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    AED 1262 INTRO. TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE semester 2, 2007/2008    TOPIC TEN: INTRO. TO ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN, CENTRE FOR FOUNDATION STUDIES, IIUM, PETALING JAYA, SEMESTER II, 2007/2008   What is ethics? o Define fundamentally  what is right and what is  wrong, regardless of cultural differences. e.g.  most cultures have a reverence for life and hold that all humans have a right to live. It is considered unethical to deprive an individual of life.  Every discipline has their own work ethic , such as:  MEDICINE : Do not harm  LAW : Keep orderly procedures  BUSINESS : Keep your promises  MILITARY : Do your duty  INTELLECTUAL : Follow your destiny  SCIENTIST : Find the real facts  ENGINEER : Make it work (Butler, 1992)   What is Morals? Morals differ somewhat from ethics because morals reflect the predominant feelings of a culture about ethical issues. e.g.  In almost all cultures, it is certainly unethical to kill someone; however, when a country declares war, most of its people accept the necessity of killing the enemy. Therefore, it is a moral thing to do even though ethics says that killing is wrong. No nation has ever declared an immoral war.
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