ESSCIRC'96. Proceedings of the. Neuchatel, Switzerland. Solid-State Circuits Conference. 22 European September Edited by H.

ESSCIRC'96,nd 22 European Proceedings of the Solid-State Circuits Conference Neuchatel, Switzerland September 1996 Edited by H. Griinbacher UN IVERSITATSBIBLIOTHEK HANNOVER TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONSBIBLIOTHEK
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ESSCIRC'96,nd 22 European Proceedings of the Solid-State Circuits Conference Neuchatel, Switzerland September 1996 Edited by H. Griinbacher UN IVERSITATSBIBLIOTHEK HANNOVER TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONSBIBLIOTHEK EDITIONS FRONTIERES Table of Contents N«l:HlG«SM i!bcm0s * A high speed 0.7(im CMOS PLL circuit for clock/data IC Requirements for Multimedia TV Lauren Christopher Thomson Consumer Electronics, USA Analog VLSI Computation Carver A. Mead Caltech, USA RF Integrated Circuits in Standard CMOS Technologies Michael Steyaert, B Integrated Smart Power Circuits Technology, Design and Application 19 W. Pribyl Siemens EZM, A recovery in interconnection systems 64 M. Burzio, P. Pellegrino CSELT 1 Gb/s clock recovery PLL in 0.5um CMOS 68 M. Rau1, A. Rothermel2, N. Menoux1, R. Lares1, R. Schweer4, T. Oberst1 'Siemens AG, University of Ulm, 'Thomson, Meylan,4Thomson, Villingen-Schwenningen, 'DASA, Ulm A Low-Power True Single Phase Clocked (TSPC) Full-Adder 72 V. Schindler Graz University of Technology MHITIC: 8-Channels, 1-ns, Multi-Hit Time-to-Digital Converter CMOSTntegrated Circuit 76 P. Andreani', A. Bigongiari2, F. Bigongiari', M. Lippi2, P. Terreni1, R. Roncella1, R. Saletti1 'Universita-di Pisa- 2CAEN S.p.A., Viareggio The Design of High Performance Low Power Microprocessors Daniel W. Dobberpuhl Digital Equipment Corp., USA Future Direction in Mobile Communications Y, Neuvo Nokia Mobile Phones, SF Compact Modelling of Submicron CMOS Dirk B. M. Klaassen Philips Research Lab., NL M-lt Analog 1 A 150MHz 5.4mW Track&Hold operated at 3V supply 48 L. Schillaci, A. Baschirotti, R. Castello Universita di Pavia A 50 MHz, standard CMOS, pulse equalizer for hard disk read channels 52 W. Dehaene, M. Steyaert, W. Sansen MHz Current-Controlled Sinusoidal Oscillator 56 Herve Barthelemy, Alain Fabre 1SEM A 2.1 MHz Crystal Oscillator Time Base with a Current Consumption under 500 na 60 D. Aebischer, H. Oguey, V. Von Kaenel A Very Compact l.oum CMOS SC Multirate 2-D Image Filter 80 W. Ping, J. E. Franca Instituto Superior Tecnico A 5.5MHz CMOS Low-Pass Filter Using A Soft- Switched Transconductor 84 C.H.J. Mensink', B. Nauta2, H, Wallmga' 'University of Twente 'Philips Research Labs., Eindhoven A Programmable Circuit for Analog Signal Processing 88 S. Bender1, B. Weghaus2, R. Kokozinski1, W. Brockherde', W. Budde', W. Schardein3 'Fraunhofer Institute, 2RWTUV, 'Technical College of Dortmund A 3V 1 MHz dynamically biased 100 ppm/k temperature-stabilized CMOS continuous-time elliptical low-pass filter 92 K. Koli, E. Tiiliharju, K. Halonen Helsinki University of Technology 40 GHz Narrowband Translmpedancc- Transadmittance Amplifier in InP-HBT Technology 96 M. Mokhtari1, B. Kerzar', H. Tenhunen1, T. Juhola', T. Swahn2, W.E. Stanchina3 'Royal Institute of