new FAST CLASS for First Certificate 1 A Question of Technology UNIT-1 Tips for using this wordlist - Write translations in the empty column. - Make your own sentence for each word in the right-hand column. (MS= My Sentence) Word Part of Speech 01 READING (Student's Book pp6–7) Phonetics Translation Definition And Example Sentence VOCABULARY LIST & EXERCISES compiled by magpak 2 achieve v /əˈtʃiːv/ affordable adj /əˈfɔːdəbl/ ancient adj /ˈeɪnʃənt/ associated (with) adj /əˈ
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   1 new F ST CL SS   for First ertificate   2 A Question of Technology   UNIT-1 Tips for using this wordlist - Write translations in the empty column. - Make your own sentence for each word in the right-hand column. (MS= My Sentence) 01 READING (Student's Book pp6  – 7) Word     P   a   r    t   o    f    S   p   e   e   c    h Phonetics Translation Definition And Example Sentence   VOCABULARY LIST  & EXERCISES compiled by magpak     3 achieve v / əˈ t  ʃiːv/  to succeed in reaching a particular goal, esp. by making an effort for a long time I wonder if Mark will eventually achieve  the career he is dreaming of. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________ affordable adj / əˈ f  ɔːdə bl/ not too expensive: - affordable  prices MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   ancient adj /ˈeɪ n  ʃə nt/ belonging to a period of history that is thousands of years in the past; - Socrates lived in ancient   Athens. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   associated (with) adj / əˈ s əʊʃ  ie ɪ t ɪ d ( wɪð) / if one thing is associated with another, the two things are connected because they happen together or one thing causes the other The town council are trying to find solutions to the problems associated with  rush hour traffic. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   attack v / əˈ tæk/ to use violence to try to hit or kill sb /   A woman was attacked by three youths while she was out walking in Park. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   attitude n /ˈætɪtjuːd/  the way that you think and feel about sb/sth /   I don't understand your attitude. Why don't you like her?    MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   audience n /ˈɔːdiə ns/ the group of people who have gathered to watch or listen to sth/   The audience began clapping and cheering.   Many actors prefer live audiences  to acting in front of a camera. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   average adj /ˈævə r ɪ d ʒ / ordinary, not special; -  An average  car costs much less than a Mercedes.  MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   aware (of) adj / əˈ we ə (r) ( ə v)/ knowing, realising sth; - He wasn’t aware of   the danger and almost got killed. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   background n /ˈbækɡraʊnd/  the part of a picture, photograph or view behind the main objects - a photo with the sunset in the  background MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   battle n /ˈbætl/  a fight between armies, ships or planes during a war/   He was killed in a street battle in 1998.   MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   box-office success n /ˈbɒ ks ɒ f  ɪ s s əkˈses/  a film that many people have been to see Eastwood scored a critical and box-office success as director of Mystic River (2003), a hauntingcinematic parable of violence and revenge. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   break up (broke, broken)  phr v /ˈbreɪ k ʌ p/ (/br əʊ k/, /ˈbrəʊ k ə n/) to separate into smaller pieces - The little boy loved to build and then break up  his model plane. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   breakthrough n /ˈbreɪkθruː/  an important development that may lead to an agreement or achievement /   a major breakthrough  in medical research/  Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   breathtaking adj /ˈbreθteɪ k ɪŋ/  very exciting, impressive or surprising; - breathtaking  views   4 The view from my bedroom window was absolutely breathtaking. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   budget n /ˈbʌ d ʒɪ t/ the money that is available to a person or an organisation in order to do sth Our budget   for our summer holidays is about 2,000 euros. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   cast n /k ɑːst/  all the people who act in a play or film;   Can be used either with a singular or plural verb. ‘Titanic’ had an exceptional cast   , but Leonardo di Caprio was the best of all. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   combination n /ˌkɒ mb ɪˈ ne ɪʃ  n/ two or more things joined - The accident was caused by a combination  of dangerous driving and bad luck. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   comment n /ˈkɒ ment/ expressing an opinion about sth - The minister said he had no comment   to make about the incident. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   concentration n /ˌkɒnsnˈtreɪʃ  n/ the ability to direct your attention towards one thing You have to use all your powers of concentration  when you take a listening test. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   consist (of) v /k ənˈsɪ st ( ɒ v)/ to be made up of, to be formed / Your composition should consist of   an introduction, three main paragraphs and a conclusion. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   construct v /k ənˈstrʌ kt/ to build a road, building or machine; - The Rio Antorio suspension bridge was constructed   in 2004. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   consume v /kën sju:m $ - su:m/ to use time, energy, goods etc /Only 27% of the paper we consume is recycled.  A smaller vehicle will consume less fuel. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   corridor n /ˈkɒ r ɪ d ɔː(r)/  a long narrow passage in a building /   We had to wait outside in the corridor  until our names were called. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   create v /kriˈeɪ t/ to make sth happen or exist; - The pupils created   some beautiful paintings in their art class. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   crew n /kruː/  a group of people with special skills working together; /   Everyone in the movie's cast and crew has done a great  job.  MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   demonstrate v /ˈdemə nstre ɪ t/ to show and explain how sth works or how to do sth Mr Ferris demonstrated   how the computer program worked and explained several details. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   detail n /ˈdiːteɪ l/ the small facts or features of sth / When they returned, Kate described every single detail   of their trip. MS:___________________________________________________________________________________________   determined adj /d ɪˈ t ɜːmɪ nd/ having a strong desire to do sth, so that nothing will stop you
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