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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 12 – Are you OK?   1   Progress test 12 – Are you OK? 1  VOCABULARY  2 The body and health 1Look at the parts of the body in the diagram and write the names next to the numbers below. (10 marks) Example:  1 e  Answer: e ar GRAMMAR 1 Giving advice with  if  Write the words and phrases to make sentences giving advice. (10 marks) Example:  a headache / got / if / lie down for / you’ve / fifteen minutes  Answer:  If you’ve got a headache, lie down for fifteen minutes. 1 you’ve / a bad cold / off work / got / you should / take a day If 2 bed / very tired / feel / early / you / go to If 3 don’t / stomach ache / spicy food / you’ve got / eat If 4 paracetamol / you’re / what medicine / be careful / allergic to / you take If 5 your back / lift / heavy objects / shouldn’t / hurts / you If 6 a temperature / cold bath / have / got / you’ve / a If 7 should / hot honey / a sore throat / and lemon  juice / you / you’ve got / drink If 8 you don’t / should / feel better / in a few days / a doctor / see / you If 9 hurt / in hot water / them / your feet / put If 10 headache / go for / you / a walk / have / a / in the park If 2 n3 h4 t6 m5 h7 t8 f11 h10 s9 b 3 The body and health 2Circle two correct options to complete each sentence. (6 marks) Example:  I’ve got a my leg.a) sore in b) pain in c) problem with d) ache on1 My mother suffers from really bad ache. a) back b) nose c) ear d) throat2 Joe’s not too good today. He’s feeling a bit . a) temperature b) sick c) tired d) pain in his back3 How are you feeling today? How’s your ? a) sore throat b) allergic c) cold d) sick  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 12 – Are you OK?   2 EXPLORE WRITING 6 ApologiesCircle the correct option to complete each apology. (4 marks) Example:  I I broke your table. a) ’m sorry b) sorry1 We’re really sorry for to your party. a) not coming b) not come2 I’m afraid to post your letter. a) for forgetting b) I forgot3 Sorry disappoint you, but I can’t come to the theatre with you. a) to b) for4 I’m very sorry, there’s nothing I can do to help. a) but b) for PRONUNCIATION 4 Linking consonants and vowelsWrite the two words which link, consonant to vowel. (5 marks) Example:  Joe’s dog is called Suzi.  Answer: dog is1 Can I see your passport please? 2 I had a headache yesterday. 3 I’ve got pains in my neck. 4 Where does Andrew live? 5 What is her first name?  KEYWORD 5  take Rewrite each sentence, adding the form of take  in the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  I the train and then walked from the station. (took)  Answer: I took the train and then walked from the station.1 a taxi is much quicker than walking. (taking) 2 if Graham phones while I’m out can you a message for me? (take) 3 it usually me about forty minutes to cycle to work. (takes) 4 how long does this recipe to make? (take) 5 did it you long to decorate your house? (take) 

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