Technology 2Ericsson Microwave Systems 'Hughes Research Laboratories Compact Single 1.5V Supply Four Quadrant Analog CMOS Multiplier Using Multiple Input Floating Gate Transistors 100 J. Ramirez-Angulo New Mexico State University A VI CMOS Current Reference without Resistance 104 H. Oguey, D Aebischer Laser Pulse Timing Detector 108 T. Ruotsalainen, J. Kostamovaara, P. Palojarvi, T. Peltola University of Oulu A Field Programmable Analog Fuzzy Processor with Enhanced Temperature Performance 152 N. Manaresi, E. Franchi, G. Baccarani, R. Guerrieri; University of Bologna A 16 Mixed-Signal Programmable Fuzzy Controller CMOS-1 urn Chip 156 F. Vidal-Verdu', A. Rodiguez-Vazquez2, R. Navas' 'Universidad de Malaga,2Universidad de Sevilla Low-Power Logic Styles: CMOS vs CPL 112 R. Zimmermann1, R. Gupta2 'Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 2Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Newport Beach, CA Push-Pull Pass-Transistor Logic Family for Low Voltage and Low Power 116 W.-H. Paik, H.-J. Ki, S.-W. Kim Korea University Design Methodology for High Speed and Low Power Digital Circuits with Energy Economized Passtransistor Logic (EEPL) 120 M. Song, B. Kang, G. Kang, S. Kim Samsung Electronics Ltd. The Impact of Transistor Sizing on Power Efficiency in Submicron CMOS Circuits 124 R. Rogenmoser, H. Kaeslin, N. Felber A Low Noise Thermoelectric Infrared Detector Microsystem in a Digital CMOS Technology 128 Ch. Menolfi, N. Schneeberger, Q. Huang ETH Zurich A Monolithically Integrated Two-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor System 132 S. Ulbncht, B. Sauer, R, Gottfried-G., R. Jahne, U. Wende, W. Budde Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems A wide temperature range micropower sensor interface circuit 136 B. De Geeter, J.-P. Bardyn, O. Nys A Low-Noise Low-Drift Transducer ADC 140 D. McCartney, A. Sherry, J. O'Dowd, P. Hickey Analog Devices BV M*3s MlX» MP4& XMWKJN A power-supply decoupling method for mixed-mode low voltage, low power integrated circuits 144 M. Ingels, M. Steyaert Considerations about Gaintracking and EMI in a VLSI Mixed Signal BiCMOS - Design Case Study 148 M. Neuhauser', C. Rappel3, F. Filipiak2, H. Zojer 'MICRAM, Siemens Munich2, Villach5 '' Thermally Constrained Placement of Analog and Smart Power Integrated Circuits 160 K. Lampaert, G. Gielen, W. Sansen VHDL timing model for CMOS semicustom branchbased logic cells 164 N. Dumitru, R. Nouta A PAL/NTSC Digital Video Encoder on 0.6um CMOS with 66dB Typ SNR, 0.4% Dlff. Gain and 0.2 Diff. Phase T. Cummins; Analog Devices BV A InA-Photocurrent Optical Receiver Used in Fire and Smoke Detection Systems A. Descombes1, A. Banyai', K. Hess2, U. Kastli2, Y. Vouga1 'EM Microelectronic Marin,2Cerberus AG A 3V 0.5 um CMOS A/D Audio Processor for a Microphone Array F. Balestro, D, Morche, G. Le Tourneur, G, Martel, P. Senn, V. Fraisse, Y. Mahieux France Telecom, CNET COCA: an On-Line Control 1C for Watch Stepping Motors i E. Bernasconi1, D. Taghezout1, J.-P. Wattenhofer', P.