Fault Calculations

Fault calculations in a power system
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    SUPPLEMENT TO FAULT CALCULATION SYMMETRICAL FAULTS George Mather   BA, Dip EE, C Eng, MIEE, AFIMA ©  1998 George Mather Published by the Electricity Training Association       CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 FUNDAMENTAL MATHEMATICS 2.1 Complex Numbers 2.2 Linear algebra 2.3 Current in an ac circuit 3 NETWORK ANALYSIS 3.1 Kirchhoffs Laws 3.2 Network reduction 3.2.1 Millmans Theorem 3.2.2 The Principle of Superposition 3.2.3 Thevenins Theorem 3.3 Star - Delta and Delta - Star transformations 4 FAULT CURRENT CALCULATIONS AND PER UNIT METHODS 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Transformers 4.3 Ohmic Methods 4.4 Per Unit Methods 5 WORKED EXAMPLES 6 ANSWERS TO SELF TEST QUESTIONS APPENDICES: A MATRIX ALGEBRA B USE OF SPREADSHEETS C CURRENT IN AN RL CIRCUIT Page 1 of 85   
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