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   Lesson Plan School  N/A  Year Group Year 10 Date  N/A Topic Excursion to Ecolink- Science and Technology Innovations Centre, Bacchus Marsh Aims Learning Intention: To investigate the natural greenhouse effect and the enhanced greenhouse effect and explore the sustainable energy saving features at Ecolinc (Full Day Program) The program name is How real is climate change?  VELS: Strands, Domain, Foci and Standards Science    Global systems, including the carbon cycle, rely on interactions involving the biosphere, ithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere (ACSSU189)  Location / Setting Ecolink, Bacchus Marsh Organisation / Student Groups Students grouped into groups of 10 and a supervisor has been assigned to them. Management strategy     Align personal expectations of the students with their understanding of the basic codes of conduct outside the classroom.    Outline the importance of excursion in the last lesson delivered and in the tutor group so students understand what they are required to do and remain focused  Key Vocabulary    Sustainability Trail      Energy station equipment      Greenhouse gas calculator    Materials, Resources and Equipment    Inquiry Journals References/Sources    Ecolink Resources   e5 Instructional Model : This model has been embedded throughout the lesson plan. Students explore and elaborate their understanding by learning in the field. Sustainability:  As referenced from AusVels, sustainability addresses the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life”. Students will investigate the importance of global sustainability as a result of individual and community measures. It is important for students to grasp the concept that sustainability must allow the present population to meet their living standards without compromising or hindering any future generations from being able to complete a similar task.  INTRODUCTION Connecting, Engaging and Modelling Inquiry MAIN BODY Guiding Inquiry and Practice CONCLUSION Sharing, Explaining and Reviewing Inquiry Engage:    Detailed introduction about Ecolink at the start.    The educational staff at Ecolink shows them the important links and pose questions for students to assess their learning so far in the unit.  Explore :    Students explore the Sustainability Trail of Ecolink and understands the different ways Ecolink uses to make the environment sustainable. Explain:    Students investigate the efficiency of different types of insulation, light globes and appliances.    Students investigate alternate energy sources, including solar energy and wind power. Elaborate:    Each group monitor energy use with a greenhouse gas calculator computer program to elaborate their learning. Evaluate:    Students will complete the worksheet provided and discuss their results.     Applications of climate change, the enhanced greenhouse effect and energy use will be discussed.    Students write a reflection in their   journal. 
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