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  Chapter 5. Project Management EXERCISES -------- 5.1 Explain why the intangibility of software systems poses special problems for software projectmanagement.5.2 Explain why the best programmers do not always make the best software managers. You mayfind it helpful to base your answer on the list of management activities in ection 5.1.5.! Explain why the process of project planning is iterative and why a plan must be continuallyreviewed during a software project.5. #riefly explain the purpose of each of the sections in a software project plan.5.5 $hat is the critical distinction between a milestone and a deliverable%5.& 'igure 5.15 sets out a number of activities( durations and dependencies. )raw an activitychart and a bar chart showing the project schedule.5.* 'igure 5.5 gives task durations for software project activities. +ssume that a serious(unanticipated setback occurs and instead of taking 1, days( task -5 takes , days. evisethe activity chart accordingly( highlighting the new critical path. )raw up new bar chartsshowing how the project might be reorganised.5./ 0sing reported instances of project problems in the literature( list management difficultiesthat occurred in these failed programming projects.  suggest that you start with #rooks3sbook( as suggested in 'urther eading.4 Figure 5.15 Task durations anddependencies hapter 5 Exercises 113 Task Duration (days) , Dependencies -1 10T2 15 TI13 10 TI, T2T4 20T5 10T6 I 13, T4 1! 20 13T 35 1! T# 15 T6T$% 5 T5, T# TI$ 10 T#TI2 20 T$%T$3 35 13, T4T$4 10 T , 1# T15 20 T$2, T$4T$6 10 TI 5.6 n addition to the risks shown in 'igure 5.11( identify six other possible risks that could arisein software projects.5.1, 'ixed7price contracts( where the contractor bids a filxed price to complete a systemdevelopment( may be used to move project risk from client to contractor. f anything goeswrong( the contractor has to pay. uggest how the use of such contracts may increase thelikelihood that product risks will arise. 5.11 You are asked by your manager to deliver software to a schedule that you know can only bemet by asking your project team to work unpaid overtime. +ll team members have youngchildren. )iscuss whether you should accept this dl~mand from your manager or whether youshould persuade your team to give their time to thE8 organisation r(ather than to their families.$hat factors might be significant in your decision%5.12 +s a programmer( you are offered a promotion to p 1 roject management but you feel that you  can make a more effective contribution in a technic(al rather than a managerial role. )iscusswhether you should accept the promotion. Chapter 12 Distributed Architectures EXERCISE ----- 12.1 Explain why distributed systems are inherently more scalable than centralised systems. $hatare the likely limits on the scalability of the system% 12.2 $hat is the fundamental difference between a fat7client and a thin7client approach toclient7server systems development% Explain why the use of 9ava as an implementationlanguage blurs the distinction between these approaches.hapter 12 & Exercises 291 Your customer wants to develop a system for stock information where dealers can accessinformation about companies and can evaluate various investment scenarios using asimulation system. Each dealer uses this simulation in a different way( according to his or her experience and tile type of stocks in :uestion. uggest a client7server architecture for thissystem that shows where functionality is located. 9ustify the client7server system model thatyou have chosen#y making reference to th(e application model shown in 'igure 12.4. discuss problems thatmight arise when converting a 16/,s mainframe legacy system for insurance policyprocessing to a client7server architecture.$hat are the basic facilities that must be provided by an object re:uest broker%Explain why the use of distributed objects with an object re:uest broker simplifies theimplementation of scalable client7server systems. llustrate your answer with an example.;ow is the <#+ )= 0E8d to support communications between objects that have beenimplemented in different programming languages% Explain why this approach may causeperformance problems if there are radical differences between the languages used for objectimplementation.0sing l distributed object approach( propose an architecture for a national theatre bookingsystem where users can check seat availability and book seats at a group of theatres. -hesystem should support ticket returns so that people may return their tickets for last7minuteresale to other customers.>ive two advantages and two disadvantages of decentralised and semi7centralised peer7topeer architecturE3s.$hat are the advantages of dynamic binding in a service7oriented system%'or the in7car information system( explain why it is best that the in7car softwarecommunicates with an aggregation service rather than directly with the information services.You should conider i0E8 such as communication reliability in formulating your answer.-he development of service7oriented computing has been based on the early specificationand adoption of standards. )iscuss the general role of standardisation in supporting andrestricting competition and innovation in the software market. Chapter 23. Sot!are esting EXERCISES 23.1 Explain why testin1? can only detect the presence of errors( not their absence. 23.2 ompare top7down and bottom7up integration and testing by discussing their advantages anddisadvantages for architectural testing( demonstrating a version of the system to users andfor the practical implementation and observation of tests. Explain why most large systemintegration( in practice( has to use a mixture of top7down and bottom7up approaches. 23.3 $hat is regression testing% Explain how the use of automated tests and a testing framework  such as 90nit simplifies regression testing. 23.4 $rite a scenario that could be used as the basis for deriving tests for the weather stationsystem that was used as an example in hapter 14.23.5 0sing the se:uence diagram in 'igure .14 as a scenario( propose tests for the issue of electronic items in the =1#Y system. 23.6 $hat are the problems in developing performance tests for a distributed database systemsuch as the =1#Y system% 23.! Explain why interface testing is necessary even when individual components have beenextensively validated through component testing and program inspections. 23. 0sing the approach discussed here for object testing( design test cases to test the states of the microwave oven whose state model is defined in 'igure /.5. 23.# You have been asked to te3st a method called cat$hitepace in a @aragraph object that( withinthe paragraph( replaces se8:uences of blank characters with a single blank character. dentifytesting partitions for this E8xample and derive a set of tests for the cat$hitepace method. 23.10 >ive three situations wher(e the testing of all independent paths through a program may notdetect program errors.
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