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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 11 – Journeys   1   Progress test 11 – Journeys 1 3 Storytelling expressionsCircle the correct option to complete the story. (10 marks) Example:  Later / Well 1 this was / I was 2 There was / It was 3 and some friends / with some friends 4 but / so 5 And then / In the end 6 why / so 7 It was really strange / The strange thing was 8 then suddenly / because then 9 This was / In the end 10 In the morning / I had a terrible night GRAMMAR 1 ArticlesWrite the ,  a ,  an  or nothing (–) to complete the conversations. (10 marks) Example:  A I saw great war film last night.  Answer: a B  Actually, I hate war films.  Answer: –1  A   Can I borrow pen? B  Er, I think there’s pencil in my bag. Is that OK?  A   Actually I have to write in ink. B  Why don’t you ask in office? They always have lots of pens.2  A   Excuse me. What’s best route to fly to Cape Town? B  I think there’s direct flight from London Heathrow … Yes, at 8.30 in morning.  A   So there are no flights in middle of the day? B  Not at moment, sir. But you could fly to Paris and change there.  VOCABULARY  2 AirportsWrite each word to complete the advice for people travelling by plane. (5 marks) Example:  Don’t forget your p!  Answer: passport1 Don’t be late! C-i closes 40 minutes before the plane takes off. 2 Make sure you have the necessary visas and documents before you go through p c .3 At s , put your keys in the tray before you pass through the X-ray machine.4 You might have to take off your s and b to go through security.5 Look at the information screens to find out which b g you need to go to. example, 1 about 15 years ago. 2 late September,and I was on a camping trip in California 3 . It wasthe middle of the night and it was very cold, 4 Ineeded to go out of my tent to get something fromthe car, so I found my torch, opened the tent andstarted to walk over to the car. 5 suddenly I hearda strange noise behind me, 6 I turned roundquickly and pointed my torch over towards thewoods. 7 , but all I saw were two enormous whitediscs, like two moons. I tried to think why twomoons were in the woods, 8 I realised they weren’tmoons – they were eyes! Thinking it was probablya bear I ran to the car as fast as I could, got in, andlocked the door. 9 I spent the night sitting in thecar, freezing cold, completely awake and absolutelyterrified, while my friends were asleep in their nicewarm tent! 10 , but I was happy to be alive!  S c a r y  r e a l  l i f e  s t o r i e s !  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 11 – Journeys   2 KEYWORD 5   at  Rewrite each sentence, putting the word  at   in the correct place. (6 marks) Example:  I met my husband a party.  Answer:  I met my husband at a party.1 My sister works as a nurse the hospital. 2 I didn’t go to my cousin’s wedding because I lived in Japan the time. 3 We usually have a break 11.00 in the morning. 4 What do you usually do lunchtime? Do you go out for a sandwich? 5 I don’t really like going in the sea – I’m not very good swimming. 6 Are you busy the moment? I need some help with this report.  4 Talking about a journey Write the missing word in the sentences using the first letter to help you. (9 marks) Example:  I stayed in a very cheap youth h .  Answer: hostel1 It was a terrible journey. The flight was c so I had to wait three hours for the next one. 2 I didn’t sleep at all on the flight because the seat wasn’t very c . 3 The flight l on time but then it took 40 minutes for our baggage to arrive. 4 We need to leave soon because I don’t want to arrive late and m the flight. 5 Can I b two seats on the next flight to Dublin, please? 6 I arrived late for the meeting because my flight was d by four hours. 7 The first flight was full so I c the next one instead. 8 Before the plane t o , the flight attendant gave a safety demonstration. 9 Could I have a window s , please?
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