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Fall 2014 ITMT 2302 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration-Syllabus

Windows Server 2008
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  Computer Science Technology Department Page 1 of 5 ITMT 2302 - Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration   Course Syllabus Instructor Name: Phong Dam Tel: 713-718-6776 (ea!e message us ng my name# $%% ce: &y 'o ntment )ma l: hong*+am,hccs*e+u ebs te :     Course .e%erence Number (C.N# 319! Course e!el ntermediate Course Descr t on: A study of Active Directory Service on Windows Server 2008. Concepts of resource management within an enterprise network environment.   Course Prere/u s te(s# ITMT 1371 Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration or ITNW 1425 Fundamental of Networking Technology   Course Semester Cre+ t 0ours (SC0# (ecture ab# Credit #ours 3.$ %&ecture '( &a) * Course ocat on2T mes +est &oop Campus ,oom 15 -on :$$ P-  1$:$$ P- Total Course Contact 0ours 9 Instruct onal ater als (Te4tboo5# Microsoft Official Academic Course 70-640: Windows Ser. 2008 Dir. Config. (Includes lab manual). Author: Microsoft Learning. ISBN: 978-0470874981. Publisher: Wiley .   Instruct onal etho+s (select one# 0ace to 0ace Tye o% Instruct on (ecture ecture2ab C$$P Pract cum#  &ecture/&a) Course ength (number o% ee5s# 1 ab #ouston Community College Com(uter Sc ence Technology De(artment #ouston Communit   y College   Department Phone 1um)er:  Computer Science Technology Department Page ' of 5 Course .e/u rement Pol cy an+ Course Calen+ar Instructors .e/u rements   2   t least 1$$4 a6aila)le e7ternal hard dri6e 2   asic understand a)out operating system( file )ro8sing( cut  paste( -S 8ord documenting Instructor ra+ ng Cr ter a C;,S< 4,D 4: 3$= -id Term 3$= 0inal 3$= &a)s 1$= ssignments 1$$= TT& Course Calen+ar   ee5 Date To cs .ea+ ngs )4ams 1 $!/'5/'$13 Sylla)us / oo> / Course ,e6ie8/ &a)s ntroduction to +indo8s '$$!  ?-+are ?irtuali@ation technology &a) discussion 9 $9/$1/'$13 &a)or Day 3 $9/$!/'$13 6er6ie8 of cti6e Directory Domain Ser6ice   Chapter 1  $9/1A/'$13 mplementing cti6e Directory   Chapter ' ; $9/''/'$13 +or>ing 8ith cti6e Directory Sites Chapter 3 6 $9/'9/'$13 4lo)al Catalog and 0le7i)le Single -aster perations   Chapter  7 1$/$/'$13 cti6e Directory dministration Chapter 5  Computer Science Technology Department Page 3 of 5 8 1$/13/'$13 Security Planning and dministrati6e Delegation   Chapter  < 1$/'$/'$13 -id  Term: Chapter 12 ntroduction to 4roup   Chapter A 1= 1$/'A/'$13 Configuring the ;ser and Computer <n6ironment ;sing 4roup Policy Chapter ! 11 11/$3/'$13 Performing Soft8are nstallation 8ith 4roup Policy Chapter 9 19 11/1$/'$13 Planning a 4roup Policy -anagement and mplementation Strategy   Chapter 1$ 13 11/1A/'$13 cti6e Directory -aintenance( Trou)leshooting( and Disaster ,eco6ery Chapter 11 1 11/'/'$13 Configuring am ,esolution and dditional Ser6ices Chapter 1' 1; 1'/$1/'$13 &a)s 16 1'/!/'$13 0inal: Chapter A 2 1' 0inal  Computer Science Technology Department Page  of 5 earn ng $b>ect !e Stu+ents earn ng $utcome an+  Program Sec Note : This section of the sylla)us pro6ides the general course learning o)Becti6es( the e7pected students learning outcome( the course scope in terms of the department program( and the instrument used to e6aluate the course. f you ha6e any uestion( contact the instructor or the department. 0CC ra+ ng Scale   ra+e P' Po nts   1$$2 9$  points per semester hour   !9 2 !$: 3 points per semester hour C  A9 2 A$: ' points per semester hour D  9 2 $: 1 points per semester hour 59 and )elo8  0 $ points per semester hour P % n Progress* $ points per semester hour +%+ithdra8n* $ points per semester hour % ncomplete* $ points per semester hour ;D %udit* $ points per semester hour P % n Progress* is gi6en only in certain de6elopmental courses. The student must re2enroll to recei6e credit. C- %Completed* is gi6en in non2credit and continuing education courses. To compute grade point a6erage %4P*( di6ide the total grade points )y the total num)er of semester hours attempted. The grades E P(E EC-E and E E do not affect 4P. Course Stu+ent earn ng $utcomes (S$s#:   ã   Configure Domain ame System %DS* for cti6e Directory( cti6e Directory infrastructure( additional cti6e Directory ser6er roles and cti6e Directory Certificate Ser6ices   ã   De6elop and maintain cti6e Directory o)Bects and the cti6e Directory en6ironment. earn ng $b>ect !es After completing this course, students will be able to:   ã   Install and configure Windows Server 2008. ã Configure Active Directory and Service. ã Delegate administration for Active Directory and Service ã Configure Users and Computer using Group Policy ã Maintain, troubleshoot and recover Active Directory and Service ã Configure Active Directory Certificate Service  
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