols), please contactthe Technical Services Department. APPROVALS AND STANDARDS The Model ESFR-25 Sprinklers arelisted by Underwriter’s Laoratories,Inc. (UL) and by Underwriters Labora-tories, Inc. for use in Canada (C-UL).,as well as approved by Factory MutualResearch Corporation. The listingsand approval only apply to the serviceconditions indicated in the Design Cri-teria section. WARNING  The M odel ESFR-25 Sprinklers de- scribed herein must be installed and maintained in compliance with this document, as well as with the appli- cable standards of the National Fire Protection Association, in addition to thestandards of any other authorities  FIGURE A25.2 K-FACTOR, MODEL ESFR-25 (SIN G8441)PENDENT SPRINKLER ASSEMBLY ** Pipe thread connections per ISO 7/1 can be provided on special request.Printed in U.S.A. 2-00 TD599 1-Frame2-Deflector3-Compression Screw4-Hook5-Strut6-Link Assembly7-Button8-Gasketed Spring Plate9-Ejection Spring Close  having jurisdiction (e.g., Factory M u- tual Research Corporation). Failure to do so may impair the integrity of  these devices.The owner is responsible for main- taining their fire protection system and devices in proper operating con- dition. The installing contractor or manufacturer should be contacted relative to any questions. TECHNICAL DATA The Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprin-klers are rated for use at a maximumservice pressure of 175 psi (12,1 bar).They are available in 165°F/74°C and214°F/101°C temperature ratings witha natural brass finish.The flow “Q” in GPM (LPM) is deter-mined by the formula:where the nominal sprinkler dischargecoefficient “K” = 25.2 (362,9); and “p”equals the residual flowing pressure inpsi (bar).The sprinkler Frame is a dezincifica-tion resistant bronze alloy; the Strutand Hook are Monel;the Deflector andCompression Screw are phosphorbronze; and, the Button is commercialbronze. The two halves of the Link As-sembly are nickel and the EjectionSpring is Inconel wire. The GasketedSpring Plate consists of a berylliumnickeldiscspringthatissealedonbothits inside and outside edges with aTeflon †  gasket.The Link Assembly has a thin, blackresin type coating which will protectthe Link Assembly from deteriorationwhich could otherwise be caused bynormal atmospheres. The coating isnot intended to provide protectionagainst attack by corrosive media. DESIGN CRITERIAUL and C-UL Listing Criteria The Model ESFR-25 Sprinklers are ULand C-UL Listed as “Early Suppres-sion Fast Response Sprinklers” for in-stallation per NFPA 13 or other appli-cable NFPA standards. UL and C-UL Specific ApplicationListing Criteria The Model ESFR-25 Sprinklers are ULand C-UL Listed as “Specific Applica-tion Early Suppression Fast ResponseSprinklers” for use in in accordancewith NFPA 13 to protect single-, dou-ble-, and multiple row rack storage andpalletized and solid pile storage (noopen containers or solid shelves) ofClass I, II, III, and IV commodities en-capsulated or unencapsulated andcartoned Group A unexpanded plas-tics when installed with the followingstorage and ceiling heights and mini-mum design pressures: Maximum Maximum MinimumStorage Ceiling FlowingHeight, Height, Pressure,Ft. (m) Ft. (m) psi (bar) 40 (12.2) 45 (13.7) 40 (2.7)35 (10.7) 40 (12.2) 25 (1.7)30 (9.1) 35 (10.7) 20 (1.4)25 (7.6) 30 (9.1) 15 (1.0) When applying the specific applicationlisting criteria, the Model ESFR-25Sprinklers should be installed usingthe same installation obstruction andconstruction criteria, as well as deflec-tor-to ceiling distances, as is applica-ble for Early Suppression Fast Re-sponse Sprinklers having a nominalK-Factor of 25.2 per NFPA 13. FM Approval Criteria The Model ESFR-25 Sprinklers areFM Approved as “Early SuppressionFast Response Sprinklers” for installa-tion per the applicable FM Loss Pre-vention Data Sheets. INSTALLATION The Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprin-klers are to be installed in accordancewith the following instructions: NOTE  Damage to the fusible Link Assembly during installation can be avoided by handling the sprinkler by the frame arms only (i.e., do not apply pressure to the fusible Link Assembly), and by usi ng the appropriate sprinkler wrench. Damaged sprinklers must be replaced.A leak tight 1 inch NPT sprinkler  joint should beobtained with a torque of 20 to 30 ft.lbs. (26,8 to 40,2 Nm).Higher levels of torquemay distort the sprinkler inlet with consequent leak- age or impairment of the sprinkler. 1. The ESFR-25 Sprinkler must be in-stalled in the pendent position.2. With pipe thread sealant applied,hand tighten the sprinkler into thesprinkler fitting. Do not apply pres-sure to the Link Assembly, and han-dle the ESFR-25 Sprinkler only bythe Frame arms.3. Wrench tighten the ESFR-25 Sprin-kler using only the W-Type 1 Sprin-kler Wrench (Ref. Figure B) and byfully engaging (seating) the wrenchwith the sprinkler wrench flats.4. After installation, inspect the LinkAssembly of each ESFR-25 Sprin-kler for damage. In particular, verifythattheLinkAssemblyandHookarepositioned as illustrated in Figure A,and that the Link Assembly has notbeen bent, creased, or forced out ofits normal position in any way.Damaged sprinklers must be re-placed. Q K p  = FITTING SIDE FITTINGTOWARDS SPRINKLERRECESSWRENCH FIGURE BW-TYPE 1SPRINKLER WRENCH         †      D    u    p    u     P    o    n     t     R    e    g     i    s     t    e    r    e     d     T    r    a     d    e    m    a    r     k Close  CARE AND MAINTENANCE Automatic sprinklers must never beshippedorstoredwheretheirtempera-tures will exceed 100°F/38°C and theymust never be painted, plated, coated,or otherwise altered after leaving thefactory. Modified or over-heated sprin-klers must be replaced.Care must be exercised to avoid dam-age to the sprinklers - both before andafter installation. Sprinklers damagedby dropping, striking, wrenchtwist/slippage, or the like, must be re-placed. NOTE  Beforeclosing a fireprotection system main control valve for maintenance work on the fire protection system which it controls, permission to shut down the affected fire protection sys- tem must be obtained from the proper authorities and all personnel who may beaffected by this action must be notified. It is recommended that automaticsprinkler systems be inspected quar-terly by a qualified Inspection Service. WARRANTY Seller warrants for a period of one yearfrom the date of shipment (warrantyperiod) that the products furnishedhereunder will be free from defects inmaterial and workmanship. For further details on Warranty, see Price List. ORDERING PROCEDURE Contact your local distributor for avail-ability. Sprinkler Assemblies: Specify: (specify temperature rating),natural brass, Model ESFR-25 Pen-dent Sprinkler, PSN (specify). 165°F/74°C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PSN 58-441-1-165214°F/101°C . . . . . . . . . . . . . PSN 58-441-1-214 “Special Order”Sprinkler Assemblies with ISO 7/1Thread Connections: Specify: (specify temperature rating),natural brass, Model ESFR-25 Pen-dent Sprinkler with thread connectionper ISO 7/1, PSN (specify). 165°F/74°C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PSN 58-442-1-165214°F/101°C . . . . . . . . . . . . . PSN 58-442-1-214 Sprinkler Wrench Specify:W-Type1SprinklerWrenchforuse with Model ESFR-25 PendentSprinklers, PSN 56-872-1-025. PATENTS U.S.A.Patent Number 4,580,729 is ap-plicable to the Model ESFR-25. Otherpatents are pending. Close  Close
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