ESL Grade 6-8 Low Intermediate

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  1 EAST WINDSOR REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Lower Intermediate ESL (Level 3)   Grades 6-8 CURRICULUM  Awaiting Board Approval: December 12, 2011  East Windsor Regional School District ESL Curriculum – Grades 6- 8 2  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS East Windsor Regional School District Board of Education 2011-2012 Robert Laverty – President Kennedy Paul – Vice President Lisa Abel Paul Connolly Bruce Ettman Suzann Fallon Bonnie E. Fayer Christine Harrington Susan M. Lloyd Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edward Forsthoffer, III  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Technology & Grants Michael Dzwonar Supervisor of World Language & Bilingual/ESL Kathleen Natalizio Revitalization Personnel  Allison Carrozzi  East Windsor Regional School District ESL Curriculum – Grades 6- 8 3 DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENT ã  Increase student achievement by challenging each student to reach their highest potential. ã  Provide the professional staff with the knowledge, skills, resources and freedom to actualize the vision. ã  Measure student progress by determining the academic distance traveled by each child.  East Windsor Regional School District ESL Curriculum – Grades 6- 8 4 Introduction and Philosophy I. Definition of the Course The 6 th  Grade ESL Curriculum focuses on student understanding of Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency, Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills and how students are able to utilize and manipulate language. This curriculum will first identify the expected student performance assessments. These assessments reflect meaningful, purposeful tasks that are tied to real-life language use in the 6 th  Grade Core Curriculum. Students know from the outset the requirements for authentic performances and what they must do to demonstrate understanding. By their very design, performance-based assessment tasks might involve multiple skills and a variety of subtasks. Since they are more comprehensive both in design and execution, they require more global forms of scoring (i.e., the use of rubrics) to measure student performance. While traditional pencil-and-paper testing reduces a student‘s classroom life to a collection of scores or grades, performance-based testing allows for students to see an immediate connection between that which they have been practicing in class and tasks that they may be asked to perform in a real world where the target language is used exclusively for communication which accounts for increased motivation in students, who often fail to see connections between traditional —classroom “language” and the real world (Duncan, 2000).  Additionally, this curriculum focuses on various content- driven themes and related topics that use essential and topic targets as the organizing principles of the lessons. This course is also organized to enable students to understand the basic structure of English grammar and employ common expressions necessary for conversation. Audiovisual aids and technology will be employed to re-enforce learning. Emphasis is on all four language skills development simultaneously: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Skills in each modality are measured within the Language Arts classroom and across the content areas, by assessing English Language Learners’ abilities to effectively understand and integrate content- relevant language within each respective subject. The Topics of Communication may include: personal identification, house and home, family life, community, physical environment, meal taking, health and welfare, education, earning a living, leisure, public and private services, shopping, travel and current events.
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