-A. Farine' 'Asulab SA, 2ETA AG, Grenchen A Memory-based Parallel Processor for Vector Quantization 184 K. Kobayashi, H. Onodera, K. Tamaru, M. Kinoshita, M. Takeuchi; Kyoto University An Asynchronous 16*16 Pixel Array-Processor for Morphological Filtering of Greyscale Images 188 F. Robin', G. Privat', M. Renaudin2 'France Telecom, CNET-Grenoble 2Telecom Bretagne VLSI implementation of a bi-processor architecture for generic subband coding 192 P. Desneux, J.D. Legat University Catholique de Louvain A Data-Driven IDCT Architecture for Low Power Video Applications 196 T. Xanthopoulos, A. P. Chandrakasan, Ch. G. Sodini, W. J. Dally Massachusetts Institute of Technology vn A Double Quadrature Topology for High Accuracy Upconversion in CMOS Transmitters J. Crols, M. Steyaert, P. Khnget A 3.3V Power Adaptive 1244 / 622 /155 MHz PLL D. Belot, L. Dugoujon, S Dedieu SGS Thomson CMOS/SIMOX-RF-Frontend for 1.7GHz D Eggert,W Budde Fraunhofer Institute A Low Voltage Evaluation of a 1.9 GHz Silicon MOSFET Gilbert Cell Downconversion Mixer P. J Sullivan', B. A. Xavier2, D Costa2, W. H Ku' 'University of California, San Diego 2Pacific Communication Sciences Incorporated A 10.7-MHz N-Path Fourth-Order Bandpass Sigma- Delta Modulator F. Francescom1, F Maloberti', V Liberah2 'University of Pavia, 2Micronova Sistimi S.r.l A 96dB SNR -75dB THD switched-capacitor filter for 16bit audio codec applications A. Baschirotto', F. Monteccht', F' Stefani2, G Braca2 'Umversita di Pavia, 2SGS Thomson A Monolithic 19-Bit 800 Hz Low Power Multi-Bit Sigma-Delta CMOS ADC Using Data Weighted Averaging O Nys, R. Henderson A Switched Opamp 1.5V - loouw Delta-Sigma Modulator with 12 bits Dynamic Range V Peluso, M. Steyaert, W. Sansen A High-Resolution Current-Mode Sigma-Delta Modulator N Moeneclaey, A Kaiser - IEMN ISEN A 10-bit 50MS/s 300 mw A/D Converter using Reference Feed-Forward Architecture T. Kumamoto, H. Momono, K Okada, M. Ito, O Matsumoto, T. Miki, T. Okuda, T. Sumi Mitsubishi Electric Corp 14 bit Sigma-Delta Modulator with Multi Bit Feedback St Mddl1, A Mertens2, D Eckardt2, H Hauer' 'Fraunhofer Institute, 'Siemens AG, Erlangen ^m^m^^^a The 16x622 Mbits/s COM16M: the PRELUDE switch architecture integrated into a 6-Million transistor monochip A. Botta, A. Chemann, D Weil, J. Majos, M Servel, CNET A loomb/sec. Multi-LAN Crosspoint Switch Chip Set for Cable Management A. Le Fevre, R. Flett; Northern Telecom A Multi-Level QAM Demodulator LSI with Wideband Carrier Recovery and Dual Equalizing Mode K Yamanaka, K Okada, M. Hon, M Koyama, N Miyoshi, S. Murakami, S. Takeuchi, T Sumi Mitsubishi Electric Corporation An Integrated High Performance Mixed Signal IF-to- Digital Converter I Bezzam, I. Stoichita Raytheon Semiconductors Analog Baseband-IC for Dual Mode Direct Conversion Receiver 244 T Hanusch, F. Jehnng, H -J Jentschel, W Kluge Dresden University oftechnology 240 A 0.9V Microcontroller for Portable Applications A. Wild, B. Gilsdorf, B Smith, D. Mietus, D. Warren, E. Hartung, F. Shapiro, J. Buxo, J. Caravella, J. Carlquist, J Feddeler, J. Quarberg, J. Quigley, J. Thomas, J.-D. Tai, K. Bass, K. Papworth, L. Layton, M. Berens, M. Hong, M Mazuelos, M. Schnber, R. Davies, R. Parmar, S. Ledford, T. Swan Motorola A 32-bit RISC Microprocessor with integrated DSP Unit M Dolle, M Schlett hyperstone electronics GmbH Low-Power Design of an Embedded Microprocessor Core J.