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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 14 – Choices   1   Progress test 14 – Choices 1  VOCABULARY  2  too much , enough ,  not enough Rewrite the sentences, adding the word or phrase in brackets to the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  Do you have money? (enough)  Answer:  Do you have enough money?1 The worst thing about most fast food is that it contains salt. (too much) 2 Most young people these days don’t get exercise. (enough) 3 The reason cycling isn’t very popular in the UK is that there are cycle paths. (not enough) 4 Do you think there’s chilli in this curry? (too much) 5 Not eating fruit is one reason why people pick up colds in winter. (enough)  GRAMMAR 1   be going to ,  be hoping to , would like to Write the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. (10 marks) Example:  to see Anna this afternoon? (you / go)  Answer:  Are you going 1 To be honest I (not / like) to share a house with anyone. 2 What (you / hope) to do when you leave school? 3 Amanda and Stuart (go) to move house next year. 4 (we / hope) to go away on a camping holiday next year. 5 (you / like) to have children in the future? 6 Lisa is determined that she (go) to take up skiing in the new year. 7 Terri (not / like) to move to a different part of the country because she’d miss all her friends. 8 When (Jarek / hope) to move back to Poland? 9 I don’t think Simon (go) to stay with the company for much longer. 10 Joanna said she (like) to continue with her lessons after her holiday.  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 14 – Choices   2 PRONUNCIATION 5 ReviewFind the two pairs of words which link, consonant to vowel, in each sentence. (6 marks) Example:  Can I go out for a drink?  Answers: Can I  , for a1 How much exercise do you do in a typical week?2 Do you drink a lot of tea and coffee?3 She usually eats fish for dinner every Friday. EXPLORE WRITING 6 Time expressionsWrite the missing word to complete the sentences. (4 marks) Example:  Millie left school in 1994, and a few weeks l she found a job.  Answer: later1 Jay lived in the US for a couple of years but n he’s back in London.2 Marie’s not working now, but when the kids start school in a couple of years’ t she’d like to look for a job.3 Paddy travelled round Australia for a year when he left school, and after t he went to university. 4 Stephen worked as an accountant for three years, t he decided to become a teacher. 3 Life changesCircle the correct options in each sentence. (10 marks) Example:  Sofia would like to do / make a course to learn how to use / use computers. 1 Donna left school / to school in 1992 and went university / to university in France.2 Nicole and her husband moved abroad / other country after being married for seven years, but they got divorced / divorce two years later.3 Sanjeev had drive / driving lessons when he was 17 and got a car / car when he passed his test.4 Katie took off / up karate in the summer because she wanted to get fit again after having baby / a baby.5 When I finished university I decided to move back / away home and try to get a job / work. KEYWORD 4   really  Decide if only  really  , or both  really   and very   are possible in each space. Write R (really) or B (both). (5 marks) Example:  I miss having a car.  Answer: R1 Are Julie and Pedro getting married? 2 The food here has a great reputation but it’s also expensive.3 People seem to think I’m very self-confident but I’m quite shy.4 Swimming is a good way to exercise all your body.5 I can’t understand why people spend a lot of money joining a gym and then never go.
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