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  Teacher’s Book   2 ã Essential Science teaches basic concepts of Science,Geography and History through English. ã Content and language are carefully interwoven in Essential Science . ã The syllabus covers all the scientific contents whichstudents require at this level. ã The language objectives correlate with those set out in the Cambridge Young Learners suite. Essential Science Science, Geography and History    C   ó   d   i  g  o   d  e  p  e   d   i   d  o  :   S  -   0   6   7   4   3 853672_C ai27 2 0620:00:43 Activity Book  Science, Geography and History    C   ó   d   i  g  o   d  e  p  e   d   i   d  o  :   S  -   0   6   7   9   4 ã The  Student’s Book  guides students towardscurricular objectives. ã A series of presentations explain key concepts inclear and simple language. ã Basic activities in the  Student’s Book  give studentsthe confidence to ask simple questions,and makeshort,descriptive statements. ã The  Student’s CD gives an extensive selection of recorded texts. ã The students’ self-confidencewill grow,as their fluency andpronunciation improve. ã Learner autonomy isencouraged. ã The  Activity Book  provides reinforcement and extension activities. ã It includes projects and tasks to widen the students’ horizons,and stimulate reflection on work and progress.  3 ã Essential Science provides a wealth of material toteachers and students. This gives teachers greatflexibility to choose. They can adapt their work in view of the time the students spend on Science,Geography and History in English. ã Internet  resources are available for teachers andstudents on our websites. Links encourage studentsto go further in their research. ã Posters and flashcards give teachers importantvisual back-up. ã Richmond Student’s Dictionary  : a valuable referencetool. ã  Assessment,Extension and Reinforcement  worksheets provide teachers with additionalresources. Teacher’s  Book  Science Science, Geography and History Essential 3 LEVEL 3 F INS ,W INGS AND  L EGS ã This Teacher’sBook  offers page-by-page teachingsuggestions,solutions to the  Activity Book  activities,and a guide to other resources. ã The Teacher’s CDs contains aselection of recorded texts as well asall the  Student’s CD recordings. ã Richmond World Facts Readers provide a series of stimulating and carefully graded texts on Geography,Science,Culture and History. ã 58 readers at 6 levels of proficiency areavailable. LEVEL 3 C LOUDS  4 CONTENTS FOR SCIENCE,GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORYBOOK 3,SECOND CYCLE UNIT CONCEPTSPROCEDURESCITIZENSHIP ã The life cycle ã Living things ã Animals and plants ã Where animals and plants live ã Comparing photos ã Completing a chart ã Pollution 01. Living things ã Touch ã Sight ã Hearing ã Taste ã Smell ã Completing a chart ã Doing an experiment ã Blind people 0 2. Our senses ã Movement ã The skeleton ã Muscles ã How we use our muscles ã Labelling a diagram ã Doing an experiment ã Changes in the body  03. Our body ã The classification of animals ã What animals eat ã How animals are born ã Classifying pictures ã Labelling photos ã Animal protection 04. Animals ã Vertebrates ã Invertebrates ã Matching photos and diagrams ã Completing index cards ã Respecting small animals 05. Vertebrates andinvertebrates ã The Earth ã Solids, liquids and gases ã Changes in matter ã Analysing a picture ã Labelling a diagram ã Pollution 06. The Earth ã Characteristics of water ã Water as a resource ã The three states of water ã The water cycle ã Comparing photos ã Labelling pictures ã Water as a valuableresource 07. Water    N  a   t  u  r  a   l   s  c   i  e  n  c  e  s
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