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  Exam-1 1.   Rahim and me joined the program. 2.   It is him in the photo. 3.   The next president is likely to be him. 4.    No one but he can think about it. 5.   Rahim heard your calling me. 6.   I dislike him shouting at me. 7.   Your test was harder than me. 8.   I repaired the machine myself. 9.   I observed him coming out of his home. 10.   A friend of me is getting married. 11.   If you want to eat more, help you. 12.   He will pay for him. 13.   Rahim had an argument with a neighbor of his. 14.   Everyone but him studied the topics. 15.   I object to his going there. 16.   He plays on piano as well as me. 17.   Little John has learnt to eat by himself. 18.   Monday is a holiday for we. 19.   Everyone has to do their own research. 20.   It is me who have done it. 21.   He is a person who I feel confident can be relied one. 22.   Do you know where I can find the news regarding the death? 23.   How many years have you been living in Texas? 24.   Only a few information is available. 25.   She speaks a little French 26.   Did you get a permission to take this placement test? 27.   I like my tea with the milk 28.   A machinery in the factory is needed. 29.   You will need a little food and many drinks for the picnic 30.   There many types of people here. 31.   I just have finished reading a romantic 100 page story books. 32.   Only few people were at the reception. 33.   May I get a small number of breads? 34.   I bought 2 dozens of banana. 35.   I have 30 dollar in my pocket. 36.   I need soaps to take a shower. 37.   You have few time to waste. 38.   Will you lend me three thousands tk?  Part: 2 Read the comprehension and then answer the following questions The consequence of Global warming can no longer be ignored. Islands are sinking into the sea. The entire world knows that disaster to be caused by Global warming. As the sea level continues to rise, many countries including Bangladesh face the prospect of partially or fully disappearing into the sea. The prospect of Bangladesh losing 20% of its island would spell disaster for at least 20% of its over 150 million people. At least 20% of the earth`s land space is similarly threatened  by global warming. The consequences for the countries to be submerged by the sea partially of fully would be disastrous. Global warming would not spare even some of the cities of relatively more developed countries. Among them Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta also face the grim  prospects. Climate change calls for a collective response from the international community. Experts have called for a drastic reduction in carbon di oxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuel. But there has been less of action and more of lip-service so far. The united States is responsible for approximately 1/4 th  of world`s carbon di oxide emission. In the 20 th  century, global warming doubled from .4 degrees to .8 degrees. But, the temperature would rise sharply, unless checked, in the coming years by 2100; the sea level is expected to rise  by 60 centimeters. In the worst case scenario, the sea could rise by 3.5 meters due to the melting of ice caps in Arctic and Antarctic. Global warming is causing droughts in many parts of the Earth. A change in rainfall patterns has become a matter of worry across the world. Global warming is also adversely affecting agriculture. 1.   What is the meaning of the word “lip service”  A.   A plan followed by action B.   A promise with commitment C.   A bank firing D.   A promise not followed by action E.   Lagging behind 2.   What is the critical message of the passage? A.   Global warming is adversely affecting agriculture B.   Global warming is causing droughts C.   Global warming is changing patterns of rainfall D.   The US is responsible 25%of global warming E.   A collective effort is needed by International community towards combating in the effects of global warming 3.   What is the most appropriate title of this passage? A.   Consequences of Global warming. B.   Causes of Global warming C.   Threats of drought D.   Sharp rise in temperature  E.   Adverse effect on agriculture 4.   What is the main cause of Global warming? A.   A continued rise in sea levels. B.   Emission of carbon di oxide C.   Melting ice caps in the polar continents D.   Frequent drought E.   Changes in the pattern of rainfall. 5.   What was the rate of increase in global warming in the last century? A.   20% B.   40% C.   60% D.   80% E.   100%
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