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Evidence Digests 2-15-14

Digests of Evidence Cases for February 15, 2014 for Third Year, Second Semester, 2014.
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  Ofcial RecordsPeople v. CabuangFacts October 1988, 11 p.m. - Evelyn De Vera and Cousin Maria ParanaVictim! ere al#in$ %ome alon$ an unin%abited place in Pan$asinan.Cabuan$ emer$ed &rom t%e rice paddies it% a 'as%li$%t, as#in$ %ere t%ey ere $oin$. Evelyn al#ed &aster, but Maria stopped to tal# to Cabuan$.Evelyn loo#ed bac#, and t%en sa Mataban$. Cabuan$ t%en $rabbed Maria,and Mataban$ ran a&ter Evelyn. Evelyn as able to %ide amon$ plants in ayard. (ater, s%e sa a tricycle it% t%e t%ree, alon$ it% its driver andanot%er person at t%e rear. )%e %eard %er cousin cryin$ &or %elp.)%e t%en ent %ome to %er sister, but as not able to tell %er becauses%e as scolded. *%e ne+t mornin$, Maria as &ound dead and na#ed alon$t%e road. Evelyn e+ecuted a s orn statement identi&yin$ t%e t o, since s%e#ne t%em as %er baran$ay-mates, and t%ey ere in close pro+imity t%eni$%t be&ore t%estreet as illuminated. )%e identied t%em in a lineup. *%eot%er t o remain unidentied.n Or$C%emboo# and ot%er belon$in$s ere &ound t%erea&ter. )%e died/ %ours be&ore autopsy. On t%e basis o& t%e statement, t%e t o ereconvicted. ppeal IssuesWhether the TC erred in nding that Evelyn identied the!since the entry in the police blotter stated that the assailants erestill unidentied even a#ter she as $uestioned by the police.%eld&Ratio 0o. On initial uestionin$, s%e as still in s%oc# t%ere as t%us t%e 11a.m. blotter report, t%en t%e statement later t%at day. *%e delay is notpre2udicial. 3eluctance a&ter a startlin$ occurrence is understandable. *%e &e %oursbet een t%e blotter and t%e statement do not pre2udice %er credibility.Entries in a police blotter, t%ou$% re$ularly done, are not conclusiveproo&. *%ey are only  prima facie  evidence o& t%e &acts t%erein. *estimony inopen court is commonly more len$t%y and detailed. *%e court must base itsndin$s on all t%e evidence $at%ered. *%ey ere clearly identied.Denial and alibi do not avail. Cabuan$ says %e as at t%e a#e o& t%edau$%ter o& 4uinio t%e %ole ni$%t, but did not elaborate or corroborate.Matabuan$ said %e never le&t %is %ouse, but as inconsistent and  uncorroborated. 5t as not impossible &or eit%er to %ave been t%ere. Postiveidentication prevails. *%e circumstantial evidence su6ces. *%ey ere al#in$ in anunin%abited place %en t%e t o suddenly appeared and $rabbed Maria. )%esa t%em on a tricycle it% Maria cryin$. *%e ne+t day, s%e as &ound deadby t%e same road. People v. 'abrielFacts 7abriel, c%ar$ed in conspiracy it% 3amon Doe &or t%e murder o&  *ono$. 0ovember 1989,  p.m., 0ort% arbor, a st$%t occurred bet een *ono$ and 7abriel and 3amon. *%ey ere bro#en up by onloo#ers. 7abrieland 3amon ent to Marcos 3oad, but returned it% blades, approac%ed *ono$, and stabbed %im in t%e stomac% and bac#. *%ey le&t %im on t%e$round, and as dead on arrival. (e#ense )ersion  - 7abriel sa *ono$drun#, and parried a blo &rom %im. *ono$ t%en attac#ed 3amon, but 3amonran a ay. *ono$ t%en met :Mando:, %o as li#e ise bo+ed and &ou$%t bac#.3amon returned it% a bolo, and despite 7abriel;s arnin$s, bot% stabbed *ono$ and 'ed. e stayed it% t%e victim. <itness 7on=ales arrived a&ter %e as ta#en to t%e %ospital, as#ed %at %appened, and anted %im to testi&y.is re&usal, plus t%e &act t%at 7on=ales o ed %im P>?? earned %er ire t%us,t%e c%ar$e. ppeal. IssuesWhether the TC erred in giving credence to 'o*ales+ andOchobillo+s testiony,in nding evident preeditation and treachery%eld&Ratio 0o. *%eir testimonies ere direct and candid. *%at %er o in$ %im adebt o& only P>?? resultin$ in t%e c%ar$e is unbelievable. er supposed$rud$e a$ainst %im since %e enticed customers to patroni=e a di@erent  carinderia is unbelievable, since %e %imsel& as eatin$ at 7on=ales;carinderia. :Mando: is a $ment o& t%e ima$ination, as not a sin$le itness as presented reA %is identity. 