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  1. According to Fast Food Nation, why do the fries taste so good?Most Fast- food chain added flavor for taste. Before 1990s, MacDonald used special oil to fry its French fries that is a combination of 7 percent cottonseed oil and 93 percent beef tallow. Now, they used natural flavors, which give the unique beef like taste.2. What does Schlosser think should replace the fast food industry?Schlosser thought organic foods and quality based fresh fast-food serving chains like In-N-Outs, Conway’s Red Top will replace Fast-food industry. People start to realize the value of cleanliness, and food safety. So, they choose to eat organic beef like Lasater’s and purchase burger from Conway’s or In-N-Out instead of Mcdonald’s. 3. What was the relationship between Ray Kroc and Walt Disney?Ray Kroc and Walt Disney both were born in Illinois in a year apart. Both of them were believed in hard-work and self -  reliance. Ray and Walt both shared same vision of America, the same optimistic faith in technology, the same conservative political views. They dropped out of high school but added formal education to their companies. Two men were marketing geniuses ,  who manipulate kids and sell not only food but also toys, cloths, character themed products and become billionaire.4. Why does the book open with a scene from an underground military base in Utah?  The book opened with a scene from an underground military base in Utah because culture of fast- food started to grow in America along with its Centralization and industrialization. Military bases got a lot of Government funding which create more job opportunity and people moved from one area to another. Fast-food chains used the centralization and made money.5. Write the correct, bibliographic citation of the book.Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of The All-AmericanMeal. New York: Houghton Miffin, c 2002.6. How much beef is produced each year for the fast food industry?A typical American eats about 68 pounds of beef each year, so now approximate 300 million Americans total. Total of 68 times 300,000,000 = 20400000000.7. Why do the sodas make the most profit for the fast food industry?The fast-food chains purchase syrup at cheapest price and make sodas. For example, Coca-Cola syrup is 4.25 a gallon. But a medium Coke that they sell at 1.29 dollar contain only 9 cents worth of syrup and a large Coke worth only 12 cents price syrup. So, they make made pure profit by selling Soda’s.  8. What diseases can be traced to over-eating fast food?Obesity, Diabetes , heart disease, stroke, E coli 0157:H7 food poisoning and Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and even death.9. According to the book, are all fast food places the same?No, some fast food chains uses unhealthy ingredient like beef tallow, low quality ground beef, and frozen items. But some of them are really good who uses fresh ingredient like freshly chopped potatoes, good organic quality beefs etc. For example, McDonald’s uses frozen and high fat containing foods, but In-N-Out, Conway’s Red top uses fresh ingredients. 10. Write down three words from the book that you did not know before you read the book. After each one, use it in an original sentence.Fast food chains make a lot of money by selling sodas. “The fast foodchains purchase Coca-Cola syrup for about $4.25 a gallon. A mediumCoke that sells for 1.29 contains roughly 9 cents’ worth of syrup. Buying a large Coke for 1.49 instead, as the cute girl behind the counter always suggest will add another 3 cents’ worth of syrup- and another 17 cents in pure profit for McDonald’s.”(54)Franchisors got most of the money while franchisees face monetary losses. “The franchise route to self-employment is associated with higher business failure rates and lower profits than independent business ownership.’(98)Most fast food chains uses flavor in their food to make it tastier and  more appealing to their customers. McDonalds French fries tastes good because of its natural flavor. ‘That ingredient helps to explain not only why the fries taste so good, but also why most fast food – indeed, most of the Americans eat today- tastes the way it does.”(120) Extra credit : Write a paragraph in newspaper style that recommendsto people to read this book. Use the back side of this paper for it.“Fast Food Nation’ is a fascinating, well-researched, informative book for readers of all ages. It will give the readers deep insight of typical American meal and the long -term hidden consequence of that meal. Eric Schlosser not only criticizes fast food industries but also give idea about dirty food policies, economic losses, federal governments corruptions. This book can able to illuminate your curiosity and gave you idea about every aspect of fast food chains. Once you finished reading this book, you will know how to choose safe food items. By reading this book you will not only help yourselves, but can able to help your friends and family.
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