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  Vina Damayanti Teknologi Bioproses 1306370865 Why Are Soap Opera So Popular in Indonesia? Television is a medium of communication. There are so many TV show in television such as soap operas. In Indonesia, soap operas are called “Sinetron” stands for “Sinema Elektronik” . Watching soap opera is one of favorite pastimes for considerable number of  people. It is no secret that the greatest fans of soaps are women, especially of elderly age. It is conditioned by the fact that women are emotional, hearty, emphatic, and like to experience many different emotions. In Indonesia, Indonesia society hobby in watching soap operas are so high, although for some people, soap operas is not educate and even so annoying. On the other hand, the majority are like to watch soap operas because of their simple mindset. Soap operas in Indonesia have some characteristic such as no scene without music background, anything pronounced, and due to its continuity. A narrator in the documentary “How Art Made the World”, Dr. Nigel Speavey said that music is very influential in attracting the attention of the audience. It is used in soap operas in Indonesia. There are no scenes without music background. Any dialogue must be accompanied by music. It can attract the attention of the audience because of the frequent, although the music backgrounds are monotonous and less creative. Music gives a significant difference to the audience between drifted into visual images only and drifted into visual-audio. With the music, all the events that occurred would seem to be more real. Soap opera are broadcasted during the week at varied times. Some are broadcasted every week, several days a week, or everyday. If the viewer miss the episode, sometimes there will be repeated at a later time or date, and often. Sometimes the audience has no choice  but to watch soap operas due to the time slot that is too long. On the other hand, the people who do not have solid activity very pleased with the continuity of soap operas. Although the story is often not weighted, people who do not have any activities will be entertained and not feel lonely. Because of that soap opera is very closely with the majority of women who are at home and be a housewife.  Number of episodes of the soap operas is so much, due to a very long storyline  because there is nothing that is not spoken in the soap operas. Any gestures, scenes, and events are not enough merely visually displayed, but must be pronounced. By that way, the MPK Bahasa Inggris 28 Mr. Pangulu Essay  audience will instinctively imagine what soap operas pronounced, so audience will attract by soap operas. Because of that, the viewers have no awareness of the source of their needs, only of specific impulses to watch one of the programmed rather than another (Schroder 1988:67). Actually there are so many reasons that make soap opera so popular. Music  background, anything pronounced, and the continuity  –   these are some reasons which causing Indonesia societies like to watching soap operas so much. The simple mindset of Indonesia societies is felt fit to watch a simple TV show too like soap opera. Everybody choose the TV show that can entertain and also can satisfy them in vent complaints. So soap operas so  popular in Indonesia due to the simple thought of Indonesian society who also looks for events to fill their spare time.
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