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  TURBINE FAILURE LITERATURE REVIEWAND THE WIND TURBINECERTIFICATION PROCESS Client  Green Mountain Power Corp. Contact Charles PugheDocument No 41404/AR/03AClassification Client’s DiscretionStatus FinalDate 18 November 2010Authors:M P LeBlancChecked by:P HeraudApproved by:B Ait-Driss Exh. Pet.-ML-4  Garrad Hassan America, Inc. Document : 41404/AR/03a IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER  This report is intended for the use of the Client on whose instructions it has been prepared, andwho has entered into a written agreement directly with Garrad Hassan America, Inc. (“GH”).GH’s liability to the Client is set out in that agreement. GH shall have no liability to third partiesfor any use whatsoever without the express written authority of GH. The report may only bereproduced and circulated in accordance with the Document Classification and associatedconditions stipulated in this report, and may not be disclosed in any public offering memorandumwithout the express written consent of GH.This report has been produced from information relating to dates and periods referred to in thisreport. The report does not imply that any information is not subject to change. Key To Document Classification Strictly Confidential : Recipients onlyPrivate and Confidential : For disclosure to individuals directlyconcerned within the recipient’sorganisationCommercial in Confidence : Not to be disclosed outside the recipient’sorganisationGH only : Not to be disclosed to non GH staff Client’s Discretion : Distribution at the discretion of the clientsubject to contractual agreementPublished : Available to the general public © 2009 Garrad Hassan America, Inc.  Garrad Hassan America, Inc. Document : 41404/AR/03a CONTENTS Page 1 INTRODUCTION 12 LITERATURE REVIEW OF TURBINE FAILURES 2 2.1 Turbine rotor 22.2 Turbine tower 3 3 THE CERTIFICATION PROCESS 4 3.1 Safety system 4 4 CONCLUSIONS 5REFERENCES 7  Garrad Hassan America, Inc. Document : 41404/AR/03a 1 of 7 1 INTRODUCTION Garrad Hassan America, Inc. (“ GH ”) has been contracted by Green Mountain Power Corp. (the“ Client ”) to provide a literature review of work relating to wind turbine failure and generalinformation on the certification process of modern wind turbines.The results of this work are presented in this report.
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