Fair Access Protocol (Primary) Jan 2014

Fagley Primary School Fair Access Protocol (Primary) Jan 2014
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  FAIR ACCESS PROTOCOLFOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS 1. Background and legal frameork 1.1Local Authorities are required to have a Fair Access Protocol (FAP), agreed by the majority of schools in the area, to ensure that access to education is secured quicly for vulnerable children !ho have no school lace and to ensure that all schools in an area admit their fair share of children !ho may resent challenges to the school. #his a lies to a lications madeoutside the normal admissions round only and to all maintained schools !ithin the $radford LA(%ommunity, &A, Foundation, #rust, Free 'chools and Academies).1. n many cases children not on a local school roll, requiring a school lace, !ill continue to be admitted in accordance !ith the usual admission rocedures. #he Fair Access Protocol (FAP) is to be used in certain circumstances to ensure vulnerable children have access to education quicly and !here the circumstances of the u il, the referred school, or both, mean that the u il !ould not be admitted to the school through the normal admissions rocess. 1.* n the conte+t of the $radford istrict, some of the issues relating to fair access arise from the high level of u il mobility, an increase in - migrant !orers and refugees and ressure on school laces generally.1./All schools have a ublished admission number (PA0) for the normal year of entry. t is e+ ected that the PA0 continues as a limit for all year grou s !hen determining !hether a year grou is full. 1.All schools share a collective res onsibility to ensure that children, identified as being in a FAPcategory, are admitted on an equitable basis to a suitable school as quicly as ossible. All $radford LA schools are committed to ensuring that individual schools are not ut under undue ressure to admit u ils !ho have a high level of need. n many cases this !ill entail admitting u ils through the FAP over and above the school2s ublished admission number. !.Pr nc #le$ .1Pu ils laced through the FAP !ill be given riority for admission over any others on a !aiting list or a!aiting an a eal..3herever ossible, if a child2s a lication is dealt !ith through the FAP, siblings living at the same address, !ho do not already have a school lace, !ill be offered the same school. .*3hen determining an admission through the FAP, consideration !ill be given to4 ã continuity of education and any revious school attended !ithin the $radford district5 ã if the school is in an 6fsted category 7 a Priority 1 school 7 vulnerable around floor targets. * where a child has been taken off roll due to extended leave, offering a place at the  previous school through the FAP may not be appropriate. ./#he decision as to !hich school !ill be offered to a child through the FAP !ill be made by a senior admissions officer. 3here this decision is challenged or refused by a school, the matter !ill be referred to the Fair Access Panel(s) to mae the final decision.  .3herever ossible, Priority 1 schools !ill not be requested to4 ã e+ceed *1 in any class8 ã admit into the summer term in 9ear /, or  ã admit into the Autumn or ' ring #erm of 9ear :. ho!ever, this may not al!ays be ossible, articularly !ith a lications for larger families..:6nce a school lace has been agreed and allocation made, the relevant school !ill be res onsible for admitting the u il !ithin 1; school days and inform the Admissions #eam should they not tae u the lace..<#he u il !ill be laced on the school roll on the day they arrive in school to be admitted..=Although arents have the right to a eal for their referred school, no a eal should be heard !ithout an offer of a school lace being made first. .>#he FAP does not a ly to Looed After %hildren, reviously looed after children or a child !ith a statement of '-0 (even if such children come under any of the follo!ing categories) as these children mu$% be admitted to the referred or named school. & Fa r Acce$$ Ca%egor e$  A lications for the follo!ing !ill be covered by the Fair Access Protocol4 1. children from the criminal justice system or Pu il ?eferral nits !ho need to be reintegrated . children !ho have been out of education for t!o months or more8 !. children !hose arents have been unable to find them a lace after moving to the area, because of a shortage of school laces8 . children of @y sies, ?oma, #ravellers, refugees and asylum seeers (if they also come under one of the other FAP categories)8 #. children !ho are homeless8 $. children !ith unsu ortive family bacgrounds, for !hom a lace has not been sought8 %. children !ho are carers, &. children !ith s ecial educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions (but !ithout statements) '. children no!n to the olice or other agencies, ie %AB' 9outh 6ffending #eam, etc 8 1(. children !ith a history of significant behaviour and attendance issues8 11. 9ear : children !ho have moved into the district8 1. 9ear  children !ho have moved into the district during the summer term (CC) ' Proce$$ for alloca% ng #u# l$ %(roug( %(e FAP /.1Primary schools !ould not normally be e+ ected to admit more than D of the total school o ulation under the FAP. #he table belo! sho!s the ma+imum number of u ils that a school may be required to admit during an academic year through the rotocol4 Admission 0umber#otal number u ils*;//::;=< 11>;1/  /. n E'1, children !ill only be laced through the FAP if they come under category * in the list insection * and !ill be classified as an e+ce ted u il2 under the infant class siGe legislation. n such circumstances, the la! allo!s for classes to be above *; for the remainder of Eey 'tage 6ne. )Mon %or ng and Re* e #he rocesses and categories of u ils covered by the FAP !ill be revie!ed annually and a register maintained by the Admissions #eam !hich can be vie!ed on request. #he effectiveness of the rotocol is re orted annually to the 'chool Adjudicator.  Approved by )radford Primary mprovement Partnership.(1.1(
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