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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 10 – Getting together   1   Progress test 10 – Getting together 1  10  A   Do you have time for a drink before you go?  B  Probably. The train on time, so I think there’s time for a quick one. (never / leave)  VOCABULARY  2 FilmsWrite the kinds of films which these people would like to see. (6 marks) Example:  I like exciting films with lots of special effects. – an an film  Answer: action1 I really want to see something that makes me laugh. – a cy2 I’d like to go and see something with my children – a cartoon would be good. – an ad film3 We love films about ghosts and monsters – frightening or scary films, in other words! – a hr film4 I’d like to see something real, not imagined, something which explores important events or issues. – a dy5 Personally, I think the cinema is for the imagination, so anything about science or the future would be perfect. – a se fn film6 A film about love would be good for me because I usually go to the cinema with my boyfriend! – a rc film 3 SuggestionsChoose four of the words in the box to complete the conversations. (8 marks) Example: sure don’t could like would not  A Would you like to go out for a meal at the weekend? B I’m not sure . I haven’t got much money.  A It’s OK. I’ll pay. B OK then! GRAMMAR 1 Present progressive for future arrangementsWrite the present progressive or present simple form of the verb to complete the conversations. (10 marks) Example:  A   What are your plans for the weekend? (go) B  I visit my dad.  Answer: I’m going to visit my dad . 1  A   Do you want to come to the cinema tonight?  B  I can’t. I tennis with Dave at 7.30. (play)2  A   Would you like to come to our house for lunch next Saturday?  B  I can’t, I’m afraid. It’s my mother’s birthday and I the day with her every year. (spend)3  A Have you got any plans for the weekend?  B  Yes. Ginny’s mother to stay with us for a couple of days. (come)4  A   When is your trip to Brussels?  B  Oh, I . I have to stay in London for a meeting. (not go)5  A   I’ve got an extra ticket for a concert tomorrow evening. Do you want it?  B  I’d love it, but I guitar lessons on Thursday nights. (have)6  A   There’s a party at Penny’s house tonight. Did she invite you?  B  Yes, but it’s Gabriela’s birthday so we her out for dinner. (take)7  A   I’m really excited. I booked a holiday this morning.  B  somewhere nice? (go)8  A   The last time I saw Tibor and Marta was about six months ago.  B  Jan and Lea them for a drink tonight. You can go with them if you want to. (see)9  A   Can you give this message to Mei this afternoon, please?  B  Oh, I’m sorry. I him in the end. He phoned me to cancel because he’s not well. (not meet)  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 10 – Getting together   2 KEYWORD 5   about  Rewrite the sentences, adding  about in the correct gap. (5 marks) Example:  What was the film ?  Answer:  What was the film   about?1 I don’t really know anything cooking. 2 Kerry’s angry the party because nobody told her where it was.3 I’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock.4 Can I ask you something your  job?5 I’m reading a great science-fiction book a plan to go and live on the Moon. EXPLORE WRITING 6 Invitations Write the correct word to complete each sentence. (5 marks) Example:  I   like to book a table in a restaurant.  Answer: would1 you and Molly come to dinner on Saturday?2 I hope you come to my party.3 you free on the 24 th ?4 This is to you to our wedding anniversary party. 5 Please me know if you can come.1 fine where would good could why  A Would you like to go out tonight? B idea. would you like to go?  A I don’t know. What do you think? B I know! We go and see the new Woody  Allen film.  A with me. I can buy the tickets on the internet.2don’t could why sounds let’s OK  A There’s a good film on at the cinema this week. we go? B I’m not sure. I’m quite tired today.  A Well, go tomorrow then. B That good. I think I’d rather stay in tonight.  A OK. We could watch a DVD. 4 Talking about filmsChoose one of the two words in brackets to complete the conversations. (6 marks) Example:    A Did you see the Bond film last night? B Yes, it was great – and there were lots of special effects it. (about / in)  Answer: in1  A Did you see that Hitchcock film last night? Rear Window ? B No, I was out last night. It sounds   interesting, though. What was it ? (like / about)  A Brilliant! It’s a man who sees a murder from his window. It’s really famous. (of / about)2  A I saw a really great film at the weekend, an old black-and-white one called The Maltese Falcon . B Oh yes? Who was it? (on / in)  A Humphrey Bogart. It’s lots of people who are looking for a valuable statue. It’s one of my favourite films. (like / about)3  A I love Spanish films. There are some really great Spanish directors at the moment. B Yes, did you see The Sea Inside ? It’s about man who is paralysed. (the / this)  A Yes, and he made The Others  as well, but that was in England, not Spain. (set / out)
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