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GM Diet Experiments.
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  My Experiments with the GM MIracle Diet! Rules I did not follow – Do not even attempt to smell anything other than what is given on the diet for each day, if you really wanna lose weight and are dedicated to it.Learn to cook the wonder soup, search for GM wonder soup anywhere u can have it anytime how much ever you want (don use any readymade soup they contain lotsa sugar n starch)N M!L e#cept on day four Get over coffee at work or shift to $lack coffee (or %ust pretend that u din read this line&)Go easy on salt and no sugar intakeN '!* +!- e#cept day /& 0$stain from all alcohol1Drink 23 glasses of water for sure and 245rd more on Day 6& I would like to confess  that ! did not follow even one of this e#cept the alcohol part of course (teetotaler alrite&) ! did have coffee (milk and sugar) everyday, fruit %uice $y mistake one or two times and ! really din make an effort to cook the soup, and duh& ! couldn7t eat my veggies without salt for heavens sake& 0nd myanswer to point one is yea ! was partly dedicated, ! did take a $ite or two now and then to cheat my tongue from depression. *rust me it works, take a $ite of ur favourite food and chew it longer cheatin urself like ur eatin lots, all ur tongue needs is the taste, 8uantity doesn7t matter.k so this is a /9day diet, ! am not gonna descri$e it cos its all over the internet. Day ONE – ll fruits except ananas #Melon$choly day  : *oughest day, makes u wnana give up so $adly $ut trust me push thro this, and its gonan $ too good from day ;&<reakfast= watermelon piecesne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 22 to ;)Lunch= lunch $o# full of water melonne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 5 to >)Dinner= ?atermelon pieces and one apple(*ry to eat %ust water melon, it helps lose more weight ...don $ an ass like me) Day %&O – ll 'e(etales startin( with a lar(e aked potato for reakfast )Ota%OE!  : a diet that lets u have potato wow& tho its %us $land $aked potato with a lil $utter n may$e pepper on it, u die for this after a day long of %ust melons&<reakfast= <oiled4Micowaved potato no $utter (cheated with a lil salad dressing, com7n ! din do use $utter&)ne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 22 to ;)Lunch= salad at su$way : lotsa crunchy lettuce, cucum$er, onion, tomato, fat9free sweet onion dressing ( not supposed to $ut its irresisti$le) $tw try it out its the se#iest i ve had in chennai&ne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 5 to >)Dinner= home cooked $oiled ca$$age one $ig $owl and some chopped cucum$er.(@otato is yumm even if it has no seasoning& Aeggies with water content reduce weight soon like ca$$age, snake gourd, ash gourd and $eetroot.) Day %hree – *ruits and 'e(etalesOh+yea+m+on+a+diet day! <reakfast= very few pieces of apple and some green grapesne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 22 to ;)  Lunch= salad at piBBa hut : lil smaller $owl lettuce, pineapples, cucum$er, etc.ne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 5 to >)Dinner= cooked $eetroot (cheated with a spoon of curd) and grapes(Aeggies are tastier than fruits and healthier too. +ust go easy on oil4salt.) Day *our – Ei(ht ananas and drink three (lasses of milkGo ,a$na$na$s! <reakfast= 2 $anana and my usual large cup of coffee (not cheating cos milk is allowed today&)ne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 22 to ;)Lunch= ; $ananas and a frappe at D C=Duff no water&Dinner= two $ananas around >7clock and 2 small cup milk at E o7 clock(Fou don7t need to finish all the  $ananas eat as much as u can. <ut the $ody naturally craves for $anana n nothing else today. Get non9fat milk, try not to add sugar or sugar su$stitute.) Day *i'e – -. o/ portions of lean eef 0lean protein1 and whole tomatoes2upposed to e the *E2% day! Naaaaaaaaa <reakfast= hard $oiled egg (din remove yolk since m a sucker for it&)Lemon %uice with saltLunch= tomato rasam with very few spoons of rice and lotsa e#tra tomato pieces'orgot the water (supposed to drink 245 e#tra today&)Dinner= sprouts with tomato and ; $ig glasses of tomato %uice (unstrained) with salt(*omatoes reduce weight like nothing else& -at tomato morn day n nite and c the difference. ! am planningto go on a complete tomato diet& Make sure to get the water re8uirement for this day. Aegetarians can su$stitute the $eef for egg whites (strictly no yolk, spoils the whole purpose), sprouts4tofu is the $est option& Fou are allowed to make a sandwich out of any of these ingredients today.) Day 2ix – 3nlimited ,eef 0lean protein1 and 'e(etalesE(((((((((((((s <reakfast= hard $oiled egg (its $etter to have sprouts&)ne litre of a8uafina (say $etween 22 to ;)Lunch= egg white omelet'orgot the water&Dinner= cooked ca$$age $owel&('elt lighter when ! woke up, thanks to yesterdayHs tomatoes. Go for water veggies and sprouts today) Day 2e'en – ,rown rice4 fruit 5uices and all the 'e(etalesNow this is my feast day! <reakfast= skipped&*he new amsutra slice I) (?hat the hell ! can have fruit %uice today rite& .. ok& who am ! kiddinJ)Lunch= $oiled rice with cauliflower 'orgot the water&Dinner= cucum$er slices and apple %uice (unstrained and no sugar)  ( DO not drink packed fruit 5uice , have fresh ones unstrained and no sugar, ! found out they actually taste good& <rown rice is thar rice in !ndia, well m not really sure lemme kno if anyone knows, else there is always chapathi as a su$stitute.)Fou can repeat the diet as many times u want $ut take a minimum 5 day $reak in $etween& *his is HnotH like other '0D diets letting u starve thro the day, you can fill urself with the food recommended for the dayas much as u want, in fact if u ever get hungry then ur not following the diet properly& &ake up on Day 6 and ur pants will seem i((er! uy a elt for safety4 trust me i experienced it! Now this will sound funny to u after reading all this& ! did not lose any weight after ! did this diet& <ut ! ve lost inches and ! feel lighter and a$le to dress like ! used to& May$ its a healthy way to get in shape and a great mood lift& <ut one thing to remem$er is that Hdon hog after the diet is overH.. its too easy to get the weight $ak in may$e %ust a couple of days& eep e#ercising as much as u can and plB $e grateful to friends veggie fruits lean protien and water (esp. melon and tomatoJ) and keep eating lotsa them in ur every day diet&
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