-M. Masgonty, C. Arm, C. Piguet, M. Stegers, S. Durand, T. Schneider %&wtmt w ft An Analog Vision Chip for Real Time Motion Computation R Hoehler, H. Strack, M. Melchior Technische Hochschule Darmstadt A 0.8pm CMOS Programmable Analog-Array- Processing Vision-Chip with Local Logic and Image- Memory S. Espejo, A, Rodriguez-Vazquez, R Carmona, R Dominguez-Castro Universidad de Sevilla Histogram-Equalization based on Adaptive Image Sensor for real-time Vision Y Ni', E Vaillant', F Devos2 'institute National des Telecommunications 2Universite Pans Sud vm 10 Gbit/s Throughput Telecommunication Circuits in CMOS 288 A. Edman1, B. Rudberg2 'Linkoping University 2Ericsson Microwave Systems A 2.5 Gb/s ATM Label Translator Implemented by Using GaAs Technology 292 I. Moussa', K. Torki2, P.S. Lassen3 'TIMA Lab.' 2CMP, Grenoble 'Technical University of Denmark N*7: Mjbmoby Novel Dual Rail High Voltage Generators for Embedded Flash Memories 296 K.-R. Cho, J.-H. Wang Chungbuk National University High Speed Content Addressable Memory 300 K. Helwig, Ch. Wandel IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH HW: Vision 2 A CMOS Optical Sensor System Performing Image Sampling on a Hexagonal Grid 304 R. Hauschild, B.J. Hosticka, M. Schwarz, S. Muller Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems A Polarization Contrast Retina Using Patterned Iodine-Doped PVA Film 308 Z. Kalayjian, A. G. Andreou, L. Wolff, N. Sheppard Johns Hopkins University An RMS-DC converter based on the dynamical translinear principle J. Mulder, A.C. Van der Woerd, A.H.M. van Roermund, W.A. Serdijn A DDA-based, fully differential LNA with built in programmable gain and wide input common mode range F. Louagie, D. Haspeslagh, J. P. Cornil Alcatel Bell Telephone Design Methodology for CMOS Gain-Boosted Folded- Cascode OTA with Application to SOI technology D. Flandre, A. Viviani, B. Gentinne, J.-P. Eggermont, P. Jespers Universite Catholique dc Louvain A Current Mirroring BiCMOS Comparator for Low- Voltage, Low-Power Applications A. Bom, C. Morandi Universitadi Parma Estimation of Ground Bounce in CMOS Circuits Using a Solution to a Damped RLC Network T. Gabara Bell Laboratories A Low-Power 14-Bit 2MSample/s Pipelined ADC with On-Chip 32-bit Correction Processor 332 M. K. Mayes, S. W. Chin National Semiconductor A Full 12-Bit Switched-Current Delta-Sigma Modulator with Self-Calibration 336 C. Azeredo Leme, J. B. Silva, J.E. Franca Instituto Supcnoi Tccnico An 11-bits 50 ksamples/s Switched-Current DA Converter 340 D.M.W. Lecnaerts, G.G. Persoon, H.J. Reitsma Technical University of Eindhoven TO; A Single-Chip Vector Microprocessor with Reconfigurable Pipelines 344 K. Asanovic, B.E.D. Kingsbury, B. Irissou, J. Beck, J. Wawrzynek University of California at Berkeley Communication in a single chip MPEG2 A/V/G decoder for digital set-top box application 348 J. Adelaide', A. Lcbrun2, B. Bru', C. Duarte2, D. Molter', H . De Perthuis3,' H. Vincent', J.-P. Perrin1, L. Muller', N. Hamze', P. Vezien', P.