5t s%ould %ave been easy, since t%ere eremany bystanders. 5& t%ere as a $rud$e, it is unli#ely t%at s%e ould as# %im %at %appened. 5t is unbelievable t%at s%e arrived only a&ter t%e $%t, since%er store as ri$%t in &ront. Delay is li#e ise acceptable.ccused emp%asi=es t%e -dvance In#oration heet  by Pat. )teveCasimoro, %ic% only named 3amon Doe as t%e suspect. But t%is cannotde&eat positive testimony, since entries in o6cial records are only prima &acieevidence. urt%er, t%e )%eet as never &ormally o@ered. *%e )%eet asprepared a&ter intervie in$ Camba, an alle$ed itness - %e as neverpresented. *%e reuisites &or t%e admissibility o& an o6cial record are1! t%e entry as made by a police o6cer or a person specially en2oined by la to do so! 5t as made in t%e per&ormance o& %is duties or a duty specially en2oinedby la  and >!e %ad su6cient #no led$e o& t%e &acts eit%er personally ort%rou$% o6cial in&ormation. *%e 5) is inadmissible, since Casimoro %ad no personal #no led$e o& t%e incident. 5t only came &rom Camba, and t%is is not o6cial in&ormation,since the person ho a/es the stateent ust have personal/no ledge and the duty to give the stateent #or the record.  *%e discrepancies, i.e. t%e precise location o& t%e stab, pm vs />?pm, minute interval, are minor and inconseuential. is presence does notindicate innocence.  %at! *reac%ery is present, since a&ter t%e end o& t%e $%t, t%ey snuc# up on%im it% eapons. Evident premeditation is 0O* present.  lapse o& minutes is not enou$% &or calm and cool re'ection. (ela Cru* v. isonFacts ppeal &rom validity o& Deed o& )ale. Complainant Epi&ania D(C dieddurin$ C pendency, substituted by niece (aureana. Epi&ania alle$ed t%at in199, s%e discovered t%at %er Pan$asinan riceland as trans&erred to %ernep%e , Eduardo )ison, t%rou$% a Deed o& )ale dated 1989. )%e led acomplaint it% t%e 3*C to declare it null on t%e $round o& &raud, as %einserted it in t%e middle o& t%e docs o& trans&er to Demetrio.)pouses )ison denied &raud, since t%e Deed as notari=ed, and as  investi$ated by t%e D3, evidenced by a6davits and Certications &rom t%eP3 and t%e payment o& C7*. *%ey bore %er si$nature. *%ey alle$edpossession since 1989, corroborated by t%e careta#er. *%e 3*C ruled in %er&avor, notin$ s%e %ad  residence certs &or 1989, and t%at s%e %ad no reasonto sell since s%e as doin$ne, but t%e C %eld t%e sale valid. IssuesWhether or not the sale is valid.%eld&Ratio Valid. )%e asserts t%at s%e as 9 yFo and unable to read andunderstand en$lis%, but s%e testied t%at s%e :read t%e document on top:.urt%er, t%e 3*C noted mental acuity durin$ %er testimony.  comparison o& t%e Deeds &or Demetrio and Eduardo s%o s $larin$ di@erences t%at cannot bemissed. Di@erent type riter it% a bi$$er &ont, di@erent date, di@erentresidence cert. number. urt%er, t%e deed as notari=ed. Gn&ortunately, t%e notary public %asdied. *%us, t%e rule t%at ac#no led$ed documents are public documentsadmissible it%out proo& o& aut%enticity and due e+ecution t%ey arepresumed re$ular, and Epi&ania &ailed to rebut t%is t%rou$% clear andconvincin$ evidence. *%ou$% s%e %ad ban# accounts, s%e %ad stopped ma#in$ ba$oon$, and%er deposit decreased &rom 1M to >H/#, s%o in$ t%at s%e needed money. *%epossibility o& sale &or cas% is t%us not remote, considerin$ t%at ? days later,s%e sold to Demetrio. *%e series o& o6cial actsleadin$ to t%e trans&er lends credence -a6davit o& tenant, D3 investi$ation report, a6davit o& trans&eror, P3clearance, 3evenue District O6cer approval, appearance t ice be&ore t%eMunicipal $rarian 3e&orm o6cer, D3 visitors lo$boo#. *oo varied to %aveaccomplis%ed t%rou$% &raud. Even Demetrio said t%e land as sold toEduardo.

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