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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 3 – Your time   1   Progress test 3 – Your time 1 3 Subject and object pronounsRewrite the sentences using the correct pronoun to replace the underlined word or phrase. (5 marks) Example:  I saw Jon in the supermarket this morning. Jon was with his new girlfriend.  Answer: I saw Jon in the supermarket this morning. He was with his new girlfriend . 1 Our new neighbours are very kind. Our new neighbours gave us some flowers when we moved in. 2 I never go out without my MP3 player and mobile phone. I use my MP3 player and mobile phone every day. 3 Your car is really dirty. I think you need to wash your car. 4 Darren and I are going to the park. Do you want to come with Darren and me? 5 It’s my sister’s birthday next week. What can I buy my sister?  GRAMMAR 1 Present simple: negative sentencesWrite complete negative sentences using the words in brackets. (5 marks) Example:  . She lives with her boyfriend. (not live / now / Sal / here)  Answer: Sal doesn’t live here now. Sal does not live here now.1 . I work on Saturdays instead. (Mondays / not work / I / on)2 . We rent it from an agency. (house / our / we / not own)3 . I can pay for you. (money / you / take / not need to)4 . They’re all vegetarians. (meat / friends / not eat / my)5 . He prefers listening to music. (father / reading / my / not like) 2 Present simple: questionsWrite do  or does to complete the questions. (5 marks) Example:  What time Fernando start work?  Answer:  does1 you want to go to the theatre tonight? 2 What Jo want for her birthday?3 the hotel have a swimming pool?4 Where we leave our suitcases?5 your parents live near you?  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 3 – Your time   2 KEYWORD 6   go Rewrite the sentences adding the correct form of  go  in the correct place. (6 marks) Example:  I hate to the theatre – it’s really boring.  Answer:  I hate going to the theatre – it’s really boring.1 How often do you out with friends? 2 Where do you prefer to shopping for clothes? 3 My parents don’t like out in the evening. 4 I love for a walk in the snow! 5 Do you abroad for your holidays or do you prefer to stay in your country? 6 My sister to two or three parties every week!  EXPLORE SPEAKING 7 Inviting and respondingChoose and write four of the words in brackets to complete the dialogues. (8 marks) Example:  (can’t / want / free / do / he)   Is Terry free  this morning? Does  he   want   to come to the meeting? I’m sorry, he can’t  . He’s busy.1 (are / sorry / do / would / free) Abdul, you this evening? you like to come out for a meal with Frank and me? No, I’m . I have to stay in and finish this report.2 (want / like / can’t / you / do) Yvonne, to go for a coffee after class? Oh, I’d love to but I . I have a doctor’s appointment.  VOCABULARY  4 Free time activitiesCircle the word or phrase which is not possible. (5 marks) Example:  going … a) … the cinema b) … for a walk c) … swimming1 learning… a) … Spanish b) … photographs c) … new skills2 seeing … a) … my friends b) … television c) … films at the cinema3 listening to … a) … music b) … radio c) … CDs4 playing … a) … the guitar b) … tennis c) … swimming5 meeting… a) … new places b) … new people c) … friends 5 Adverbs of frequency Circle the correct adverb of frequency. (6 marks) Example:  Our children don’t usually / sometimes stay out late.1 I often / never go to the cinema at the weekend, usually on Sundays. 2 Do you never / always work at home, or only today?3 Julia doesn’t sometimes / always walk to work – only when the weather is good.4 Duncan and I always / often celebrate New Year, but not every year.5 How do you never / usually celebrate your birthday?6 My grandfather always / sometimes comes to stay with us every summer.
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