Executive Action Immigration Workshop

Presentation about the immigration initiatives and policies announced by President Obama on November 20, 2014. Describes DACA, DAPA, and other immigration policies. Includes seminar recordings in both English and Spanish.
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  • 1. EXECUTIVE ACTION IMMIGRATION WORKSHOP Presented by: Cowles & Thompson, P.C.
  • 2. EXECUTIVE ACTION PROPOSED EMPLOYMENT CHANGES • Employment based Green cards – increased efficiency for faster processing • Increased portability for employment green card applicants • H-4 work authorization • Expansion of NIW and temporary parole as option for entrepreneurs, researchers, and inventors
  • 3. EXECUTIVE ACTION PROPOSED EMPLOYMENT CHANGES (CONT) • F-1 Students Optional Practical Training (OPT) expansion of STEM fields and extension of OPT beyond 29 months • Review and modernize PERM labor certification processes • Enforcement group to protect immigrant rights
  • 5. BRIEFLY… •DACA and DAPA provides temporary protection against deportation/removal for those who qualify. • If approved, a person is eligible to stay and work in the U.S for a period of time.
  • 6. DACA REQUIREMENTS Came to the U.S. before age 16; Have continuously resided in the United States since January 1, 2010; and Physically present in the U.S. on November 20, 2014 and at the time of making the request
  • 7. DACA REQUIREMENTS • Currently in school, graduated from high school or have a GED •Or have been honorably discharged from the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States.
  • 8. Old DACA New DACA Entered the US before age 16 Entered the US before age 16 Entered before 6/7/2007 Entered before 1/1/2010 OUT of STATUS as of OUT of STATUS as of 06/15/2012 11/20/2014 Lived continuously in the US since 06/15/2012 Lived continuously in the US since 01/01/2010 Under 31 years old as of 06/15/2012 No age limit! Term 2 years Term 3 years
  • 9. DAPA REQUIREMENTS Has U.S. citizen or permanent resident child as of November 20, 2014, Have continuously resided in the United States since January 1, 2010, Physically present in the U.S. on November 20, 2014 and at the time of making the request, and Has paid or is willing to pay taxes owed
  • 10. DACA AND DACA REQUIREMENTS Have not been convicted of: •Felony •Significant Misdemeanor •Multiple Minor Misdemeanors
  • 11. DACA AND DACA BENEFITS • Protection from deportation (“removal”) • Employment Authorization (EAD) • Social Security Number (SS#) • Drivers license (State-by-state issue)
  • 12. What should I do to prepare?
  • 13. PROOF OF IDENTITY • Official Birth Certificate • Passport/Matricula Consular • Identification Cards from school, work, membership, driver’s license
  • 14. PROOF OF USC/LPR CHILDREN FOR DAPA APPLICANTS You will need your child’s: • Official U.S. Birth Certificate • If child was not born in U.S. , get official birth certificate, and • Green Card or • US Passport or • US naturalization certificate
  • 15. PROOF OF PRESENCE • School records • Bank statements •Immunization Records •Church Records • Work Records - W-2s or 1099 • Tax Returns •Phone Records • Lease/Ownershi p Property Records
  • 16. CRIMINAL RECORDS FUTURE RECORDS • Keep all documents related to the offense • Don’t have a future record PAST RECORDS • Request certified copies from the court • Proof of expunged records
  • 18. FAMILY UNITY WAIVER (I-601A) What does it do ? • Allows individuals who have accrued more than 180 days of unlawful presence in the U.S. to obtain a green card Who does it help? • The spouse, sons and daughters of U.S. citizens AND • The spouse, sons or daughters of legal permanent residents What is Required? An approved family petition and an immigrant visa available
  • 19. WHY YOU NEED AN ATTORNEY Immigration applications are never “just forms.” There are complex legal rules and consequences to every application. Facts of each case are different. The information provided here is general in nature and should not be relied upon for specific situations and is not legal advice. Consult with an experienced immigration attorney to get the right advice.
  • 20. WHAT AN ATTORNEY SHOULD DO FOR YOU  Advise you of the law and your options  Thoroughly review your case facts  Recommend your best course of action  Represent and defend you before the government  Prepare or review all legal documents  Monitor the status of your case
  • 22. ATTORNEY QUALIFICATIONS •Focused on immigration law •Reputation for excellent service, trustworthy, and quick response to clients • Lots of experience in immigration cases • Strong organization
  • 23. CONSULTATIONS Complete questionnaire Meet with Cowles & Thompson attorney for 10 minutes Get information on How to Hire Attorney for Fastest Service Provide contact information for immigration updates
  • 24. Cowles & Thompson, PC 901 Main Street, Suite 3900 Dallas, Texas 75202 214-672-2000 Telephone
  • 25. Marilou Martinez Stevens CPA & Associates, P.C. 851 S RL Thornton Freeway Suite #102 Dallas, TX 75203 Tel: 214-946-9326 Fax: 214-946-2834
  • 26. FEDERAL TAX RETURNS 1. What is a ITIN(individual tax identification Number)? How is one obtained? 2. If I have not filed federal tax returns, how many years of taxes return most I filed? Will I pay taxes? 3. When should I start filing my tax returns? 4. What if I did not keep any records to prepare tax returns? 5. Difference between employee and contractor?
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