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English Unlimited Elementary A2
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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 1 – People in your life   1   Progress test 1 – People in your life 1 3 Why they at school yesterday? Because they were both ill. 4 Alice and Nicole on holiday last week? Yes, but the weather was terrible.5 How was the film? Did you enjoy it? No, not really. It very interesting.  VOCABULARY  4 People you knowPut the letters in order to make words for people. (10 marks) Example:  Is that man your (rathef)? No, he’s my (fagraentdhr).  Answers:  father, grandfather1 Hello, you must be Janet’s . (trisse) Yes, I’m Sue, and this is my , Luca. (bashdun)2 Do you know a good French ? (ethrace) Yes, I do! My , Michel. (dinerf) 3 Is that Karen’s ? (osn) Yes, and the little girl is her . (grutahde) 4 Rosa is Alex’s , isn’t she? (drinfigler) Not any longer! She’s now his ! (feiw) 5 That’s Carol’s , Martin. (rerotbh) I know. He’s my at work. (legculaeo) 5 Talking about jobs 1Write a word which means the opposite of the underlined word(s). (5 marks) Example:  In my job I have good days and days.  Answer: bad1 My job isn’t very interesting. In fact it’s quite . 2 My first job was the same every day, but in my new  job every day is . 3 My brother’s job is well paid, but my job is paid. 4 Is your job easy or ? 5 My colleagues are great, but my salary is ! GRAMMAR 1 Possessive ’s  (singular)Rewrite these sentences adding ’s  in the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  My sister name is Sandra.  Answer:  My sister’s name is Sandra. 1 John parents are both teachers. 2 Where is your friend house? 3 I can’t find your computer ‘on’ button. 4 I know your car is blue, but what colour is Matt car? 5 These pens are Isobel. 2   be  present Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. (5 marks) Example:  Where she from? (’re / ’s)  Answer:  ’s1 you interested in history? (Is / Are)2 I a very good footballer. (’m not / isn’t)3 How old Jamie and Jasmin? (is / are)4 Her children called Gabriela and Martin. (is / are)5 They at work today. It’s a public holiday. (aren’t / isn’t) 3   be  pastWrite was , wasn’t  , were  or weren’t   to complete the conversations. (5 marks) Example:  Was Tim at the party? No, he .  Answer:  wasn’t1 Where were you born? I born in Cáceres, in Spain. 2 What was the score in the match against United last week? 5–0 to United! We terrible.  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 1 – People in your life   2 6 Talking about jobs 2Circle the word which is not a job. (5 marks) Example:  chef driver doctor restaurant 1 accountant office teacher cook2 law architect journalist shop assistant3 customer builder office manager marketing assistant4 sales rep plumber hospital engineer5 waiter police officer music nurse PRONUNCIATION 7 SyllablesWrite the number of syllables in each word. (5 marks) Example:  grandmother  Answer:  31 manager 2 university 3 restaurant 4 office 5 customer
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