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   In 2013, the National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 was released which outlined 11 shifts that will need to implement in our education system. The fifth shift in this plan is to ensure high-performing school leaders in every school. A high-performing principals/ headmasters in primary schools are important to ensure the successfulness of school performance. International research on school leadership shows that an outstanding principal - one who is focused on instructional and not administrative leadership  –  can raise student outcomes by as much as 20% (Education Blueprint 2013-2025, 2012). Therefore, types of leadership practiced by the headmasters are important because it will give either positive or negative impact to the schools community.  According to Blake & Mouton (1964), there are four types of leadership which are autocratic, human relations, democratic and laissez faire. An autocratic leader gives high emphasis on performance and a low emphasis on people. To get the job done, an autocratic leader relies on power and hard work with minimal employee involvement. However, a human relations leader gives low emphasis on performance and a high emphasis on people. This type of leader relies on teamwork and good relationship to get the job done. Next, a democratic leader gives high emphasis on performance and people. The leader motivate and managing individuals in order to reach organizational as well as their own personal objectives. Lastly, a laissez faire leader gives low emphasis on performance and people. The leader just do enough to get the job done and leave people alone as much as possible. Every school leader has its own way to choose their leadership style. During my last teaching practical, I noticed that the school headmistress practiced a democratic leadership styles. Based on my experiences and observation, I believed that this school leader possesses some characteristics as democratic leader. She is a character builder, a communicator, a change master, an educator and also a facilitator to the teachers, staff and students. I really admire her leadership styles  because I can see that the school communities are comfortable to do their work and the school performance also increases from year to year. The first characteristic of a democratic school leader is being a character builder to the school community. A character builder is a role model whose values, words, and deeds are marked by trustworthiness, integrity, authenticity, respect, generosity, and humility. “The  leader is a decisive decision maker who emphasizes team decision- making but also makes some decisions alone ( )”. I still remembered the time when we had a school meeting where the headmistress came out with an issue and gave the freedom for the teachers to voice out their views or ideas. I rarely see this type of leadership in school. Usually, the school leaders will come out with their own decision and ask the subordinates to follow their plan. However, it is different with my school headmistress’ leader  ship styles. She facilitated the discussion and encouraged the teachers to share their ideas and then synthesizing all the available information into the final decision. She also even asked the teacher trainees to contribute ideas for the school. I was touched with the discussion and hope that I can have a good leader like her in my future teaching. The second characteristic of a democratic leader possesses by the headmistress is having open communication. “Communication is open, two -way and genuine ( ) ” . Whenever she talks either in meeting or in informal discussion, she always ensures that there is two-way communication. She was able to create an environment where the teachers feel very comfortable not just receiving information, but also sharing information with her. In addition, she was also able to build trust among the teachers through her genuine communication. She always being honest in whatever she says and that make me proud of having a school leader like her. Thirdly, the headmistress

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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