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  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 6 – What would you like?   1   Progress test 6 – What would you like? 1 3 Buying thingsWrite the missing words to complete the questions. (6 marks) Example:  D y have a newspapers? Yes, they’re over there, next to the door. Answers: Do, you, any1 D you n s h?  Yes, please. Do you have these in size 10? 2 H m i t one?  It’s £12.95. 3 H m w you l?  I’ll have three, please. 4 H m a they?  They’re £44.99. 5 W y l anything e?  No, that’s fine, thanks. 6 Is t e?  Yes, I think so. Thank you very much. 4 FoodWrite the missing words to complete the descriptions of the food. (4 marks) Example:  bananas / chocolate / sugar are all s .  Answer:  sweet1 bananas / apples / lemons are kinds of f .2 broccoli / carrots / rice are g f y .3 yoghurt / apples / watermelon are good if you’re o a d .4 onions / chicken / salmon all have a s . GRAMMAR 1 Countable and uncountable nounsCircle the correct option to complete each sentence. (10 marks) Example:  Can I have a / some chips, please? 1 How many / much carrots would you like? 2 I eat a lot of / many rice because it gives me energy. 3 How much / many lettuce would you like in your salad? 4 Can you pass me a / some tomatoes, please? 5 I’d rather have a / some nice yellow banana than a green one! 6 I’d like a / some apples, please. 7 Would you like a / some bread? 8 I don’t eat most meat but I eat a / some kinds of fish. 9 There’s a lot of / many milk in the fridge – we don’t need any more. 10 Can you buy a / some small lettuce from the supermarket?  VOCABULARY  2 Shops and shoppingWrite the name of the place where you can do each of these things. (5 marks) Example:  buy a guitar  Answer: a music shop1 buy a jacket and some trousers a c s2 check your bank account and take out some money a c m3 check yourself in a mirror and wash your hands the t4/5 go to a different floor of the shopping centre a l , an escalator or the s  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 6 – What would you like?   2 6  this , that  , these , those 2Circle the best way to complete each conversation. (5 marks) Example:    A Do you want anything else? B No, fine, thanks. a) that’s b) it’s1  A Is your name Mike?  B Yes, that’s . a) right b) fine2  A What’s Sally’s salary?  B I’m not sure. £20,000? like that. a) Maybe b) Something3  A I’m afraid I don’t have any more £20 notes.  B That’s . £10 notes are OK. a) all right b) right4  A Simon got the job he applied for.  B That’s ! a) a good idea b) great5  A I can’t come to the cinema tonight – I have to work.  B No . I can go on my own. a) thanks b) problem EXPLORE WRITING 7   and  ,  but  Write  and   or  but   to complete each conversation. (5 marks) Example:  A What do you want from the shops?   B Er, I need a newspaper  and   some eggs.1  A How was your meal?  B Not bad. I liked the lamb the soup was a bit cold. 2  A Did you have a good evening?  B Yes, thanks. We saw a great film we went for a drink in a really nice bar.3  A What’s Lisa’s new address? B I don’t know. Why don’t you phone her ask her?4  A Was the weather OK for you on holiday? B Not really. The first two days were fine it rained the rest of the time.5  A Look at that woman. She looks like Joanna. B Do you think so? Her face is similar, her hair is a different colour. KEYWORD 5  this , that  , these , those 1Look at the pictures and write this , that  , these  or those  to complete the sentences. (5 marks) Example:  Ugh! coffee is cold!  Answer: This1 Who’s man 2 Mmm, sitting at the desk in the strawberries are corner? Is he the boss? delicious!3 Can you see 4 Wait! Don’t drink children over there? milk – it isn’t very fresh.5 Have you got in a size 10?
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