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  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The major roles of any company whether in a domestic maret or international maret the role of a mareter is to create an awareness of the prod!ct amon the eneral p!#lic and attract eneral c!stomers$ %owe&er ood the prod!ct is' witho!t nowled e of the prod!ct and desires for the c!stomer on the prod!ct it is impossi#le to create a #rand or a s!ccessf!l prod!ct ima e$ And the #est thin that a company can do this is #y la!nchin an effecti&e ad&ertisin campai n that indles the emotions of c!stomers in all positi&e sense$Ad&ertisin is the simplest way of informin or drawin attention or tellin a ro!p of potential a!dience re ardin the prod!ct or company$ Ad&ertisin can tae se&eral forms and it(s the d!ty of the ad&ertisin department of that  partic!lar company to cond!ct the maret research and decide what are the mostimportant thin s that ha&e to #e concentrated while la!nchin an ad&ertisin campai n$The report has analysed the maret on the #asis of se ments' co&erin tele&ision' print' radio' internet)online' mo#ile and o!tdoor$ Amon these' print ad&ertisin c!rrently acco!nts for the lar est maret share' representin the most pop!lar se ment$ The report also pro&ides an analysis of the competiti&e landscape alon with the profiles of the ey players operatin in the maret$ Some of the major players co&ered in the report incl!de *+T India' , il&y - Mather India' ../ M!dra 0ro!p' 1C/2Ula Ad&ertisin 3td$' Rediff!sion 2 .Y-R' and McCann Ericson India$As mareters how can we inte rate &ario!s comm!nication methods in order to  prod!ce an effecti&e ad&ertisin campai n res!ltin in prod!cin a s!ccessf!l  prod!ct4 The main p!rpose of this chapter is to i&e some details in research  #ac ro!nd$ This chapter will also i&e information on research aim and o#jecti&es$ And the main part of the research is how ad&ertisin strate ies &ary while enterin India$ In order to !nderstand the en&ironment of India a detail st!dy was cond!cted and I ha&e drawn the concl!sion$ 2  I5TR,.UCTI,5 3  I5TR,.UCTI,5 The history of ad&ertisin can #e traced to ancient ci&ili6ations$ It #ecame a major force in capitalist economies in the mid278th cent!ry' #ased primarily on newspapers and ma a6ines$ In the 9:th cent!ry' ad&ertisin rew rapidly with new technolo ies s!ch as direct mail' radio' tele&ision' the internet and mo#ile de&ices$The rowth of the ad&ertisin ind!stry is hi hly dependent on the penetration of &ario!s media platforms$ India' with its de&elopin economy' pro&ides n!mero!s opport!nities to ad&ertisers to promote their prod!cts and ser&ices thro! h the e;pandin media channels in the re ion$ The economic rowth has also led to an increase in the spendin power of a si nificant portion of the  pop!lation' creatin an affl!ent #rand conscio!s cons!mer2#ase$ As a res!lt' the companies are foc!sin on creatin a stron #rand2ima e for themsel&es #y ad&ertisin e;tensi&ely$ The maret reached a &al!e of more than I5R <=>$< /illion in 9:7=' rowin at a CA0R of 77? d!rin 9:7729:7=$Ad&ertisin effecti&eness can #e defined as the e;tent to which ad&ertisin enerates a certain desired effect$ Meas!rin the effects of ad&ertisin is &eryimportant' i&en the amo!nt of in&estments needed for ad&ertisin $ +hile it isnot possi#le to o#tain a lo#al meas!re of the ad&ertisin effecti&eness' wesho!ld see to de&elop and apply methods and meas!res for a partial&erification of res!lts$ Re ardin the diffic!lty of meas!rin the o&eralleffecti&eness' we #elie&e that it is d!e essentially to the followin considerations@  ad&ertisin interacts with other #!siness &aria#les B#eha&ior' maretin  policies' financial decisions etc$ And en&ironmental &aria#les Bcompetition'economic conj!nct!re etc$' hardly isola#leD  The effects of ad&ertisin are &aried and not always translata#le into!antitati&e termsD  Ad&ertisin ca!ses lon 2term effects' not always' therefore' the res!lts occ!r in the same period in which are the costs$ ,&er the ne;t few years' the Indian ad&ertisin maret is projected to #e thefastest2 rowin ad&ertisin maret in Asia' after China$ This rowth can #eattri#!ted to a n!m#er of fa&o!ra#le factors$ ,ne of the primary factors is therapid penetration of smartphones and internet in the co!ntry which facilitates 4

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Apr 16, 2018
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