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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 2 – Away from home   1   Progress test 2 – Away from home 1  VOCABULARY  3 Offers and requestsWrite the correct words to complete the conversations. (10 marks) Example:    A   you tell me the time? B  , sorry.  Answers: Can  , No1  A   Can give me your email address?  B  Yes, of . It’s  A   Would you some more water? B  No, . I’m fine. 3  A   I borrow a pen? B  No, I’m not. I only have a pencil.4  A   you like to go to the cinema tonight? B  All . What time? 5  A   Can you spell your surname for me, ? B  problem. It’s T-U-R-K-I. KEYWORD 4   in Rewrite the sentences, adding  in  to the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  I always go on holiday the summer.  Answer:  I always go on holiday in the summer. 1 I was a student Barcelona last year. 2 The best time to visit my country is July. 3 I can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ five different languages! 4 Jürg and Melissa were students at Bath University 2006, and now they work there as teachers. 5 My brother and his wife live a small flat, but they want to buy a house next year. GRAMMAR 1   a ,  an ,  some  Rewrite the sentences, adding  a ,  an  or  some  in the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  My father is the director of American company.  Answer: My father is the director of   an    American company.   1 There are magazines on the table. 2 My uncle is IT technician. 3 Can you buy apples from the supermarket, please? 4 Tokyo has very interesting museums. 5 My friend Gianfranco is history student in Rome. 2 Present simple: positive sentencesWrite the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences. (10 marks) Example:  We a very old car but Jay to buy a new one soon. (have, want)  Answers: have, wants1 My friend Yolanda in New York and Spanish in a language school. (live, teach)2 I’m from Krakow and Kashia from Warsaw, but we in London as nurses. (come, work)3 Yuki and Zuzana a flat in Paris, where Yuki is a student and Zuzana a job at the university. (share, have)4 Ruslan English from television and films. He three films in English every week. (learn, watch)5 I playing football but you playing computer games. (like, prefer)  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 2 – Away from home   2 PRONUNCIATION 6 Word stressCircle the word which has the correct stressed syllable underlined. (5 marks) Example:  camera a) camera b) camera c) camera1 dictionary a) dictionary b) dictionary c) dictionary2 newspaper a) newspaper b) newspaper c) newspaper3 Argentina a) Argentina b) Argentina c) Argentina4 oranges a) oranges b) oranges c) oranges 5 university a) university b) university c) university EXPLORE WRITING 5 Capital lettersRewrite the sentences, using capital letters when necessary. (5 marks) Example:  marco is from rome, and he speaks italian and french.  Answer:  Marco is from Rome, and he speaks Italian and French.1 erik is a doctor in a big hospital in copenhagen. 2 his birthday is in the middle of winter, on december 18 th . 3 the capital of australia is canberra, not sydney, the most famous city. 4 we want to go to new york for christmas this year. 5 max and nathalie want to get married on a saturday in august, during the summer holidays. 
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