-H. Rebut', St. Mutz' 'baboratoires d'electronique Philips SAS 2Info Technologies 'Philips Semiconductors A Low-Control-Overhead Asynchronous Differential Equation Solver 352 K. Y. Yun', A. E. Dooply', J. Arceo', P. A. Beerel2, V. Vakilotojar' 'University of California, San Diego 2University ofsouthern California A Contactlcss Read Write Transponder Using Low Power EEPROM Techniques 356 W. Buesser, J. Rudin, N. Nandra, P. Goguillot, T. Roz, V. Fuentes EM Microelectronic Marin A Completely Integrated One-Chip 18 GHz Frequency Synthesizer Using HEMT-Technology 360 W. Baumberger', A. Huelsmann2, K. Koehler2, M. Lang2, M. Rieger2, P. Leber2, W, Bronner2 ' 2Fraunhofer-Institut fur Angewandte Festkorperphysik, Freiburg A 3.3V 30mW 200 MHz CMOS Upconversion Mixer using Replica Transconductor 364 O. Kim, C.-J. Oh, J.-K. Kwon, J.-R. Lee, K.-S. Kim, W. Song Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute A Punctured Viterbl Decoder Compatible with DVB Standards 368 Ch. Dcltoso, L. Sponga, M. Cand France Telecom, CNET-Grenoble 4 Gbit/s Driver/Multiplexer in 0.8 urn CMOS 372 A. Edman Linkoping University Dual Clock Scheme for over 200 MHz Synchronous DRAM System 376 Y. Konishi', H. Iwamoto', M. Kumanoya', S. Sawada2, T. Araki', Y. Murai' 'Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Semiconductor Group Mitsubishi Electric Corp 'Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company Ltd. A fully Synchronous Circuit design for embedded DRAM A Yamazaki, K Dosaka, M. Kumanoya, N Okumura Mitsubishi Electric 380 A High Speed Wide Band SRAM Macro Using Complementary Half-Swing Bus Architecture 384 V Nakase, A Iwabu, H Kondo, K Mashiko, T Sumi Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Analog Temperature Compensation for Capacitive Sensor Interfaces 388 M Gngone'.Ch De Raad2, Ch Enz', F Krummenacher' 'Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) 'Smart Silicon Systems Ultrasonic Signal Processing Chip for Intraluminal Catheter Based Systems 392 M. Schmidt, E Spiegel, N. Kordas, Y. Manoh Fraunhofer Institute ofmicroelectronic Circuits and Systems A Charged Particle Detector for Preserving Temporal Information 396 J. Goldfinch, J V Hatfield, P.J. Hicks University of Manchester Programmable Analog Signal Processor for Polynomial Calibration 400 G. Van der Horn, J H. Huijsing Technical University of Delft Software Check for Power-Down Mode of Analog Circuits 404 St. Blieck, E Janssens Alcatel Mietec Integration of SABER Simulation Results into the Cadence Framework Database by Using the Cell Property Feature 408 M. Pistauer, G Babm Siemens Design Center for Microelectronics A Low-Voltage Ultra-Low-Power Current- Companding Integrator for Audio Filter Applications 412 W.A Serdijn, A C Van der Woerd, A H M. van Roermund, J. Mulder, M. Broest Potential and design of MOSFET-C continuous-time filters in SOI technology 416 V Dessard, B Gentinne, D. Flandre Universite Cathohque de Louvain An experiment in low-power CMOS semicustom design 420 R Nouta, H Vrymoed 31 GHz Static and 39 GHz Dynamic Frequency Divider ICs Using 0.2um-AlGaAs/GaAs-HEMTs 424 Z. Lao, A HUlsmann, A. Thiede, B Raynor, M Berroth, M. Rieger-Motzer, M. Sedler, V Hurm, W Bronner Fraunhofer-lnstitut fur Angewandte Festkorperphysik A BiCMOS Time-to-Digital Converter with Time Stretching Interpolators 428 E Raisanen-Ruotsalainen, J T Rahkonen Kostamovaara, University of Oulu Authors' Index 432
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