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   JANUARY 2009   presenting arguments; agreeing/disagreeing; discussing issuesdrug use; legalisation of drugs  PRINT & TEACH LESSONMARCH 2009ISSUE NO: 245   FAILED WAR advanced   upper-intermediate   intermediate   pre-intermediate   www.english-4u.compage 1   Activity 1. Read the sentences and decide if they are true (T) or false (F).                    1.According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, almost 5% of the world’s adult population take illegal   drugs .2.The proportion of adults taking illegal drugs worldwide has increased in the last 10 years.3.The production of cannabis  is lower than a decade ago.4.Consumption of cocaine  is rising in Europe but has declined in the United States.5.The United States spends around $4 billion each year trying to eliminate the supply of drugs .6.500,000 American citizens are arrested each year for drug offences. 7.Afghan-originated heroin  srcinally costs £600 per kilo; on the streets of London, it is 10 times more expensive.8.The  illegal drug industry   is worth around $320 billion a year.9.Due to tougher drug laws , one in ten black  American men spends time in prison.10. Illegal drugs make up eight per cent of world trade.  I l l e g a l  d r u g s  t r a d e  i s  w o r t h  m o r e  t h a n  t h e  c o m b i n e d  g l o b a l  m a r k e t  f o r  t e x t i l e s,  c l o t h i n g,  i r o n  a n d  s t e e l. Photograph by Adam Foster  *Most of the statements are based on the information presented in article:‘How to stop the drug wars’ (The Economist, March 5th 2009)   JANUARY 2009   FAILED WAR 1.Legalisation might encourage legitimate drug companies to improve the drugs.2. Drug prohibition  prevents many people from becoming addicted .3.Tobacco is more addictive  than most illegal drugs.4.Most consumers of illegal drugs, including cocaine and even heroin, take them occasionally.5.If drugs were legal, governments would tax and regulate the drug trade, and use the funds raised to educate the public about the risks of drug-taking  and to treat addiction .6.If drugs were legal, drug syndicates  would not melt away - they would still be in business as there would still be taxes to avoid and rules to subvert.7.Drug prohibition makes drugs more dangerous: addicts buy heavily adulterated  cocaine and heroin, use dirty needles  to inject   drugs , spreading HIV  .8. Illegality of drugs  makes criminals of otherwise law-abiding citizens.9.Legal drugs means more availability and, in turn, more use. By making drugs legal we we would increase drug consumption.10.Illegal manufacturers would still sell adulterated products because these would be cheaper than the legal alternatives, which would be highly taxed to curb  use.11.Legalising drugs would be sending out the message to society that intoxication  is OK.12.People should be able to do what they like as long as they don’t harm others. Activity 2. Look at the arguments listed below. Which of them can be used in presenting a case for legalising drugs and which ones against? www.english-4u.compage 2 Activity 3. In small groups or pairs, run a debate on whether we should legalise drugs. Use the arguments listed above, the information presented on page 1 and the expressions presented on page 3. Photograph by JenniPenni    JANUARY 2009   FAILED WAR www.english-4u.compage 3 Speaking Strategies - agreeing, doubting, disagreeingagreeing That’s an excellent idea/solution.I totally/absolutely agree.I couldn’t agree more.I know exactly what you mean.I agree entirely with your point of view.I’m of exactly the same opinion. disagreeing I totally disagree with you.That’s not how I see it.I don’t agree at all.I’m afraid I don’t agree with you on that point.You are completely mistaken.I can’t accept your point of view. doubting I have some reservations about it, but ...Well, maybe, but I’m not really sure.I don’t see that working in practice.I’m not all that convinced by your argument.I have some doubts about it.I think that’s debatable agreeing in part  I agree with you on the whole, but ...By and large I would accept your views, but ...You could be right, but I’m not convinced.You’ve got a point, but ...I see what you mean, but ...That’s a valid point, but ...

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